New Theme: Tarski

Woohoo! Another theme! 😀

I’m happy to introduce Tarski, a deliciously simple theme by a good friend of mine. Obviously, we’ve pimped it the usual way, with avatars, a custom header and widgets. If you’re the type that likes relaxing, then this theme should serve you well.

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  1. Nanyaar?

    You guys are getting Themeier (if there was a word) these day. Im off to checking it out.!!


  2. Nanyaar?

    You guys are getting, themier(if there was a word) these days and thats actually a very good thing, keep up the good work, and now Im off to checkin it out.


  3. K

    Another great theme, but a bit of a cluttered.


  4. LearningNerd

    Keep ’em coming! 🙂 Thanks, guys! Looks good.


  5. Loger

    Tarski is ok, but I am still hoping for wp-andreas01 by Andreas. Sadly, it is the third most popular theme on the theme viewer site so way too many blogs use it already. But it is still mucho pretty!


  6. scribez

    hey cool will check it up.


  7. axewielderx

    I just put it on my blog if anyone wants to see what it looks like with print and stuff. Off to go make my custom header…errr, wonder what size it is? Gonna go look at the code I guess.


  8. Daijinryuu

    the blog as a whole should be centered, like all the other themes, or flexible like rounded.


  9. i-düşsel hayvan (BB)

    themes everywhere… 🙂


  10. Corday

    Very neat theme. I like it!

    (But I like mine better) 😉


  11. eoinpurcell

    That looks cool!


  12. sulz

    can i get the header measurement so i can customise my header before i upload it? thanks.


  13. nice
  14. Rushi Vishavadia

    If this theme were center-aligned (like unsleepable) it would be better.


  15. drhaisook



  16. the forester

    Tarski’s great! I may end up using it. Thanks for keeping the new themes coming …


  17. Menco

    Nice theme ! Only the footer widgets are displayed beneath eachother insteaad of next to eachother… At least in Safari… (


  18. ruhi

    Thank you guys 🙂 A lovely theme for ure!!


  19. Wengistein

    OMGAWSH I cheer everytime I see “New Theme” posted as news.


  20. Starman

    Its a wonderful theme, but I can´t see any comments on the articles.


  21. 爱米

    i have installed it, but for some reason the comments function is a little bit off. it doesn’t lead to the comments of the current post, but to those of some old ones. why??


  22. engtech

    WP Theme is wearing Tarski if anyone wants to take an indepth look.


  23. blayde

    w00t, another theme, wow, and thanks


  24. Aurélio Jargas

    Hey, what a great saturday morning news! Finally a nice clean theme with post author. This is just what I was looking for. Thank you very much.


  25. sniegas

    Tarski is nothing without it’s settings.
    It would be great, if you allow to have centered version and to swap content with sidebar.


  26. Will

    Thanks for the new themes, but I was hoping for some more flexible themes as well.


  27. disembedded

    Tarski is definitely not to my taste. To me, all of the blank white space on the right of the page looks bad. Like, what purpose does that serve? It looks a bit like the designer forgot to finish the theme! I’d very much like to see some additional color choices for Sandbox. Also, agree with Loger that Andreas is very, very good and so popular. Why not keep going with what you already have as a good thing, and jazz up Andreas even more??


  28. guvida

    I have tried this one, and i liked very much how it looks, but, i don’t know if is my computer or my ip conection, but, the comments part wasn´t working right. When somebody comments on my latest pots, it saves it on an earlier post… i don’t find any reason… is it just me??


  29. moraie

    The custom header image doesn’t quite work and as usual the author hasn’t set anything for spaces around photographs. I also agree that there is a little too much white space on the right and think there isn’t enough space between the columns. Other than that I like it.


  30. naturalblu

    this theme is what i was looking for 😀 but i really wish if u can make it to the right lil bit 😛
    but anyway thx alot 😉


  31. Daniel

    é sempre bem vindo um novo tema
    it Always welcome a new theme


  32. britgirl

    Why isn’t it centred? – it looks decidedly odd left justified. And as more than one person has said, the empty expanse of space on the right is such a waste and makes the design look odd – incomplete. I am all for good use of white space, but this isn’t good use. In fact, why not create this as a three column theme – there’s surely enough space on the right for this. And maybe then the left side-bar wouldn’t look so cluttered.


  33. Nanyaar?

    Yup wanted to get back earlier and comment, like many have said… It wud be even better if it was centred out, I guess its the only draw back in this theme.



  34. Carpus

    Uh, no comments guys, and apparently it’s not working for anyone. Fix it up and get back to us.


  35. Stephen

    I like it! It seems to be missing the Next/Previous links at the bottom of the index page though. This is a bit annoying as it makes it impossible to see older posts.


