Domain Mapping Testers

We need some testers for the domain mapping feature of This probably only applies to you if you’re tech savvy enough to already own a domain and know how to change the info on it. (For now, when we actually launch it’ll be much easier and have documentation.)

The first 8 people to comment get the feature for free, but to qualify you…

  • Must already own a domain.
  • The nameservers must be set to and

Domain parking allows your blog to be something like instead of

Leave a comment with the domain you want to park. I’ll check the whois for the nameserver information and if it’s correct you get to be a domain parking beta testing. 🙂

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  1. eric

    oh please please i think i’m actually first! please let me in. i already forward my domain, i’d love to park it instead!


  2. eric

    ohhhhh. i guess i need to leave a domain. i use



    I am willing to try this. is available.

    I have removed the forwarding and updated the DNS.

    If you can map to that, I will give it a workout.

    Thank you,


  4. Linh760Li

    Yeah, i want to be a first tester.


  5. barreview

    domain to park :
    pointing to :
    name servers have just been modified


  6. Linh760Li

    This is my domain, i already modified dns to and


  7. Wrathchild

    Hey, sign me up.

    (I just registered it, so it might take a bit for the whois information to propagate.)


  8. Brent

    I would love to try it, and I have a domain at

    Please let me try!


  9. thedOt

    I don’t own a domain…but I learn quickly 😀

    Well, at least I tried xD


  10. Vikram

    i have a domain. it is


  11. Bill

    I have a domain name that I have mapped to my blog, but would be glad to change things to help you guys out. 🙂


  12. Vinny

    Hi Matt. If you’re still looking for volunteers, count me in. I have several domains and ability to modify my DNS records.


  13. margin

    Hi! I’m interested in taking part in this beta, if possible. My web domain is, which I would redirect to I just made the DNS change at my registrat, a few minutes ago, so it may take a little while to come in to effect. My site is almost totally WordPress based anyway, so this sounds like a really good idea to me.


    brian thomson
    dublin, ireland.


  14. marcoos 😉


  15. webtech

    I would like to try out the domain mapping beta service

    please add to your dns servers.

    I just added the dns info , godaddy said that it can take 48 hours for a whois seach to show the new dns info.


  16. valerie

    I’ll play –, just updated it.


  17. aj2r

    I am impatient to prove it.



  18. Damien

    I’d be keen to look at this … thanks


  19. bashthetech, I will update the nameservers asap. I no this is a new blog but I was going to do url fowarding anyways.


  20. Eli

    Me! Me! I just changed the nameserver for It may take a few minutes to propagate.


  21. Amit

    Cool, I’ll volunteer to test. 🙂


  22. Tazo

    Sweet deal.


  23. eoinpurcell

    My blog is at and I own the domain
    I have reset the namservers as requested, do I qualify?
    PS even if i don’t this is a feature I have been looking forward to.


  24. Adamus

    Can be subdomain for now? instead I’m going to buy another domain, but blog will be mapped as as well.

    Thanks in advance.


  25. Yannick Fondeur

    my domain is
    I’ve just changed the nameservers as indicated
    my relevant blog is
    hope I’m qualified 🙂


  26. nerdjournal

    Let me know if I qualify, I just made the change to my nameservers.
    I’ve been waiting on this feature forever 🙂



  27. Michael

    I own a doman for my blog I might be interested.


  28. bananasfk

    While it sounds good, it doubt that you will be offering MX,TXT, and other dns record type things if your using a domain name for stuff other than just blogging.

    It seems a bit of waste to use a domain name just for blogging imho, more information might be nice – no is my gut first feeling here


  29. Kris

    I will need to wait for my ISP’s tech support to change the nameservers though :$


  30. ms

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for this new feature. I add this reply for reserved my places. Please send me the following data to complete the process of converting my Domaine (
    The IP number for the “ns1” & “ns2”; the “A record” and the “MX Records”.

    My Best Regards,


  31. Greg

    My name is Greg Hamblin. My domain is

    I would love to be involved in the beta testing of this exiting new feature, etc.



  32. Greg

    Question: Will you support mail redirects?


  33. Benny Martini

    I’m not sure if it works but here’s the domain name:
    I’ll loved to test this for you !! thx


  34. Sonnie

    Hi Matt, you can check mine at


  35. goddard

    I’d like to try this feature.


  36. dorai

    I would love to do that. How about It is mine. I have a couple of others if this works out.


  37. Marc

    Strange, after all the forum questions about domain mapping this has been up for over 24 hours with no response.

    Anyway this is the domain I own. (it contains 3 different blogs)

    And this is one of the three blogs:


  38. sarcle

    I’ll do it. Nameservers are changed…. Domain is


  39. kramtark

    I just updated the nameservers, so they might not be correct yet, but the domain is


  40. goddard

    I forgot to list my domain:


  41. goddard

    For some reason, isn’t updating. If it’s possible, let’s go with


  42. Devlin Palmer

    I would love to test and it’s a feature I’ve really been looking forward too, all though I haven’t purchased my domain yet. Is there a way you could hold a place for me?

    If not, just disregard this comment. 🙂


  43. torque

    i can try.
    i changed the nameservers now :


  44. peteremcc

    oh man, don’t quite have my domain name ready yet 😦

    oh well, good to know that this service IS coming, even if i’ll have to pay for it now 😛


  45. Britta

    Hi Matt,

    I’m game. 🙂

    I have a domain “” with the nameservers set as required.


  46. Henry

    cool, not that i have any interest in your beta testing 🙂


  47. Rakesh

    Hope I am not late in replying
    My domain:


  48. Sadish

    I would like to have an invite.



  49. Alphonse Yu

    I can try domain mapping for you, I’m at Thanks.


