New Dashboard

We’ve been giving a lot of thought into how to make the home page of the dashboard more useful for you. This is the most-loaded page in our admin backend, but the balance of community vs. personal information wasn’t that good, and the design with the grey boxes and such left something to be desired.

Well, now we have something new.

We’ve split the dashboard into two, the left which shows all the action happening in your world — new posts, comments, comments you’ve left — and the right, which shows the hottest stuff in your language’s community. (And provides good fodder for blogging.)

New Dashboard

We’ve also done a bit to make the whole thing load faster.

I’m pretty curious to hear you thoughts on this, particularly on anything you would like to see in the activity stream on the left. That’s an area I think is going to change a lot based on your feedback.

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  1. the forester

    Hmm. This is gonna take some getting used to. I feel like I was able to see more information at a glance with the old dashboard, rather than needing to scroll down so much. I love that the gray boxes are gone, and replaced with our avatars. The split screen (me versus everyone else) is a great idea too.

    What if we were able to customize our own dashboards?

    Is it possible to shrink the font down? Maybe that would reduce all the scrolling.

    Thanks, as always, for keeping WordPress a dynamic service. It’s fun to watch everything progress.


  2. sandra

    It’s fine. But as someone who doesn’t use the Top Blogs & Top Posts from around WordPress, half the page is redundant to me. I wish I could get rid of that or have it at the bottom so I don’t have to see it if I don’t want to.

    Aesthetically, I would prefer the pesonal items in their own box too. And New Post and New Comment together is a confusing mishmash.

    Thanks for continually looking to improve.


  3. Rado

    AWESOME job!

    It’s much better now, keep up the good job!
    Proud to be WordPress user 🙂


  4. isyankar

    Güzel olmuş da,keşke “What’s hot” sağda,”your stuff” solda olsaydı.(Anlayan biri çıkar inşallah,ingilizcemiz vardı da yazmadık mı:))


  5. getix

    Just a question: is it possibile to have the top posts in the statistics for more than 30 days?


  6. akijinn

    It looks a little messy as mentioned above, the comments & posts are too heavy on the page (i have 2 blogs).


  7. gpessia



  8. nobody

    a new dashboard !!!!
    oh what a dashy board
    thats right


  9. Gangadhar dash board is far better!!


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  11. aikidude

    surprised also and now disappointed.. i think that the part including comments and activities on my blog is too big respect to the rest that happens in wordpress.. maybe because i have a small and not very visited blog..
    anyway, i’ll get used to this..


  12. Cem Basman

    Great. But I miss this little statistics about number of pages, posts, comments and so on … 😉


  13. Ujwala

    I love this one! It came as a lovely surprise and the page loads super fast. If the “new post” and “comment” could include name of the blog it would be even more fabulous! I know this will be useful only to those having multiple blogs.


  14. maini

    On the first sight i thought: its great. But on the second sight i was confused because i got two blogs (okay, this is my “fault”) and it is really chaos with the commends and posts, because i can´t see, in which blog this is going on. It would superb, if you could make a difference, so maybe i can see in the different blogs the stuff for this blogs (my english is crazy, sorry).

    By the way: the blogs at wordpress are great, i like them so much. Thanks for your work.


  15. junohenry

    I think it’s excellent. The best yet. Much clearer. Thanks WP!

    If i can put in a request — is there any way that pingbacks could be represented as such on the posts themselves, instead of as comments? This is probably the wrong place to ask, so i’m counting on my cute British accent and fluttering eyelashes bowling you over.


  16. ekawaaz

    loved it, good work mate…keep it up….


  17. Lee Kelleher

    The new dashboard is a refreshing change! 🙂

    Although I have 2 issues…

    1. The “Use these links to get started:” section at the top seems a bit redundant to me, as I can access everything via the top admin-menu.

    2. The “Your stuff” section – although I like this idea of a chronological listing of events/activity – I’d prefer it if each ‘type’ of event (New post/Comment/Commented/Pingback/Trackback/Incoming link) were listed seperately. It would be easier than me trying to find specific items in the list.

    Apart from those 2 things, I like it!


  18. Nobodyknows

    Wow! Looks great!

    (my only gripe: “awhile” should really be “a while.”)


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  20. C4RL05

    I think i prefer the comments and post to be separated as they were before. It’s too mesy now.


