You can now use your blog as an OpenID.

Are you fed up with having to remember dozens of usernames and password? Does the idea of creating yet another account on yet another site leave you cold?

OpenID is a new standard that hopes to alleviate some of the pain, and we’ve just made it available to everyone who has a blog. This means you can sign in to a growing number of sites using your existing account.

You can learn more about this feature in our OpenID FAQ. Your OpenID is simply the URL of your blog; try it out at Jyte, or Zooomr.

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  2. Jon

    Nice, but it’d be even better if I could log in with an OpenID account. I already have one at MyOpenID; I’d love to be able to merge it with my one.


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  5. ish

    It works with Imageshack,LiveJournal and Technorati too.That’s good news.


  6. michaeljosh

    Thanks. Another reason to love WP!


  7. KeroSen



  8. clubpenguin98

    cool but I just have the same password on everything so it doesn’t really matter to me lol!!


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  11. rjlight

    I’m all for my brain not having to store any extra info. now if I could only remember my blog’s URL… thanks…


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  15. anukows

    its wonderful


  16. jef

    Why do people have to keep a lot of passwords? I only have three passwords…and these worked for me.


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  18. Ranjith Wijewardene

    I just had to thank you guys. I can’t even find words to describe how amazing you guys are. 🙂


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  20. ramoody5



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  24. DulceDiana

    Always helpful. Thanks!


  25. geonautika

    That’s really cool. I know you’re going to provide this option eventually, but now is very good.


  26. Joey

    No longer do I need to teach each of my 5,000 grandkids, before they reach the age of 4 and before they ever reach for a keyboard, to pick a very strange and unique name. A name which they can use as a unique login ID wherever they surf! 😉 My future great grandkids thank you too — I’m a bad teacher;)


  27. Morteza

    Thanks, it’s great.


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  30. demizarvos

    this is so cool! i love that i dont have to remember dozens of passwords!


  31. sanik

    finally !


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  35. wholeshebang

    Much rather have my I.D. in the hands of WordPress than in the hands of Microsoft.

    I haven’t had a passport since I got rid of totally sucky MSN email. I couldn’t log in half the time anyway, and they invented the darn thing!


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  38. E@zyVG

    Really nice feature … hope OpenID will do good.


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  41. Rahul

    Thanks to Matt,Simon & the WordPress team.
    User friendly and innovative application.
    Cheers 🙂


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  43. tonll

    OMG YAY. no more irritating “prove you are human” antispam-ness whenever i comment on livejournal. THANKYOO.THANKYOO.THANKYOO.


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  47. mepath

    Excellent news. Another OpenID for me to choose from. Must choose which to stick with soon or I’ll be suffering multiple personality disorder.


  48. johnflaw

    fantastic news ………..jus love it…………!!!!!!!!!!! thanks


  49. emoat



  50. obliterated

    Yay. Always a headache for me! Thanks!


  51. Justen Stepka

    OpenID Trumps SAML and Liberty Alliance

    I feel bad for the folks who have put all of their effort into the SAML and Libery Alliance specifications. After years of efforts there is little to show for the protocol beyond expensive vendors who rendered the specification useless.
    The only possib…


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  53. gtid50

    i am so new to this wow!


  54. effusion

    At least WordPress would do its utmost to prevent any funny business, I believe; there’s some out there. In checking out one OpenID option yesterday, I believe that I happened upon a game promotion exploit.

    From a list of OpenID options I navigated to It seemed easy enough to try it out, so I came up with a name for the URL and a password, and submitted an email address. Later, out of curiosity, I clicked on the Get My Yadis File link, not even knowing what such a file is. A download occurred; it was entitled my name from the URL for my account. When I opened the download, a game, 4 IN A ROW (from FREEVERSE), opened. I’ve trashed it. Anyone doubting that the download occurs can go to, come up the registration data, click on the link, and find out.


  55. Steph

    Nice, but I have to say I’m starting to be confused about all the places I can have an OpenID…


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  57. theburkettcollection

    Having just started my blog and two others I would welcome this change. Thanks wordpress. I was actually referred to you guys by one of the founders of He uses you guys for his blogs.


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  60. Jak

    thanks again.


  61. Vish

    Some response to OpenID criticism.. FYI to those more technically inclined.


  62. soltys

    nice idea


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  65. twqq



  66. danur

    nice, tanks.


  67. endruz

    its a wonderfull simon, thanks..


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  70. skablifrisk

    Here follows another tip for keeping track of passwords, taking into account that you have a good firewall and no trojan horses sneaking around. If you are an Outlook user and still not figured out what to use your “Notes” application for, how about using it to keep track of “dozens of usernames and passwords”. Then again, OpenID is probably your safest choice.


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  74. Narhval

    that’s great, however it would be nicer if we could log into from our own openid, since you disabled the SSL


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  77. brainwashed

    IMHO Diego Ferreyra is 100% right with his statement.


  78. julymoon

    This is wonderful!


  79. blainegarrett1

    You can also use your openid now to sign in to’s news portal.

    It is great to see that wordpress is offering openids. There are only a handful of providers out there including AOL (already have one if you have an AOL SN) and MyOpenId. Great job WordPress Team!


  80. blainegarrett1
  81. shimmershade

    To be fair and not leave a misimpression, the gaming promotion exploit in Get My Yadis File at was soon removed; it was merely another case of opportunists encroaching, I figure.

    OpenID enthusiasm is way out ahead of OpenID functionality. I’ve experimented with three OpenIDs, one of them from, and my log in success rate is not high. Others are having similar experiences. Perhaps it’s best that attempting users not invest too much trust and effort into OpenID until some of the technical issues are resolved. has some interesting posts, although much of what is said is over my head.


  82. EasyFlower

    Livejournal at last. Reaaaally keeewwwll! Thanks!


  83. sheedo

    awsome! thanks!


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  85. shivansh



  86. motherb

    i like this


  87. c00l2sv

    Whats the WordPress Bounty? Are we on the top as everytime? 🙂


  88. coolastroman

    This is wonderful ! keep it up !


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  90. Ruben B



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