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Don’t call it a beta! This is the fourth version of the Blogger-to-WordPress blog migration tool. Does anyone else remember the original procedure with all of the settings and template changes? Ouch.

Thanks to the magic of Google APIs, the new importer works without modifying your New Blogger blog. If you haven’t upgraded your Blogger account yet, hop to it! Then you can copy your posts, comments and categories from Blogger into WordPress.

For blogs with multiple authors, it lets you assign each author’s posts to anyone registered on your WordPress blog. I put it through many tests and now it’s your turn. If you run into trouble, click the Feedback link in your admin pages and we’ll take a look. Just don’t tell us it’s too hard to use:

Blogger-WordPress Importer screenshot

You’ll find it in the same old place: go to your dashboard, then click Manage, Import, Blogger. This new Blogger migration tool will also be included in the core WordPress package, most likely version 2.2.

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  1. ocanto

    Definitely great.
    Good job!


  2. hailgautam

    Remember remember 5th of November – that’s what your mustache reminds. jokes apart, i am able to maintain 2 identical blogs with the same name on both blogger and wordpress.

    but one doubt – how does the wordpress know what is my login id and password for blogger? i never provided with that when i registered, but every time i press the button i get to see google asking whether i want to allow word press to import from blogger?

    by the way it would be great to export to blogger as well. i think a tool can be developed on it.


  3. You Know Me

    Thanks Lash. Importing was a breeze. I have had no regrets about moving to Worppress, but the new import function reinforces the wisdom of my decision.



  4. simonesu

    guess that what we want to work for its 🙂


  5. mel

    yay. everyone should switch to wordpress like I did. Go Andy!


  6. girishm

    Thanks Andy!! I was waiting for this feature for a long long time, and now I have happily moved my blog from blogspot to wordpress!!


  7. Mr. R

    It’s something we were waiting for a very long time with the new Blogger. Thanks!


  8. tilon

    Gracias amigo!


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  11. Mark

    Well it was nice being able to import my blog posts. A Few warnings:

    1. Unless you use blogger for comments, they won’t be pulled in.
    2. If you have comments in your code you may have issues importing.
    a. I had technorati tags at the bottom of my posts, they were hidden by comment tags, the import hosed the comment wrap causing page display issues.
    b. comment code at the bottom of a post seems to hose display of the entire page. Once removed it’s o.k.
    3. span tags for spellchecking are still present after import. A way to remove them would be nice, although not a big deal.


  12. Vila H.

    Damn, that was easy! Thank you so much! 🙂


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  14. clubpenguin98

    Cool, even though i’m never gonna use it! 😆
    P.S. could you make it so you can put smily central smilys in a comments cause I whould like that alot!


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  16. kyjurisdoctor

    What are the advantages of importing from blogger to wordpress, and why should I do it? Also, is this the site that pays you for writing blogs?


  17. spvn

    Worked like a charm for me 🙂 Imported my 100+ posts to here without a single hiccup.

    Thanks guys


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  19. faberdriel

    My God! The Magic Button! I love it!


  20. yournotes

    This thing simply works. It imported the title, body, tags, images and hyperlinks.

    It’s kinda like local number portability – I’ll switch to your service if you can transfer my phone number.

    It’s great.


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  22. jvh2171

    Maybe I am to dumb but I don’t know howto migrate from the New Blogger into WordPress… I don’t understand the info…


  23. Mark

    Forgot to say that I had imported almost 1000 posts from blogger. Editing the comment code was a nightmare (so remove it first!), but the import was good.


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  26. ronaldl79

    Does this apply to FTP published blogs using Blogger as well? If so, I’ve attempted an import, and it failed. It sees the blogs, but prompts if I’ve already imported them.


  27. dimwittedmusings

    Ah great! I have a more personal blog I’d be interested in transferring over. I guess I’ll have to make another WordPress account since I want them to be 2 separate blogs? Either way- GREAT JOB! Love WordPress!


  28. woollybutt

    Brilliant. I only discovered WordPress today (on recommendation of knowledgeable friend) and now I can bring some of my old stuff with me. Need to have a bit more of a look around here (so much to see), but from what I’ve already seen, I’ll be blogging here from now on.

    Cheers 🙂



  29. gamerconor

    Is that moustache real??lol


  30. chennien

    Thank you very much! ^^


  31. llyod

    Just want to ask, if this features is already available?


  32. jasonok6

    Seeing as how 2.1 is the current release and this will not be available until release 2.2 is their a way to download the tool for those of us using 2.1? That would be rad.


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  34. trine

    Just moved my whole good food blog from Blogger, and it was transferred perfectly. So easy! Thank you very much.


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  36. eagleflight95

    Andy, I have a new independently hosted blog that I’d like to import my Blogger blog into. Can I get this file and drop it into my wp-admin import directory file and have it work in WP 2.1.2 to import my old blog?

    You can reach me at




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  38. Michael

    I am desperate to move over to WordPress too. My Blog was labeled a “Spam Blog” by the Blogger, “This blog has been locked by Blogger’s spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts”. They don’t use a human to check the site before locking you out. I’m so frustrated and angry at their arrogances, so I’m moving to I’ve signed up an account, I sent to “Manage”-> “Import”, and clicked Authorize. At blogger’s side, I clicked “Grant Access”, and then when it went back to wordpress, it said: “Trouble signing in. We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.”

    Does anybody what went wrong? I tried several times and none worked. Please, I’m desperate!!!



  39. toolfarm

    Hello, I have a blog on the new blogger and I’d love to move it over to WordPress. I was given this link:

    I don’t have the option to import Blogger, only Old Blogger. I’ve updated WP to 2.1.2 Here is a screen shot of my import page:

    I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong! In the end, I would like to replace the main blog at (currently Blogger) with the WP blog. Is this the problem? I’ve installed WP in another directory, so as not to ovewrite my existing site. I wanted to make sure everything was moving right before I move the directory. Is this a bad way to do this? Should I just install WP in my main directory?


  40. toolfarm

    okay, I’ve discovered the problem. My blog isn’t hosted at

    So, I’m trying this workaround… republishing the blog at blogspot, importing to a account and then importing to my domain. Anyone have any experience with this? I’m getting an error message trying to import to

    I’m getting really frustrated. I know you engineers work hard and everything… I just want it all 😉


  41. stshores24

    It only imports 100 or so posts and then craps out for me. Am I doing something wrong?


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  44. lilnigsta

    As far as I’m aware. Those of us providing our own hosting (I’m using cannot use this New Blogger import tool. Which is sad, as I am in need of it…


  45. lilnigsta

    …Looks like this guy has a solution for us, in the form of a plugin.


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  49. niltiac

    I am one of those people who has a self-hosted blog, rather than a blog. However, I figured out a way to do this and it worked like a charm.

    First I created a blog on (hey, it’s free). Then I went to Manage > Import and imported my blog from New Blogger. Then I went to Manager > Export and created a WordPress export file. Then I went to the admin page of my self-hosted domain and imported the WordPress export file.

    It took five minutes and it worked beautifully. Sure, I now have a blog name registered but I can always delete that, or whatever.


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  51. fotovat
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