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You may have noticed there have been some new high-profile neighbors around here such as Anousheh Ansari and Web Worker Daily.

These blogs are part of the VIP blog program, which we’ve now made details about public.

The idea is that many successful blogs outgrow what they can technically or monetarily support. The seeds of VIP got started when our friend Robert Scoble was in a blog bind and we wanted to help out, but it required some custom work. We can do that for one or two people, but not three hundred and fifty thousand. However the trade off is usually worth it if the blog is prominent enough to bring new exposure to

By making this program public we’re hoping to reward some people who we might not know personally (including current blogs) with the same sort of opportunities and benefits that our friends had. Our main focus is still new features and customization for everyone, but we’ve lowered the handholding it takes to run a VIP site to where we can make room for a handful more.

If you’re a fan of a blog struggling with growth, consider pointing them to VIP hosting and your favorite blogger can get back to worrying about content and not servers. We can’t accept everyone, but you folks have shown you have good taste in the past.

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  1. Aishah



  2. nightfox

    now that’s awesome..


  3. PeterPan

    Hi Folks..

    good idea and for shore a perfect way to promote

    Keep on your good work



  4. sheida

    Anousheh is great and U too,
    Thanks for supporting her


  5. jericbilo

    that makes sense.


  6. Loger

    I know my colleague Andreas will love this. i will recomend it to him right away!! He has had serious hosting problems for his blog (which has 18k incoming links on technorati from his popular themes). Will read more, thanks for this new initiative…..


  7. uptownflavor

    Hmmmmmm 🙂 That’s pretty cool. I’m off to check out the details.


  8. Michael

    I don’t realy care if some get special treatment, just want custom header option for the Kubrick theme. : )


  9. Chris

    Does this mean that may be a little closer to offering a paid upgrade for domain mappings? 🙂


  10. Justin

    wow that is really great. For those who have really successful blogs out there on this is huge. Of course, now they won’t have to worry about the technicalities and get back to their great content.

    Great job guys!


  11. kashmir

    Finally we know about VIP blogs. I agree that VIP blogs do give wordpress the kind of exposure it deserves and needs as well.


  12. Moey

    Can i get vip-ed? 😛


  13. therealdonquixote

    how many unique hits a day make you VIP worhty?

    Keep the good hits comin!! 😉


  14. Michael Sync



    >>$500 to setup your site and $250 a month.

    Anyway, Thanks.. Im still looking forward to get the paid-upgrade which can be cost around $5 or $6 per month.


  15. K

    I really don’t care about VIP’s but it’s good to know who the VIP’s are. Can they be removed in the TOP BLOGs since they are special anyway?


  16. beerponger

    its a great idea, i only hope i can acheive a status similar to the VIP.


  17. bananasfk

    you might want to talk to


  18. Ashish C.

    ME! ME! ME! bwahahaha…. 🙂

    Getting more VIP Blogs is sure going to increase WordPress’s rankings although I don’t know what’s higher than No.1 at which WP currently is….. 😀


  19. Ankur

    Gr8 idea wordpress rules!!!!!!!!


  20. Thomas

    amazing idea. thanks!


  21. blaze

    I like it how you explain the service for the price it is. I mean for someone with the technical knowhow they could go get a dedicated server for a lot less than you charge and host it themselves etc etc but it just seems so easy to do for someone who doesn’t want to worry about blogs going down and as you say it “technical mumbo jumbo.” You say it well 🙂


  22. Andre Deminiac

    $250 a month??! A VDS from Media Temple costs a hell of a lot less than that – and should offer just as good preformance.



  23. Matt

    Blaze, thanks. 🙂
    Andre, for $250/mo you can buy a decent Dual Xeon server from a good provider.
    One server would not handle the spikes in traffic we see.
    If that one server goes down, you are down. For big sites, time is money.
    And that’s not even counting the cost of maintaining the dang thing.
    Based on the feedback we’ve gotten thus far, we’re probably going to raise the price next month.


  24. sureshlv

    I liked the idea..


  25. Kevin

    I tried posting about this three days ago, but still don’t see my post up here:

    Unfortunately, because the Anousheh Ansari and Web Worker Daily blogs are now hosted on, and is blocked in China, those blogs are now blocked in China too.

    I previously posted a possible course of action could take towards getting ublocked in China, to which Matt briefly responded saying “Honestly I wouldn’t even know who to talk to if we were going to do this.” Unfortunately, I don’t know who to talk to either.


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  27. blaze

    Couldn’t you just make sure the VIP blogs are on a completely different network? Or i guess it would be hard to maintain 2 whole clusters or servers. I guess you are going to have to make a workaround for China as Kevin Smith suggests. Unless of course you don’t want that huge part of the world to be able to visit wordpress blogs?


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