December Wrapup

New month, new wrapup time!

December was slow in some ways, fast in others. Especially fast in how quick the servers were running all month. 🙂

We had a lot of fun around the holidays, here’s what we did last month:

December stats: 64k blogs, 68k users, switched themes 359k times, 1.76 million posts, 289k pages, 1 million comments, 3,553 support requests, 393k file uploads, and broke a new record in pageviews, 103 million. (Not counting admin section, images, CSS, RSS feeds, etc.)

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  1. allansiew

    Great Jobs Guys! Keep it up!


  2. cmerry

    Wow 🙂


  3. Chelsea

    🙂 Love it all


  4. Elaine

    WordPress is such a growing community and I’m proud to be part of it. 🙂 I’m glad in knowing there’s always room for improvement, because then I won’t have a reason not to like WordPress (it just keeps improving). 😉 Hoping nicer treats for everyone this 2007 and take care! 😀


  5. sulz

    thank you for enriching my blogging experience in the year 2006. hopefully 2007 will bring us more themes, more hits, more wonderful widgets more record-breaking stats and more wonderful blogs to read. 🙂


  6. Two Witches

    I for one certainly appreciated the changes and updates

    happy 2007

    mama kelly


  7. grandiosa12

    success for wordpress!


  8. David W. Boles

    The servers are definitely killer-fast, Matt! Congrats! You can *feel* the difference in speed.


  9. amiripz

    Fantastic month for staff and users.
    All the best in 2007.


  10. pentipenguin

    good job you do guys!


  11. Michael Sync

    cool.. Thanks WP..


  12. rumours

    WP rules!!


  13. charleslemark

    congrats! and a happy new year to all wordpresser!


  14. بهمن

    Good 😉


  15. Gizmy

    Whoa, great jobs, huge amounts of work this month^^
    Keep it up^^


  16. gpessia

    🙂 ok! Now I want avatars in sandbox’s theme.


  17. mysimsreality

    Thanks very much for everything — all the improvements — everything! Best Wishes to WordPress for 2007. 😀


  18. TheAdmin

    Thanks for all the updates!
    And I am just blown away by those stats…


  19. icedmocha

    It’s good to be part of WordPress. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!


  20. Nita

    It feels good to be on WordPress.


  21. Stephen

    I just started using WordPress. I have to say, I’m impressed with the flexibility. It’s actually the first time in a long time (I think the last was Gmail) I’ve found something free that was totally enjoyable. Thanks!

    Congratulations and keep up the good work. I hope the WordPress team’s resolution for 2007 is to come up with more exciting developments for all the users.

    I can’t believe I’m such a selfish schmuck.


  22. managerialimpact

    I’m glad to be a new member of the WordPress club! Thanks for all of your great work on our behalf.


  23. Jeff Ventura

    Nice job guys. I’m far happier here at than I was at Blogger. First month, ~65K hits. I’m not complaining at all.

    Keep up the good work, and here’s to a happy 2007.

    Graceful Flavor


  24. Brad

    You know, some people may actually have the Garland theme before WordPress removed it. I hope you only gave people who already have it a ten day chance to switch. I mean, it would look pretty nasty with a whole bunch of missing graphics, wouldn’t it?


  25. tobeme

    Thanks for all of the efforts to make WordPress the place to be!


  26. adrian boioglu

    i blog since december and wordpress excedeed my expectations. thank you


  27. Naoko Kensaku

    Thanks a lot, guys!


  28. Nicholas


    You should probably remove the following from the end of your post:

    December stats: […] switched themes 359k times (even though we didn’t add any new themes!), […]




  29. Vi

    Great job! Hope this progress continues throughout 2007! 🙂


  30. axewielderx

    Yep ,looks like most of us were quite busy last month!


  31. Cengiz Ç.

    Successful month for wordpress!
    but Matt 🙂
    “Where is snap preview in my blog? “


  32. drmike

    I would love to know who switched their theme the most. 🙂


  33. Helton

    Wooow! Fantastic! great Job!


