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Kubrick Custom Header

You asked for it, now it’s here.

Kubrick, otherwise known as the default WordPress theme, was actually the first theme ever to get any sort of customization here. Andy wrote a neat little bit of code to allow you to change the colors in the header, so if blue wasn’t your thing you could adjust it to match your site.

Ever since we introduced custom headers, though, people have been clamoring for the ability to have a picture header with the Kubrick theme.

Wait no longer, Kubrick now has a custom header menu just like some of our other themes.๐Ÿ™‚

Give it a try, and enjoy.

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  1. ruhi

    Woohooo!!!๐Ÿ™‚ Three cheers for that!! I’ll try it out for sure๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a bunch u guys!


  2. Michael



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  4. Muhammad Sani Roychansyah

    I am a fan of Kubrick (ans Contempt) and have waited for a while for this improvement. Good job. Thanks in advance.


  5. sheida

    Great job again from matt
    what’s more ?


  6. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Cool new development!


  7. Christian Burns

    Very cool! Now if we could only have an easy way of seeing what themes had custom headers without actually loading them up๐Ÿ™‚


  8. anok



  9. Michael Sync

    Thanks ..


  10. Okro Lightcloud



  11. Ashish C.

    I once found out a tool called Kubrickr which let you choose a Flickr image and it cropped the image as a header for Kubrick. Now finally Kubrick has native Custom Header support from WordPress! Kudos


  12. gizo

    It’s lovely, but the ‘Hide text’ option doesn’t seem to work, which makes me sad…


  13. MadMark

    I have no words to thank you guys!!!!!

    LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


  14. astasia

    When i’ll think to change my themes ,i think i’ll use this one…
    Is it the more customizable?


  15. skp

    Awesome Awesome !!

    U guys are the best man !!


  16. podz

    The original header which I have saved as completely white is available from the FAQ:

    Theme header images


  17. dรผลŸsel hayvan (BB)

    it’S amazing:)


  18. Daijinryuu

    I still don’t like Kubrick because of the lack of pages mentioned horizontally on the page, and I hate Contempt because of how the widget design looks. And because I hate having my blog header and tagline centre-aligned.


  19. mactiste

    at last! we love you, guys! thanks a lot from Spain! =)


  20. podz
  21. paoloechiaro

    eh, giร !


  22. baerchen

    Thank you very much indeed…
    and a big greeting from germany๐Ÿ˜‰


  23. Vish

    @ Daijinryuu – I was thinking about that this evening. The centre isn’t the most important part of the page…

    I like the FAQ stuff- I have to admit, it’s changed a bit since the last time I checked it out.

    As for improving customisation of themes, I am always supportive of that! Nice work, WordPress.๐Ÿ™‚


  24. panchoavila


    We love U!


  25. oboa

    Really love this. So HAPPY. Many thanks.


  26. mooth

    thanks a lot again, now for this add-on๐Ÿ˜€


  27. silkboard

    you guys are great


  28. Joost Keesmaat

    WOW!!! Waiting was worth it a lot!


  29. alex

    Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this one! Good work!


  30. Karen

    yay! thanks again, you guys.


  31. Thomas



  32. ulisse

    hmmm… it seems that something strange happens with the cropping of the image, sort of upper border duplicating in the final resulting image…

    Already sent feedback about that๐Ÿ˜‰


  33. Hans

    Thanks you guys..!! Great work…

    I believe this is really a perfect example of customer loyalty..!!
    Keep it up…

    Hans.. Netherlands


  34. Jana Bouc

    Hooray! At last a 500 pixel wide (for images) clean template. The only problem is I can’t get the colored text to be colored. It shows up as colored on the screen to change it but it’s white when viewed online >


  35. Fabio Bracht

    Way to go, guys!

    Now let’s fix that portuguese calendar!๐Ÿ˜›

    (In case you don’t know yet, it expands beyond the righside limit of the page.)


  36. darki

    re re re-thks


  37. Brent

    Thanks Matt. This is a wonderful surprise. You rock!!!!


  38. everythingelse

    @MadMark – for a guy who dosent have any words . . . . u seem to have a lot of words.