  21. comunicati

    personally i think it is not as useful as the previous one: expecially for what concerns comments!
    there are too many things: it’s not anglo saxon, it’s not to the point…
    originally, you could see displaied all your comments divided per sites into the same page, now you have to go into each page to see your comments and others’ replies…
    i don’t like it but i can see i’m part of a small minority 😛
    anyway, i really appreciate your efforts 😉


  22. Ruxx

    I don’t like it at all… It’s a little more than chaotic! It was better before, when everything was structured: Comments, incoming links, posts… I don’t know… Maybe, in time, I will get used to it and I will think it’s great. But for now…


  23. blayde

    Wow, i though my browser broke :P. looks good, much more info than before = better keeping track, thanks


  24. ajcann

    Less functional than the previous version, but faster loading is appreciated.
    Please separate:
    Comments and posts (and incoming links)
    Different blogs


  25. comunicati

    why don’t you focus a little more on the statistics dashbord?

    you could tell us so many things, such as if people click on links we put into the post or, , for instance, making a difference on who enter and don’t read articles and who surf the blog… and so on…


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  27. The Rooster

    Bring back the incoming link box please. I find the layout confusing – with the mixed up posts, comments, ping backs –> make these sections please. Have the same layout by all means. I liked it better in sections.

    I also liked the total posts and comments that were down the bottom. In addition if I wanted to see what I posted I could look at the POSTS – I don’t want all the other crap mixed in with that specific information. Apply that to all categories actually.

    Come to think of it – I don’t like it at all. Yuk, I am really disappointed. This is a messy uncategorised mash-up of everything, not logical at all. Please can I have the option of a few formats for my dashboard?

    Although one thing I don’t mind is the scrapping of the grey buttons down the bottom being made into a list, that is cool. The rest is awful. Sorry. Please tell me this is going to change…


  28. akosistella

    very neatly laid out! fabulous. great job guys! 🙂


  29. The Rooster

    Sorry just one more thing…

    I have a 2 blogs on WP – I have separate blogs for a reason. I don’t want to see info from blog A in Blog B’s dash and vice versa. Damn I am bummed.


  30. naturalhigh

    I really like it. There is more useful information readily available to me than before. I like the social aspects of blogging and this makes it easier for me to notice new comments.



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  32. cihad44

    Goog work..



  33. Karura

    I can see myself gradually getting used to it, but as others have said, it would be better to have recent posts and comments separated out, and I’d rather not see info about my second blog when I’m trying to focus on the first.

    The thing I miss the most, however, is that useful section that showed you which blog posts you had scheduled for later.


  34. daveg227

    Looks great, now all I need is a few comments,lol.


  35. earthenvessel

    I’m a minimalist, so I find the new layout a bit too much. Maybe an option to choose what and how much information is on the dashboard? Glad to know incoming links are coming back!


  36. IR

    While I appreciate the constant efforts to improve and not rest on laurels, I’m not a huge fan of this change. Similar to other comments:
    -I manage two blogs, and the new configuration of comments and posts jumbled together, then information from both blogs jumbled together is not immediately sensible. At least one of these being separated might make it more logical.
    -I enjoyed it when the majority of my dashboard related to my blog and what I was trying to manage. I think it’s good to stay cognizant of the wider WordPress community in one’s personal dashboard, but I don’t it enjoy it taking up 50% of the space.

    I’m hoping (and believing) there can be a happy medium with some of the good ideas suggested in all the comments.

    Keep up the great work, as mentioned, it is truly appreciated.


  37. silveira

    But I would like to see in the dashboard how many visits I got today. Just a sugestion.


  38. mvalk

    good job


  39. soilmatter

    I find it quite confuse too.May be because of too much detail that added in.


  40. kashmir

    I liked the old one. I do not want to see posts I made in other blogs. I want statistics on the dashboard. Time does not matter, whether I made a comment a day back or a while ago, its a non issue, just listing my comments should be fine. I do not like the idea of everything divided into a day back and a while ago. Please make it clutter free. I want the old one back 😦


  41. bigcrow

    I think, it’ll be good… Sooon 🙂 I don’t like it at this time…


  42. hocomd

    I like it


  43. paperpen

    For a strange reason I actually prefer the old format, partly probably because I don’t see the need of elaborate breakdowns on what’s been happening to my blog lately.

    I also miss the total count of my posts, pages and categories. Can I (we) have it back at the dashboard? (I’m anal, I know. Heh.)