  34. NAyK

    The best update I think was the ability to switch blogstats between multiple blogs. A real help. I hope this feature will extend to other dashboard/preferences settings. Thanks for all the work you’re putting in.


  35. Toby Getsch

    Thanks. Keep up the good work and progress. The monthly wrapups help show what you’ve done recently and help me show others that progress is made, which greatly helps in recruiting new bloggers or recruiting them to use WP. Nice work!


  36. Anne

    I didn’t blog anywhere else and am increasingly happy I opted for WP. You guys rock.


  37. techaddress

    That is absolutely impressive, keep it up!


  38. Shae

    Wow! I’m uber late, but here’s to a great year ahead 😉 thank you for WP, Matt!


  39. davidbdale

    I’d like to toot your horn for you, too! I love this place and couldn’t be happier my username somehow went inactive at blogster. I’m just starting my fourth month of blogging and can’t thank you enough for being such congenial hosts!

    Now, if only I could learn a little bit of html, I’d be a better guest.


  40. catherineneal2006

    Thanks for making writing about things I love so easy! Keep up the great work:)
    I look forward to watching WordPress become better in 2007.


  41. Laster

    Cool stuff guys! Thanks for all the work you do! Happy 2007


  42. uneditedmara

    Yey to the WordPress wizards behind the curtains! Yey to actually listening to people’s suggestions! Yey to another year of great blogging!


  43. timethief

    Thanks for being so responsive to blogger request. As I have multiple blogs I found this feature to be a real boon – made it so you can switch blogs in your stats. 😀


  44. belindaschneider

    well done! and i just noticed, that jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt files can now be uploaded. it just get’s better and better!


  45. jerjer

    THANKS for all that hard work !!


  46. Nicola

    WOW – I took advantage of one of the Christmas themes – all I need to do now is work out which one to replace it with – unless of course you guys have any more hidden up your sleeve?


  47. girlfriday

    Thanks for making blogging so much fun. So attractive. So easy to do.
    And, even though I haven’t blogged *anywhere else* … it’s a great place to bring my friends 🙂


  48. thenaturalist

    Why did you remove Garland? that’s the first one of your 3 column themes I liked.


  49. thenaturalist

    P.S. I forgot to tell you how much I like Word Press. Thanks for being so efficient and innovative!


  50. Brent

    Every month there is always so much. You must be busy Matt. Well, keep it up because WordPress is the best, but it just keeps getting better and better.

    I want to thank you for your hard work, and for the awesome service you provide. I also want to congratulate you for all the success you have seen this past year. Way to go!



  51. Rizwan

    I wonder whats in store for 2007 .. Nice job done!!


  52. livingjourney

    As usual WordPress has done a wonderful job of making our blogging easy, user friendly and fun.

    Well done guys 🙂



  53. Bruno

    Great !



  54. madelynewyear

    Thanks a bunch for working so hard to make WordPress the best it can be! Happy New Years! ^_^


  55. simonesu

    Nice and neat====> well done and Happy 2007


  56. americanuck

    Yay WordPress!! Thanks for all your hard work!


  57. carocat

    3553 support requests. You guys were definitely busy.

    I like the amount of new themes you’ve introduced. Hope there are many more soon. 🙂


  58. fracas

    And bajillions of us out here appreciate all that stuff so much we have to contain ourselves from behaving like seven year olds and running off to all the other blog places and spamming everyone with “nya nya my blog host is better than your blog host” posts.

    Seriously though… good job!


  59. blayde

    1 million comments, half of em here, lol. Thanks for all the stuff anyway 🙂


  60. alejna

    A very impressive summary! Thanks for all the cool features, and for your hard work in making them available to us.


  61. Stephen

    Garland is being removed? Why? I like the font selection of this particular theme, plus the three-column layout is nice. Does this mean I need to change my blog’s theme?


  62. ish

    December was a good month for us users too,the Sonific Songspot and the faster dashboards are most welcome.The new themes were good as well.