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  37. ceejayoz

    One of the authors here… glad to see has taken up Tarski!

    In our defence, the full version of the theme we provide does allow layout centring (among other things) as well as working comments. :-p


  38. axewielderx

    Update: Well, had alot of traffic the last couple days with people viewing this new theme but it seems all of my previous commnets(the ones made before changing to this theme) are gone and if anyone posts a comment it goes to a different post.

    Not happy about this at all.I hope my old comments are not deleted and that this will be fixed soon!!!



  39. adam

    i see lots of complaints about comments in this thread.
    the theme’s homepage suggests this might be related to the recent posts widget.

    i do love this theme, although i am sorely missing the options panel. as are the people in this thread wishing for a centered layout.


  40. The cynic

    A whole lot of themes coming in..
    I’d love to see one more theme similar to Andreas 09′ -s 2 column and tabbed pages thingy prefarably fitted with a modifiable header .


  41. Caner

    I think the theme is great. The best for me. But my sidebar shows at the bottom and not where it should be. Also I would agree with the center alignment comments.


  42. iowaboy

    I would love to use this theme but, like others have mentioned, it needs to be a centered & flexible theme in order to look good in various browsers.

    Is this enhancement in the works for Tarski here @ WP? It looks good on the developers site.


  43. misslionheart

    I’m using it right now, and playing around with it because my sidebar is at the bottom!


  44. misslionheart

    I’m using it right now…I’m not sure whether I like it or not. Might go back to my other theme soon.


  45. தமிழன்

    i think your themes are becoming too similar, and by extension, boring..


  46. misslionheart

    I went back to ‘Cutline’ because the comments didn’t match up with the posts!


  47. astasia

    Very nice theme and very soft!!!!!!!!!!


  48. eoinpurcell

    Yeah Cutline is an exceptional theme!
    So slick


  49. David Park

    Oh yeah, I’m diggin this one. Thanks!


  50. that girl again

    I’m assuming this got installed because one of the designers is ‘a good friend’, rather than because of our desperate need for yet another blue, white and grey fixed-width layout?


  51. moderntarih

    Hey, Thanks for aligning the theme. I think it looks much better now. I am using it on another blog though and I have already altered the header a bit. I am a big fan of blue-gray simple white themes but my favourite is still Ambiru.


  52. peterganzon

    just the same, the placement of comments is not yet fixed/..


  53. Fabio Bracht

    I really like the new theme, guys! A new “congratulations!” for you.

    I would like it even better if there weren’t that outlines around every image in sidebar. It’d be nice, too, if we had the choice between keeping the sidebar on the left or moving it to the right side. This could be implemented in every “sidebarixzed” theme, I think.

    Just suggesting! 😉


  54. entelok

    THEME 😉 😉 😉 🙂


  55. therealdonquixote

    sweet new theme. I just changed to it.

    The grey text is a smidge hard to read, but who cares about old people anyway.


  56. Janet

    this is a nice theme. but there’s problem with the comment function, it doesn’t lead to commment, pls chk… thx.


  57. blaze

    Oh man I love Tarski, used it before. It’s one of the best wordpress themes about. Cheers 🙂


  58. Mag

    When you add a new theme, could you link the general picture on the advert so we don’t have to go back to the control panel, go to presentation, wait for the new page to load, and scroll down to it alphabetically?

    Would be great-O!



  59. بهمن

    Now I try to “Right to Left” this beauty & deliciously simple theme 😉

    Thanks Bryan.


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  61. Sean McGahey



  62. [ CJT ]

    Hello! I’m trying but… what about the comments? Can it be fixed?
    This is really a very nice template but, like this, it cannot be used.


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  64. print

    hey guys, I love your themes, small small commentary: can you img src to the theme thumbnail in your post? cos now I have to load that awesome but large theme gallery page, and I am accessing the web using a battalion of trained seals, smoke signals, homeing pigeons and oopa loompas, in a tightly choreographed dance of data transfer.

    Unfortunately, this gives me terrible lag in BF2142 if one of the oompa loompas had to much to drink last night.


  65. godsprincess

    Hey! This is a great new theme I’m really wonder jow in the word you come up with these things!


  66. tuffy

    Second what Mag said. You could also put up a small sample pic.


  67. engtech

    Latest theme review is out covering: ChaoticSoul, Tarski, Unsleepable, K2-Lite


  68. aliveagain

    A numbered list doesn’t seem to work correctly with this theme. Anything over 9 displays as a single digit. Like 10 shows as 0.


  69. laikwan

    For the calendar part, the linked and non-linked text looks too similar. Consider either using a lighter gray for non-linked text or underline linked text (or do both). Otherwise, great job 🙂


  70. Brian

    Would it be possible to have an option to switch the widgets from left to right?


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