New Theme: Garland (and rockin’ color picker!)

We were so impressed with Drupal‘s new theme, that we decided to port it to WordPress and let everyone here have at it. So here it is: Garland a.k.a “Themetastic” by Stefan Nagtegaal and Steven Wittens.

Garland preview

Garland is a great, three column, widget friendly theme in soothing blue, but what we think you’ll really go gaga for is the color customizer that comes with it. Not feeling so soothing? With just a few clicks, you can change to sandy earth tones, gothic black or that electric pink look you’ve been wanting for so long. Got school pride? Try out your school colors. Go patriotic. Go ghastly. Whatever, go crazy!

On another note, we’re curious which color picker you like better: the one available in themes like Kubrick that offer a custom header, or the one in in this theme. Feel free to let us know which and why in a comment here.

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  1. grinder

    Thank you!!! Will give it a try


  2. therealdonquixote

    This looks to have great promise. Does it have variable width?


  3. Menco

    An awesome theme ! I wan’t it, I wan’t it, I wan’t it !!! If only I could save the colors I picked with the color picker… Both with Maxthon at work and Safari at home don’t save the color when I press save…


  4. Howard

    I like this very much – playing with the colours is fine, but let me join the chorus for a custom image header as well.

    I also like the way this theme’s central column expands to take up the size of the window. This offers interesting possibilities to link to larger than usual pictures.


  5. bhooi

    Very nice and flexible too, thank you.


  6. womensspace

    I tried to divide up my widgets but it’s not working. They are all still on the column on the left. I use IE. Help?


  7. satur9

    The colour picker doesn’t work: I can change the colours, but I can’t save them.


  8. mooseluver8

    great theme, but i do like the page header/bar things at the top of the page under the header, this one doesnt have that. I wish that all of the the themes had this!!


  9. torchwolf

    This is great.

    One thing… text in the side-bar text boxes ends up going right to the post area before it wraps, it doesn’t leave any padding.


  10. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    Well, thats a very good idea, letting the bloggers edit more of their blog appearance, making blogs more personal. Until now, we could only change header color and text, and header image. I think this is a very big step, and I think following themes should have options like those, letting us more freedom.

    And of course, again, thank you very much!!!!!


  11. penseroso

    Oh boy — I had to change back to my old theme because I was having trouble with old pictures disappearing in Garland. Also, the comments boxes were out of whack. Let us know when these issues have been fixed. It should be a pretty awesome theme option once the kinks are out. Thanks again!


  12. Flesh-eating Dragon

    The main thing that’s stopping me from switching from Quentin to Garland is that the latter doesn’t display the tagline. Fix that, and I’ll give it another go.

    I like themes in which my writing is framed by a dark, wide border. With Garland, I could make that border as dark as I wish. It’s a good idea.


  13. gondolier

    it’s really a great one. thanks!


  14. ventureskills

    Great addition not least because we use a modified version of garland on our own site so the blog no longer looks out of place, is there anyway to set it to just a 2 column version though?


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  16. enigmafoundry

    Well this is almost a usable theme.


    Why did the designer of this theme NOT ALLOWthe user to pick the background color????

    It is not true that this theme is user-controllable, as the most important predominate color CANNOT BE CHANGED!


  17. Steffi

    I LIKE IT, except for the way its puts my blog name all the way to the left like that, I went to use it , and that just irked me too much, so I changed back.


  18. Chelsea

    I feel the same as earthenvessel. If I could have both the custom header and the color selection on one theme I would probably pick tha theme, but currently the custom header is more important to me.


  19. Two Witches

    I love it ….

    I am still playing around with color schemes but overall I think it is a very clean polished look.

    I especially like how we can change the colors of the site regularly without having to change anything else about the set up.

    Add to that the fact that the color choices are endless … well I am simply overwrought .