    Also, maybe you can add a “hide and/ or reveal” button for the details of the blog’s activities? (that way it won’t confuse simplistic users like me)

    Sorry I ask for a few changes, but I hope others would find these improvements helpful.

    Other than that – nice work done. =)


  44. avuee

    I like the old Dashboard a lot better.


  45. Kaz

    Yeah, I get a lot of 404-File Not Found errors when I click the links.

    I also miss the little (edit) link next to the comments. I usually go and reply to my comments right away.

    How about giving a choice to us as to which one we want?


  46. Steve Weintraub

    The new format for “Your Stuff” seems terribly redundant. Why is it in timeline format? I can just look at my blog to see that! The point of the Dashboard is to see aggregate data, and this thing makes a big mess out of it. Before, at a glance, I could glean overall blog information; now I have a long list of interspersed data.

    Plus, mixing in the other blogs is just flat-out wrong. Feh.

    My suggestion? Make the Dashboard modular like the posting or widgets screen.


  47. delephant

    Great improvement from before. It looks better aestetically.

    But I miss the INCOMING LINKS, that would be a good feature to keep.

    Keep up the great work!


  48. Shodan

    Like the left / right format. Loads much faster.
    Good work guys.


  49. poppy8sd

    I was in the middle of gathering election links for my Categories and for a post, with Dashboard open when –WHOA!
    Well…first impression: Idonlikeit…
    -My previous Posts: already listed on Front Page –in chronological group –in Categories
    –in Admin…Why do I want to see them listed again on the left?
    –I want to see my Comments –Why??? I dunno…
    -It loads “faster”? –I’m on Dial-Up, everything is slowish –40% of people on-line are on Dial-Up, but like I say to ‘speed-freaks’: ya, so waddya do with the “extra seconds” –write novels?
    -I don’t like change, usually, but (–3 themes until Final/best 4th theme –PressRow) when something strikes me right –I have instant attraction…now: my mind is trying to ‘re-set’ page –the way it was.

    I don’t want to be the crab in the crowd; I don’t like it when I do a lot of work and it’s not appreciated, so I have empathy…but now –new Dashboard: Different Isn’t Necessarily Better. Those are First Impressions. If I change, I’ll post again. (Are you impressed –I figured out how to make an avatar? lol, I am! How do I look? Like the pun?)


  50. nosugrefneb

    Meh, I’m not in love with it and was used to the old one. solelyshe, I’m with you. Plus, the biggest downside is that it doesn’t work with OmniWeb, the best browser in history. Anything you can do about that, fellers? I’d like to avoid opening another browser solely to check my Dashboard, if possible.


  51. vjp

    I saw this when it first went live last night. My first impression: it’s a horrible mess. After messing with it and trying to figure out what it is trying to accomplish, my current impression: it is a horrible mess.

    Give me back my old dashboard. This one is way too cluttered and lacks any real semblance of functionality.


  52. Barbara H.

    OK, now that I have looked at it a little more:

    I still don’t like it. I really, really, really don’t like it.

    I don’t like the “What’s Hot” and news side-by-side with the “Your stuff” links. I rarely look at that, much less use it, and I’d prefer it were back at the bottom of the page.

    I really, really dislike having new comments to my blog and the comments I have made on other blogs all mixed up on the same column.

    I want my “Incoming Links” box back.

    I’m very frustrated and disappointed.


  53. sexinthepublicsquare

    It’s been less than a day, so this might be premature, but it feels less useful to me to have my activity divided up chronologically instead of as it was before, divided up by type of activity. I’d prefer the column to be organized by type of activity, and within each category, perhaps, to have the chronology clarified as it is now: “today,” “this week,” etc. I do like that change, but I’d like it better if it were done within categories like “posts,” “comments” etc.

    As always, I continue to be impressed by the WordPress team’s commitment to making a really great medium even better! Keep it up!


  54. outofthegarden

    While I appreciate the initiative in theory, in practice I’m afraid I find the new dashboard confusing and cluttered. Someone mentioned not needing to see their own comments/posts listed — I agree. If I want to see top wordpress posts etc, I can flip to the home page. I had no problem whatsoever with the old dashboard. It was clean, efficient and user-friendly, imo. 🙂


  55. The Eternal Wanderer

    I like the new dashboard it looks very structured. Keep on improving for us, WP!

