WP.com Video

Our buddies at Tubetorial put together a little video talking about why you should use WordPress.com.

You can see it here.

It’s a bit of an experiment, and I’m curious about your feedback. What do you think?

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  1. woodpigeon01

    Works for me! Very clear, no jargon, main points well made, only a few minutes to watch it. Nice!


  2. destineeisrad

    very informational.


  3. Muslim Apple

    I like it, I’m always trying to get people to make the switch and now I can use the tubetorial along with the features page.


  4. sheida

    and you can put a video to say why you shouldn’t use other blogs


  5. DaNnY bOy

    Great! Very useful for people wanting to start a new blog on wordpress.com


  6. Jano

    Thats it !! 😀 wordpress is the best for million of reasons…
    great job guys 😉 that made me wanna do sth for wordpress.. next days maybe 🙂


  7. Kunal

    you read what scoble said about having a demo-video 😀 .. nice video although not comprehensive …
    this video seems to be only for newbies ..


  8. Vish

    Well. I like it. I think you should have it on the front page. (Possibly with a few more pictures so it looks prettier, but I digress.)


  9. marialectrix

    It’s a good video for the basic concept, but it doesn’t really distinguish WordPress from any other free blogging system.

    I did like the fact that it took the newbie through the process of signing up. A lot of times, the registration process is the most baffling, least well-designed part of a site! So I’m sure a new person would find seeing the simple procedure very reassuring.


  10. eoinpurcell

    Very interesting!
    I like those tubetorials. They are simple ans useful!


  11. Nanyaar?

    Neat, Its a nice way to teach non-bloggers and also bloggers in other platform why WordPress Rocks!!


  12. rade

    Hey-heey 😀 That’s a great video! And it’s all true; WordPress is free, Really easy-to-use and has a nice community.

    You could use that video for advertising etc. imho =)


  13. глагол

    something like “…and there is a whole lot more…” should be added


  14. Avatar DJ Flux

    Ah ah ah, very nice – I liked when he said “…And – Boom! – You’re done!” It reminded me of Mr. Jobs… 😉


  15. print

    Tubetorial, nice site!

    Great work on the video. I’d look at the ruby-on-rails videos for a great example of ‘how-to and why’ in one simple step.

    Also, the font, try and use the beautiful W with sexy-serif on the text intros :p



  16. print

    In more detail:

    loving the zoomy-zoomy-ness
    loving the you + wordpress graphics
    loving the stars :p

    What software was used? anything special?


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  18. K

    IMO, just an average. It was like a homemade video uploaded for YouTube (wasn’t it?) obviously because there was a part when the word “theme” was almost mispelled wrong. But well, the word “FREE” says it all about WP.Com. That’s it and thank’s for sharing.


  19. jerjer



  20. Christian

    Good job!!! … will it be available in other languages to?


  21. Mark Jaquith

    Good production quality. The goals seemed to be portraying WordPress.com as fast and easy, and it met them. I like showing the signup process. I’ve signed up for every service on the face of the earth, and I really appreciate ones that get me “inside” as quickly as possible.


  22. NW

    That’s it:-) you have big kiss from Lanka Page…Wow!!!


  23. Tina

    It’s ok, and offers a simple description of wordpress. It’s a bit biased, but who cares? WordPress is great 😀
    The only real problem I had was that he said you had “total control” over your blog which you really don’t.


  24. livingjourney

    Very good and very easy to understand.

    Good work.



  25. Fabio Bracht

    Now for the serious one: I don’t need no video to know how good WP.com is. 🙂


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  27. britishbullblog

    Hi Matt,

    It’s a pretty good video, perhaps a touch long? Although it does clearly explain some of the main advantages that WP offers.

    I think it will be a good marketing tool for WP as people do tend to prefer to sit and watch a video rather than read about something. So if this is the reason for producing the video then it should work well.

    Are you planning any more instructional videos, say for example when non-bloggers get invited to contribute to an existing blog?




  28. Jope

    It looks pretty good. A great way to show the path to wp.com to absolute beginers…

    I wish it was available in Spanish as well, though… 😉


  29. storymode

    Everything is explained very simply for those who are interested in getting started. Pointing out how to change your presentation was a good extra to have. However, in my opinion, it’s explained in such a way that is geared to newcomers to the internet. In other words, it comes off as super casual like a “(insert topic here) For Dummies” manual.

    Really well planned tutorial vid, honestly. I’d just turn down the laid-backness a bit ^^;


  30. clevermonkey

    I’m Sold!!! Sign Me Up!!! oh wait… I’m already signed up. Carry on then.


  31. Toby Getsch

    Nice. Simple.


  32. Csar

    Well, have some problems to see this in Opera Browser.


  33. Daniel


    Alway good new things XD


  34. Daniel

    First x}


  35. Ron

    Not bad … but I’d re-record the audio. The speaker is standing a little too close to the microphone, to where consanants are “popping.”

    But overall, it does a good job shwoing the basic benefits of WordPress.com


  36. Ali Eteraz

    That’s well done.


  37. Cem Basman

    Cool. Now WP can move and talk. What next? Eat and play?


  38. fri3ng3r

    HEhe, Nice VIDEO.


  39. Fabio Duarte

    Muy bien!!! Realmente me gusta lo que WP hace por nosotros… simplicando todo y mejorando cada. Muy buen trabajo.