  63. plubius

    WordPress Pride =)

    Happy new year!


  64. blogscapes

    Great job, guys! I’m glad I discovered WordPress as a newcomer to blogging as I see experienced bloggers making the move to WordPress! I’ve just introduced WordPress to another novice blogger, so there’s now one more WordPress user in the world! Cheers


  65. Erythro

    Would it be possible to know which was the most popular post of the year ? across every single blog ?


  66. intlxpatr

    More and more bloggers are leaving annoying other hosting services and coming to WordPress. Well done! You really care, you give great customer support, and you just keep getting better. Well done! And Akismet keeps us from embarrassing and irrelevant comments selling “services”. Many many thanks.


  67. mirthe

    What’s going on with the Kubrick theme?


  68. Jamie

    I too would like to know why you’ve removed Garland. I’ve been begging for a 3-column theme like this and now that you finally have one I like you’re removing it? Get rid of one of the crappy ones instead! 😦


  69. Stuart

    Wow, those are some pretty hefty stats!
    Good going guys – who said php couldn’t scale?


  70. Jim

    I for one appreciate the fact that WordPress is so much more reliable than the old blog service I used to use (Blogger). Thanks for being competent!


  71. L

    What do you mean “removed Garland”? I’m using it now. Is it going to suddenly disappear one of these days?


  72. kimmi8



  73. dresramblings

    Here’s to some more inovations for the New Year!


  74. sw33tie916

    Thats awesome! Love it all.. ^_^


  75. aawaj

    Great 🙂


  76. Dino

    You guys are busy..


  77. Jen

    You guys rock!!


  78. devildog6771

    Great job guys. May the coming year bring you continued success. I do miss the stats graph, though, lol!


  79. pakosuperstar

    long life to wordpress


  80. christianactionnetwork

    Thanks for everything. We really enjoy using wordpress, Keep up the good work.


  81. photographerno1

    a month
    two weeks in
    a burning coal
    a pictorial ember
    a blog from buzznet
    word pressed
    new member


  82. bringingtheruckus

    Recently moved to WordPress from Blogger and its been fun learning . Thanks for helping me to discover Sonific-it rocks.


  83. Brad

    It’s obvious now that just because Blogger is from Google (the search giant, duh) doesn’t mean that they are the best. I mean, just look at WordPress: the community, the atmosphere… everything is totally! Have a great 2007. My friends have switched from other platforms. I myself have tried b2extension, Blogger, and TypePad, but they are thousands of miles behind what’s WordPress. And by the way, Sonific is totally awesome.


  84. emoat

    I know i account for some of those stats listed, thanks for the great work WP!


  85. Artie Wayne

    Thanks Guys…When Sebastian Prooth convinced me that I should have a blog and set me up with WordPress six months ago, I never thought it would be so easy or I’d have so much fun! My mind is clear and free to concentrate on interesting content to keep people coming back.

    I never thought I’d get 200,000 hits so quickly!

    Happy New Year, Artie Wayne On The Web


  86. Milla

    Very very well done. You guys are true proffesionals! It’s great to be here. 🙂


  87. itsmeritesh

    i really have to commend you people for such a wonderful service. I have even asked many people to start using wordpress and they have 🙂 some even switched from blogger and livejournal . kudos kudos


  88. cylithria

    Looks great! Keep up the outstanding work folks 🙂 It is appreciated


  89. tovfreka8

    As a new comer I’m looking toward a good relationship.


  90. tovfreka8

    I’m eager to learn more about the blog


  91. tovfreka8

    I like what I see in the above comments


  92. paralleldivergence

    To Matt and the theam, a heartfelt thank you for all you do!


  93. turmalina

    good job


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  95. danski

    Seriously, you guys at WordPress rocks. Love the typography, the clean sparky themes, and much more reliable than those at Blogger. Good job.


  96. compartments

    Yeah, what they said. I joined only 6 months ago and can’t believe all the changes you’ve been making in such a short time. Keep up the good work, and keep the themes coming too.


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