    Mama Kelly


  20. resizable
  21. alejna

    The color picker is certainly tempting, but the customizable header absolutely wins out for me. I like to change my header regularly for variety’s sake, as well as to suit my topics. (Actually, I’d love to see a theme that would rotate through a number of custom header images. Is there such an animal?)

    Thanks for continuing your quest to provide nifty theme options.


  22. David

    I just wanted to say again how much I love the theme. It’s one of the best in a long time. I consider myself a pretty heavy customer header guy because of some background in PhotoShop but I can’t pass this one up. It looks too good. 🙂

    I do wish I could throw a logo (.gif) up there in the header instead of just the text of my blog. Nevertheless I’m loving it. Thanks again guys.


  23. adam

    hey, so much for wordpress’ semantic validity. your left sidebar occurs first (before the content) in the structural markup. do i need to reiterate how many ways this will break in IE? or how completely inaccessible this is to screen readers, text browsers, and mobile users?


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  25. joeshirley

    This theme is working great for me on my Drupal site, I’ve set it up in understated, gray colors. Now I’m waiting for it to be made available for my independently-hosted WordPress blog. Keep the great open-source work coming!


  26. Matt

    Hey guys the thing with images disappearing should be fixed now, and the styling has been tightened up a bit. However it looks like we’re going to be disabling this theme to new users in a few days, so if you were avoiding it because of the bugs try it again before it’s closed to new users.


  27. Sai

    I’ve been using it for a while and I have to say I’m impressed. Though I have to agree to some who say that not the entire design can be changed in color, it leaves out the post’s background. And if perhaps there would be another similar color picking theme that supports 3 columns but also incorporates a customizable header image, then that’s the only time I’ll settle down on one. For now, I’m fairly comfortable and contented with this one. Good job! Cheers!


  28. Polaris

    I like the look of the theme, and love the color picker, but don’t want to switch because there is:
    1. No subtitle in the header
    2. No trackback address for posts
    3. No customizable headers

    I would consider switching themes only if these issues were fixed.


  29. Djubba

    Thought I’d give it a go… way cool… though I do miss not having an editable banner/header/image… however, the colour scheming is nifty, and “pleasant to the eye”… and like the default fonts and 3 column layout… well done… to all involved with the design… inc. those at …


  30. Nita

    I tried it. My problem was:

    1) No Tag line
    2) The name too far to the left
    3) Nothing which says ‘Home’. It’s surprising, but I know people who do not know how to navigate to the front page and they need the ‘Home’ label.
    4) The spaces between the lines are so wide that my categories went on and on and on.

    So back to dear old Andreas although I am tired of of the same colours. Sigh.


  31. disembedded

    Hi To All of You Again,

    Thanks so much to the WP people for this early Xmas giftee!!! I spent time last night trying out various color shades and combinations, and really liked many that I was able to come up with. For now, have found (for me) a winning combination—subtle, soothing, attractive (I think) to the eye, especially when compared to the more richly colored images that usually accompany my posts. Plus, found even more calming “meditative” ambient background music for the neat SoundSpot player(which I have set to a relatively quiet sound level, and placed the player near the top of the sidebar so that those who don’t care for music on the blog can easily mute it—but I do like it a lot).

    I hope that readers will take a look at what I’ve done with the Garland theme—as you can tell, I REALLY like it a lot!!

    And to the WP people, thanks very, very much. Great job!!!


  32. Noscere

    I like it, have changed from my long time favorite to Garland. Nothing more can be said really…..


  33. kfb1

    Nice theme – I love it. I seem to be having problems with the “comment” boxes; they appear to extend into the sidebar and the last couple words do not even appear on the screen until I click “Submit Comment”. I’m not sure if it’ a problem with the theme or my computer.


  34. robyn

    like it a lot! would love it if there was a second line [smaller text] for a tag line [just below the name of the blog]!


  35. erizabesu



  36. Ann

    I activated the theme as well! I LURVE IT!


  37. Brian

    Why on earth would you close it to new users? I thought we all had the same options for themes, no matter when we joined. Right? Wrong?