  40. maique

    nicely done.

    anyone who has ever tried wordpress.com (or plain old wordpress) should already know that it’s that easy to configure and mantain a wordpress blog.

    i guess this might be helpful for newcomers. they can have a taste of what they should expect. i doubt anyone will have trouble setting a blog up and using it, but, if you’re afraid to try it, fearing it’s going to be messy, this will surely put you on the right track.


  41. icedmocha

    I think it’s a good introduction to the signup process, but I don’t think it gives very much information about why WordPress is the blog to choose.


  42. RubeRad

    It’s a pretty no-brainer tutorial, and only good for somebody who doesn’t already have a WP.com blog (except for the walkthru of how to change your theme).

    I think it’s a great concept though (and great advertisement!), and could be very usefully extended to other topics like the following (many of which I have had to repeatedly explain to various friends):

    How to create hyperlinks in post text, rather than just pasting in unlinked URLs.

    (How to create hyperlinks in comment text)

    How to upload pictures into a post, and how to manipulate the editing and linking options

    How to use blockquotes in posts and comments

    How to find and use permalinks for individual posts and comments

    How to upload a custom header image

    How to clean unused images out of your history of loaded images

    How to use widgets (including some fine points of linkage using text widgets, special integration widgets like flickr, etc.)

    The list could go on almost forever!


  43. axewielderx

    We except for the people that looked like monkeys at the beginning of the video, it was alright!


  44. moderntarih

    It’s a bit weird to watch this. I think WordPress is really great in many ways but I wouldn’t have gotten this impression from this video. Many other places are free and getting a domain is not so hard. I have a domain elsewhere and I still use WordPress. Stealing from another high class product line you could simply say: ‘It just works’.


  45. Maz

    its pretty good, reminds me of a video that creative commons put together just without the sleek finish.


  46. Pavan

    somehow doesnt work for flash-in-FF on linux (whereas youtube & google video work fine).. dunno where the glitch lies


  47. nobody

    gooooooooody good dear matty matt … 😀


  48. Daij

    I can’t see anything on the video, maybe because LINUX doesn’t have Flash 9 support yet?!?


  49. britgirl

    Overall the video is very well made, but if I wasn’t already using WordPress and KNEW how good it is, I’m not sure it would have sold me unless I’d read about WordPress somewhere else.WordPress is better than came across on the video. I think it could/should include more of a WOW! factor…

    I would have ended with Free, rather than started with it. After, all aren’t other blogs, like Blogger for example, free as well? So free doesn’t really set WordPress apart from the pack. Although I do think you do get much more on WordPress, which didn’t really come across. Also to compare the “freeness” with “cost” of hosting is interesting. I would agree totally that you pay when you host, but you also have much more flexibility when you host. It isn’t comparing apples to apples really. Which brings me to the next point… saying you have total control over your WordPress.com blog – that isn’t true at all, and it’s the price you pay for the WordPress.com vs hosting.

    You do have control over the design of course, but design is only one part of the blog, and the video seems to imply that being able to choose a new design = total control.


  50. vcgalin8

    Nothing even comes close to WP! 🙂

    Thank you guys for WP 🙂


  51. E@zyVG

    Nice one.


  52. Griffin Lilly Jr

    That was truly amazing…I am glad I left Blogger!


  53. Sha

    Yay…it explains all the reasons why wordpress is great and rocks 😀


  54. Pedro Vilas Boas

    I just wonder how you (managers) feel about this very positive feedback from the community.
    I think everyone here really love the wordpress.
    you know… It seems to be wonderful for you.

    so… I don’t know… figure out you’ve had a stressful day on real life. But when you get through the Internet and read all this gratefulness… you know … It would be like in heaven…

    I’m just another one wordpresser that is very very very glad to be with you


    you’re great!


  55. gavilan1010

    maybe he exaggerated a little but very descriptive


  56. jericbilo

    That’s cool. Now I have something to show other people on how easy it is to use.

    The site was helpful as well.


  57. Flesh-eating Dragon

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t bear to listen to more than a few tens of seconds of it. The accent of the person who did the voiceover grates on my ears. I have no trouble listening to the vast majority of American accents (I’m Australian myself) but this speaker talks in a peculiar, idiosyncratic way that I’m just not accustomed to listening to. Perhaps not the ideal speaker if you want to maximise the international appeal of the video.


  58. universalword

    Its simple. Very nicely done.


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  60. Daij

    BORING!! The voice was too monotonous; the animations were too childish. There is too much emphasis on WordPress being free; you could also have shown about comments and static pages, uploading pictures/avatars, and add more effects with writing a post like Rube Rad pointed out. This video is too focused on starting a blog. You should have a series: on starting a blog (which this could be), one on the various abilities of posting entries and adding pages, one on widgets and other theme customizations (like headers), uploading and embedding outside material, and then one on upgrades.


  61. powx

    Well the WP video really rocks. Simple and clear 🙂


  62. katy

    If I had watched that video prior to signing up here…I honestly don’t know how that would have affected my choice to use wordpress. All that video told me was that word press dot com is free and easy.


  63. Mocha!

    Easy to understand and would definately recommend WORDPRESS to anyone if I was to use that clip.



  64. materialmama

    Good for newbies to the blogging world.

    Other than that ???


  65. alojeda81



  66. dbittoun

    Tryly excellent. Very clear and up to the point.
    I wish they could design something like that about incorporating audio, you tube embedded tuff and all that jazz


  67. hools

    Good for brand new folks, but it doesn’t exactly clear up why WP is different from other free blogging sites. Maybe that’s for another video 🙂


  68. secondchancetolive

    very cool. Thanks for your dedication to excellence wordpress crew, staff and support people. You all Rock!


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