    Just a grouse though – can we have the list of incoming links back?


  56. secretgeek

    Thanks, this Is MUCH, MUCH better than the old Dashboard. Finally, the Dashboard is useful. I hope you will also use this in the single user release.


  57. adam

    another thing i would _love_ to see is a “Your Friends’ Stuff”, where posts from blogs on your blogroll show up. (since you seem to be keeping track of that anyway, via the bar)(and since the dashboard is now aggregation central)


  58. D. Bell

    I didn’t like it and I am still getting used to it since I have been using the old dashboard for so long (first with blogsome and now over here.) I will adjust though 🙂 Since you’ve explained why and how it functions it makes sense. Thanks again for thinking of how to make the site more user friendly.


  59. Daniel

    I’d prefer the before it =;

    but it is nice =)


    Preferia o de antes,mas esse é legal =)


  60. ansel

    I think it’s a bit better than it was – a little box somewhere on the front page with current draft posts would also be useful.


  61. Amidee

    Wonderful P:
    Nothing more to say. You’re great.


  62. Sankar Viruthachalam

    The new one looks great. But there is one thing that is missing. The older version has the number of posts, number of comments etc on the dashboard and that seems to be missing here.
    It may not be that important, but it is just nice to see it once u login.


  63. phrostypoison

    I like the new dashboard layout, but I have a slight difficulty getting around the page. I was thinking around the lines of Mint, maybe?


  64. Pamela

    You are never going to make everybody happy — because we all want different things when we access our dashboards.

    I liked the personal flavor of the dashboard, and to me all of the other links to top blogs, fastest growing, etc is just wasted real estate, and the former content will be missed (at least until you put it back, thank you for doing that).

    So why not let people choose? Make it configurable, so that everyone can have the mix of functionality that they want?


  65. Chris

    Way too much for the eyes. I prefered the older version of the Dashboard. It was much easier to navigate prior to this change.

    Otherwise thanks for the other improvements you’ve made recently to WordPress.


  66. Genna

    LOVE it!


  67. Jh®

    Interesante. Pienso que aún debe ser más dinámico pero ha sido un gran adelanto!


  68. Torley Linden

    I’m looking forward to seeing this on my work blog ( )

    Curious, I wonder when this might be coming to a future installable release of WordPress not on

    I recently switched to WordPress for my personal blog ( ) and am enjoying it oodles! 😀


  69. Rice

    Thanks. nice work


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  71. maique

    confusing. and i don’t really care for comments and posts mixed together.


  72. sunrunner

    I like the new dash in general, but I would like to echo that I miss incoming links, one of my favorite features from the old board.

    And I would like to echo this:

    “the mix of comments and new posts, although labeled respectively, is a bit clutter-looking. I’d suggest Recent Posts and Comments be separated, and that only Comments have a distinct separated listing of comments from [yesterday, a week ago, etc.]”

    I would also like to request smaller fonts on this section as more info would be accessible at a glance.

    Also, since I have two blogs, I also find it incredibly confusing to have the comments and blog posts mixed up. It would be nice to have them on one dashboard, but the info from each blog should be in their own seperate sections, otherwise I would like to see it go back to the old system of just one blog per dashboard.

    And thanks for all the hard work you guys–I esp love the new “write” box, as it is so much easier to move back and forth between the html box and the regular editor.


  73. grhomeboy

    New Dasboard, yes, good job done, thank you very much.

    However, the new dashboard it may be good for use only to those who are owners of
    only one blog. Not for those who have multiple. Let me explain >

    I am blogging on four (4) different theme/concept wp blogs, all of them under same
    user name. After checking the new dashboard, I have the feeling that it does not
    help me much in monitoring activity for each one of my blogs.

    What I want to see as activity I need to see it on a different dashboard and for each one of my blogs separately. In the new dashboard I see a mixture of all new posts in
    all four of my blogs. That’s confusing and time consuming. despite the fact that I’m
    on a broadband connection. Imagine those folks who are on a dial-up!

    I don’t need to know my “This Week” activity. What’s the reason to know it?
    It’s helping to know of “Today” and (well yes and no) for “Yesterday”. But again, I
    would like to see it and monitor it per each one of my blogs, certainly not for all
    of them under one page.

    I need also the comments and the incoming links. This feature is very helpful.

    Please consider to give back the old dashboard, thank you very much!