  50. Erasable Ink

    Oh my! I’d love to park my domain to my blog! is what I’ve got. I’ll be forwarding my nameservers immediately!


  51. Erasable Ink

    Hmm, seems my first comment didn’t show up. I’m looking to map my domain,, to my blog, I updated the nameservers for the domain with, but they say it’ll take up to 48 hours to switch over. Hopefully I’m not disqualified!


  52. Joe

    sign me up.


  53. dale

    I’ll update domain info now.


  54. vanilla3blue

    Me! Me! Pick ME!


  55. something

    Well, I’m definitely interested in checking out this new feature and I’ve gone ahead and changed my nameservers. The change should take place before too long. Here’s hoping it works! Keep up the good work, guys – this site just keeps growing!


  56. allthingsnerdy

    Please park my domain for

    I have already changed the nameservers and have been waiting for this great feature from you guys and gals.


  57. vidinur

    Can I have one please…


  58. lqz


  59. eric

    ohhhh. i was first. and now i’ve set my name servers to ns1 and ns2.


  60. leahey
  61. ubuntonista

    Nice feature, if and when it does happen. I guess I missed out 🙂 I can always wait for when it is available more freely, I guess.


  62. Matt

    Alright, I think we got enough folks. Thanks guys!


  63. peteremcc

    @matt… the comments didn’t show up for quite a while, thats why there are so many people commenting.


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  65. Ankur Gupta

    would lov to help … plz feel free to get in touch


  66. Moey

    I’m late 😦


  67. marcoos

    Oops, seems like I’m number 9. :/

    BTW. Why do you need the whole domain delegated to you? I think there should be possibility to map just a single hostname to’s IP address and not to delegate the whole domain. That’s how e.g. (Polish blog service) works.

    E.g. I’d like to be my blog’s address, but I’d still like to map to some other host.


  68. big3

    not now but later insha-allah …


  69. mutiny

    How about a .in domain?

    The Great Indian Mutiny ->


  70. waynesutton

    Hey I would like to test out this service as well.


  71. Sankar Viruthachalam

    I would be interested in testing it. I don’t own a domain yet, but have been looking forward for this feature for a long time. If I am selected for the test, I can register a domain and do the needful.
    Thanks in advance for selecting me for this test 🙂


  72. sarcle

    “Matt Says:
    July 31st, 2006 at 4:06 am
    Alright, I think we got enough folks. Thanks guys!”

    So who got in and how will we be notified?


  73. Amit

    Alright, I think we got enough folks. Thanks guys!

    So Matt, who got them? The first 8 as you mentioned in the post or more? 😉


  74. p|nK^bEe
    I will park it now. =)


  75. eric

    i’ve looked at the domains for the first few people and none of them are forwarding / mapping to a blog yet. so i guess we’re all waiting either to be officially notified or for to flip the mythical switch. ohhhhh, let us know. we’re giddy like little girls.


  76. dzentelman



  77. Stuart Cowen

    I’d like to participate also, pleas let me know if I can do this.


  78. Brent

    Whoohoo! I was number 8! I met all of the requirements. I assume that I will be a tester. Let us know Matt!



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  80. ventanaranch

    Oh Please me too! Nameserver setting pointed!


  81. angelvshannon

    angelvshannon is the domain i’d like tested. thank you!


  82. Jude

    Ohh Me too! My nameservers are ready.



  83. endya

    I want one. My domain is … it is currently being forwarded to… I am a software developer myself so I can help you with the beta testing as well.


  84. ginex

    Would you like to be the first to map to an .eu domain ?? Yeah..I own one of it !!


  85. plovesm

    oops I am late

    but still

    Try me
    Name Mukund


  86. June

    *sigh* I’d put ads on my page for WordPress if it meant getting a domain and hosting. At the moment, I cannot afford a domain or the ability to host it here. I know it can be pretty cheap to get domains; but just trust me when I say that, at the moment, this is still not an option for me.

    I wish WordPress had a “broke blogger” plan for this…..


  87. margin


    I was one of the early requestors, #13 above, but I haven’t heard anything back from you guys. I’ve now added my old DNS servers back to the domain registration as #3 and #4, leaving the WordPress DNS servers as #1 and #2. That may allow people to, you know, access my existing site.

    Is there some way we can get a “yes or no” answer as to whether we qualify for this experiment? I know it’s not polite to “look a gift horse in the mouth”, but my site has been DOWN for 2 days, after I made the DNS changes you requested. I know it’s a beta, and I have a failback plan, it’s just that changing a domain’s DNS servers has the effect of making that site inaccessible if the target DNS servers refuse to resolve the names, as is happening now.


    brian t


  88. munaks

    hope am not too late


  89. Dannie

    I have a few domain names ready to try.


  90. Dannie


    I have and and would like to give it a try.


  91. BFIC Admin w/ nameserver change THANKS


  92. Erasable Ink

    Matt, did you say the first 8, or the first 80? 😉


  93. Devlin Palmer

    Okay. I have some questions about this.

    Firstly, you say “The first 8 people to comment get the feature for free, but to qualify you…”. Does this mean that non-testers will not get this feature for free?

    Now second, when you set up domain mapping, is it possible to have a wordpress subdomain and the domain mapped, so your links won’t be severed?


  94. davortech

    I don’t think I apply to be a tester as I’m posting 84th, but I’d like


  95. adastra

    I have several domains and experience changing settins with them. Is it too late?


  96. adastra

    sorry…my domain is


  97. johnlone

    i hopes it’s not too late to ask…..


  98. trgnet

    I don’t have any website and web hosting yet. However, I have registered one under the name of You may try me


  99. Jalal Rohani

    I am late 😦
    I want to, my domain is and for my blog 😦


  100. Dario Salvelli

    I want to try it..i always am on top blog in WordPress,shall I deserve it? My host is: . Thank you 😉


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