    Thanks again WordPress. Now how about that theme preview without changing the theme that we’ve been asking for ???


  39. engtech

    I updated my Theme review


  40. MadMark

    Thank you again for this new cool feature!

    I’ve just realize my new custom header image (it’s a temporary one), i f you like it i can customize it for your own blog.

    Special Thank to podz for posting the exact size of this image header!


  41. ansel

    Thank you so much I had just submitted a feature request for this, and walla there it is.

    Actually, Podz’ custom header isn’t right – it has extra gray space. I edited it so the top of the banner comes out correctly – here’s the image.

    Also, it seems like custom header in Kubrick doesn’t link to the blog’s main page like it otherwise would. A fix for that would be nice.


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  43. Brent

    The only problem is I canโ€™t get the colored text to be colored. It shows up as colored on the screen to change it but itโ€™s white when viewed online

    I realized this fix for this. Just change it in the regular color chooser. Worked for me.

    it seems that something strange happens with the cropping of the image, sort of upper border duplicating in the final resulting image

    I also noticed this. Funny bug. Matt I, and I’m sure everyone else, will appreciate it when you announce the fix or solution to this bug.

    For now, I have a rectangular (not rounded) custom header image on my blog. Check it out.


  44. Brent

    Thanks ansel!


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  46. Moey

    wow owowoww owow


  47. blarz

    Awesome!! I just recently switched themes so I could use a custom header and I love how it looks now! The more themes that support this, the better!!


  48. MadMark

    I’ve made a standard custom header image for kubrick and it’s right such as Ansel’s kubrickblank.jpg.

    If you want you can download it and personalize with photoshop or Gimp, image is here:

    Enter this address in the Browser directly and don’t use the link because Altervista do not support hotlinks from other sites!


  49. blaze

    Ah you had to give em kubrick didnt you๐Ÿ˜‰ Ah well. Fanboys will be fanboys. I prefer my new theme at the moment & prefer to change every now and again too… like moods.

    I never understood the fascination with kubrick anyway….


  50. storymode

    If Kubrick had this customization before, I would have taken for it in a heartbeat. I’m really glad it has it now, regardless of my staying with “Neat!”

    Thanks WP Staff! ^^


  51. ุจู‡ู…ู†

    Its a loving future๐Ÿ™‚
    But pictures that we upload are not fit in the header and also are not rounded as the same as original header image!
    Could you please correct this problem.



  52. Layman

    Custom header image with all corners rounded

    – Using your favorite graphics program, set the black (#000) on this mask to ‘transparent’ and overlay it onto your source image.

    – Position the mask so that the image you want on your blog shows in the “window.”

    – Save the precise 760*200 mask with the ‘framed’ image as graphics file (jpg works, I didn’t try gif or png).

    – Upload and do NOT crop (the default selection image area is the whole thing as uploaded and that’s what you want, so just hit the crop image button without moving any of the dotted lines.)

    See example here.


  53. Draconas

    hooray, finally! thank you!


  54. NedOne

    TNX Layman!!
    your layout are perfect!!
    …but there is still a problem…
    after crop process… my image lost a details and spots are created on the clear colors… you can see on my blog at the pink “flash” on the right… Do you know how fix this problem??



  55. ุจู‡ู…ู†

    Really Thanks Layman๐Ÿ˜‰


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  57. Brent

    Layman, that is awesome. Thanks so much!


  58. ehab

    Thanks a lot : ) .. It was the only thing this great theme has been missing @ . Way to go team !


  59. danzen

    Thanks WordPress and Layman – worked like a dream – another example at Mad Inventor Meets Internet Finds Peace.


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  61. Nicole

    Great, I had been waiting for this for so long! But now I found that I really like using Connections so I’ll have to try out Kubrick again and try to decide between them!


  62. mactiste

    Layman, you are my new hero! =)


  63. rmtaylor

    Yes!! Now this is what we need!! Now all I need to do is design a wicked header graphic!!!


  64. bejoysvijayan

    Do anyone know how to change the header image alt tag?
    is that possible to edit these header image alt tags on wordpress themes.?
    now it shows “Image header” by default.
    Thanks !


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