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  75. tellitlikeitis

    First, let me say that I really appreciate you guys mixing it up and trying new things. I think that’s great.

    That being said, I’m not sure I’m that keen on the new dash. The design seems a bit confused to me, especially the left column. I’m not loving so much the ‘today,’ ‘yesterday,’ et cetera organization.

    But, also, that might be at least partially because it’s new. So I’ll give it a try, and above all, thanks for keeping up the good work.


  76. mariemcc

    Thank you! I don’t mean to seem ungrateful, but I don’t like everything lumped together under Today, Yesterday, This Week. I prefer the way it was with Incoming Links listed separately, Comments listed separately, and so on. This way it is now isn’t as useful, IMHO.

    Thank you for your continuing efforts to improve WordPress!


  77. mywholelife

    I love it.


  78. Saawan

    I really miss the summed up count of posts and comments. Please add that feature to this new dashboard. That’ll make it more productive as it allows the blogger to know how many posts he made till date.


  79. africanpress

    I think the new dashboard is great. Keep it up and improve whatever is necessary.
    I would like to know how long wordpress has been around. I think it is great to have it around.


  80. doctashock

    Overall I gthink thw new interface will take some gettting use to, but I’m sure that will come with time.

    Sometimes I schedule several posts and updates for days in advance, so it would be nice if the Dashboard still showed what posts were scheduled to go up and how long until they do.


  81. zer0day

    I like. It was a bit of a surprise when I logged in lol.


  82. MadMark

    I’m still a little bit confused, but i think it’s very cool concept. In one look we now have all our things and all what’s hot at the moment..

    Very Good Work !!


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  84. Aphra Behn

    The new dashboard shows the information for all the dashboards you are registered to use all muddled up. The one I spend weekends with has rights to my blog and I have rights to his, so that we can QA each others’ posts before posting them. Or indeed after posting them. But now I see all sorts of information about his blog muddled in with mine.

    Other than that – cool beans!



  85. Nicola

    Confused me for a moment – until I worked out what was going on.


  86. svec

    I would love to see the Blog Stats info without having to click one more time after clicking Dashboard – can the Blog Stats show up on the Dashboard? Perhaps above the “What’s hot” section? (I have only 1 wordpress blog, so I’m not sure how muddled that would get for people with >1 blog.)



  87. Barbara H.

    I also miss my little chart at the top of the page that showed how many hits my blog got each day. It was a quick visual way to check that. Is there any way to know that now except by subtracting yesterdays total hits from today’s?


  88. chissenefrega

    a little confused… I have still to understand if I like it or not and if it’s easier and more useable than the prevoious interface. I’ll let you know in a few days 😉


  89. belindaschneider

    ok, incoming links are back, swell. but i have 2 active blogs and why mingle them? had i wanted them mingled, i would have put them together! but there’s a good reason why they are seperate. honestly, MOST STUPID thing you guys have done. waste of time for you and now you waste mine. thumbs are down.


  90. taraden

    I’m sure it will take a little time to get used to, but all in all it looks very nice!!


  91. Federico

    I liked the old dashboard. Where are “Scheduled Entries”? I don’t find them. It is confused. I need to to edit my blog and easily see who has left me a comment for approval.


  92. Graham

    nice love it


  93. Ray

    I don’t like it at all. It combines all your blogs into one dashboard that I now have to sift through to see information. You dropped incoming links, which was useful and in one place. Too much in one place….:-(


  94. squawkboxnoise

    Incoming links??????? I don’t have many but heck it was fun to look at. Maybe drop the awhile ago section? Scheduled entries?????


  95. Brian Alexander

    its more organized i think..



  96. Peter

    Two things: 1) please bring back the total posts counter. I was getting close to 200 :-). 2) please seperate my blogs from each other, when I am working with one of them I generally don’t care about what is happening on the other. Perhaps an option to seperate them, in case some people do want to have them combined?


  97. muddybanks42


    The stats rock by the way. Ray’s comments: disagree – we like neat pages that have lots of stuff in them.

    Why am I still here?


  98. shannonclark

    I miss having the immediate input about incoming links (and also new comments) – those were very useful – any chance you might add them back?



  99. Thomas

    Really cool!


  100. Jan

    When I saw it first, I hated it, when I took a second look and thought about it, I think it might be quite good, but why don’t you just let everyone choose?

    What would be REALLY great is if everyone could build their own dashboard using widgets.


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