  38. Michael

    ahem. It’s a great theme, and I’m using it myself, but it seems that the porting of it has caused some ruffled feathers, as the theme was planned for the release of Drupal 5.

    I’d suggest, to at least be nice, changing the default colors to something other than the Drupal colors – it’s a step in the right direction.

    Steven’s side of the story is that he didn’t give permission, but expressed concern when asked. If that’s the case, why didn’t you address those concerns first, then make the port available?


  39. aishel

    Matt, why is it being closed to new users?


  40. JJ

    That goes for me too Polaris!


  41. bho

    The theme just been out on the 12th December, 2006 and you are closing it in few days to new users, just don’t get it, why???


  42. Matt

    The theme is being removed because core members of the Drupal community feel its availability is going to hurt their 5.0 release. They’ve asked me to hold it back until after they release, which is in a month or so, there is no current plans to change the colors.

    Personally I disagree that the theme matters that much, but they seem pretty emotionally attached to the whole thing, which I suppose is understandable given this is the first piece of decent design they’ve had. I hope their behavior is not a trend though, because it would be bad for Open Source and especially Open Source design, which is scarce enough.

    Regardless, the adoption numbers for the theme haven’t been as high as I expected. People who like it like it but I think it’s missing some key elements to make it a popular theme.


  43. Nicola

    Thank you , thank you thank you – I feel a change coming on ……..


  44. sooperkev

    The only thing it is missing is a custom header option.


  45. aishel

    Thanks matt for the explanation. I really like the theme a lot, and i”m using it now 🙂


  46. Alex

    Please, add bullets for bulleted lists in this theme! (Firefox 2.0)


  47. Daniel

    It looks aewsome!


  48. twoken

    Hi Matt

    Drupal community advocates GPL, Open Source, porting. Garland is no exception.

    As you say, it’s a great visual design for a CMS that is more known for it’s architecture than it’s marketing (putting it politely).

    Drupal is highly featured, and therefore not easy to theme well (for all scenarios). Garland throws in a bunch of code as well. So 100’s of hours (months) of checking and bug-fixing have gone into this.

    OK, call it an emotional attachment!

    Clearly, it’s not in your interest to delay this theme, you’re not legally obliged to, you didn’t have to. So, in case no-one else has done this:

    Thanks! 😉


  49. David Raho

    This is goood but does not display well on a PDA. We still await the killer theme that has it all.


  50. talullah

    I’m in love. You guys are the best.


  51. mooth

    wow, very nice theme…thanks for sharing!


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  53. purpleslog

    I second the need for bullet points.


  54. Hari Sudibyo

    Change with this themes, great CH


  55. globelovers

    a nice template!!


  56. kIrA`

    perhaps we can have a image header, and perhaps resizable sidebars and main body text space


  57. Wendy Pereira

    a color picker is a nice option but it would be a zilion times better if it allowed for a custon header as well… I would opt for one which allows me to change my header anyday over one allowing me to set the color…


  58. generally

    The new theme is neat and the color picker is a big help. Didn’t know picking a color could be so easy.

    The one thing missing is an option to change the Header text. It’s white all the time. White does look good on most colors, but I want the freedom to choose a text color which goes with my header.


  59. Marisol

    Estupendo en teoría, porque no me permite cambiar los colores, sólo probarlos. Vuelve a los azules que tiene por defecto.

    Por otro lado, echo en falta una cabecera intercambiable, para poder colocarle una imagen a mi gusto. Con esta última característica, sería perfecto.

    Cambiar el color del texto de la cabecera podría ser una opción interesante.


  60. /\/\E}-{R@N

    Mr HAT,
    Good Job !


  61. Gray

    colour picker? how about this… separate the header (if any) and the rest of the body’s colour. by default the new colour picker colours the whole theme; the user may opt to colour the header separately (like in Kubrick).


  62. disembedded

    Tuning in here again with a huge thanks. The new theme just keeps looking better and better on my site. I’m so happy with what you’ve done. I hope that you’ll check out my new Christmas posting, a slideshow of stunning holiday images, including some by Annie Liebovitz, Pablo Picasso, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. And the whole things looks great with your Garland theme. Plus, how can I forget, soothing and subtle ambient sounds courtesy of our new Sonific SongSpot!

    Again, I so very much appreciate these two newest gifts!!!


  63. Manish Pansiniya

    Great Theme….Just applied. Now setting colors. Cools


  64. Manish Pansiniya

    I agree with wendy. There is two point. One is customize header and other is i could not change the colors of my TAB links means my pages. But anyway, will use this for some days …:-)


  65. Pako

    nice theme,
    but there are some problems with saving picked colors color on colors customizer page


  66. vintagefan

    Colour picker along with custom header is a better option anytime.


  67. Arroz Cabeçudo

    Very Nice, i liked so much, i *appreciate(i dont remember how write this) WordPress put it avaible for us.

    Caraaalho amei, com certeza vou usar no meu, e pelo visto, nao precisa editar o CSS…

    tomara q nao tenha nenhum bug maldito


  68. Ryan B

    it’s decent.


  69. Md.Sakib Al Mahmud

    wow !

    nice one… 🙂


  70. carsko

    UUUU yeah, thanks – i will try using it – will see if my pictures fitt in 🙂

    sea ya!


  71. Alabaster Crippens

    I like the look of it. But I’d love to keep my image header and still be able to switch colours.
    T’would be the collest of the cool I tells ya.


  72. smog

    Great theme 🙂


  73. hummy

    What I ment to say was: This theme would be *perfect* if “Older posts” / “Newer post” links didn’t glitch in Opera 9…

    Seems that wordpress doesnt transform less / greater signs into & lt; / & gt;


  74. Anton



  75. Andrew

    Nice Theme, Some good things – some strange things. I wrote a small review:
    Critique of the new WordPress Theme: Garland.

    Overall – Like it.


  76. revbonnie

    The color picker is awesome. I like the general layout of the site as well as the blending of the colors. A slightly larger font would make me like this theme better. Thanks for all the options!!!


  77. sauldejesus

    I like the color customization better than custom headers just because I don’t have the time to make the pictures that I want. =)


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  79. Matt

    Hey guys if you haven’t already tried out the Garland theme you won’t be able to for a few months, until the Drupal project releases their version 5.0 project.


  80. chanux

    What’s the prob wi Drupal guys.Do they own the theme or ‘custom color’ concept?


  81. idcommerce

    The prob is that this theme was to be the default theme on the new release of Drupal, and would have been a major contribution to the buzz around the new release. WordPress grabbed it before the release was out of beta… Nothing technically wrong with that (since it was GPL’d), but not especially neighborly either. Read about it from one of the major developers –


  82. seanr1978

    How come I don;t see it in my list? What am I missing here?


  83. Matt

    Sean, as per the comment above, Garland has been deactivated for new blogs.


  84. poncobagyo

    extremely cool, it would be a great present to increase what i want to, good theme. nggih mugi-mugi mawon sedoyo saget ngraosaken saking bagusing theme


  85. The neurophilosopher

    I love this theme and want to use it, but I’m also getting the same problem mentioned by a few people above – the side bars aren’t working properly. The widgets that should be on the right are instead found at the bottom left. This problem occurs in IE but not in Firefox.

    I’ve also noticed that borders cannot be added to pics that are aligned left in posts. The text wraps around the images too tightly. I’m waiting for these bugs to get squashed so I can use the theme!


  86. calsifer

    On Firefox and IE7, the sidebars are visible. But most people are still on lower versions of IE.

    I really really love this theme, so it’d be great to know when’s the bugs going to be solved. Even an estimated date would be great to know.



  87. Steven Lyager

    I just read that Drupal 5 is out 🙂 Does this mean, that I can slap Garland on my second blog soon? 🙂


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