April Wrap-up

I almost forgot, but here’s a wrap-up of April’s features and stats.

We had some fun features launch:

April stats: 108k blogs, 121k users, switched themes 570,847 times, 1.58 million posts (136k via XML-RPC), 578k pages created, 2 million comments, 4,056 support requests, 783k file uploads, and 186 million pageviews. (Not counting admin section, images, CSS, RSS feeds, etc.)

According to Quantcast we’re the 40th most popular site in the US and Alexa now puts us in the top 100. Whew! Thanks guys. 🙂

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  1. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Ha… That stats given look great, Matt 🙂 Thank you for all of your attempts and supports.

    Have a good day..

    PS. Is it 4.30am there? Earlyyyyyyy morning!


  2. intlxpatr

    It is a pleasure working with WordPress. No wonder so many people are switching! Thank you for making life easier for us. All we needed was a good tool!


  3. photoallan

    Those stats also include self-hosted standalone WordPress Blog / Websites?

    That’s a very good figure considering WP’s entry into the Blogging arena. The Open Source movement really clicked its way. The only thing I’m much eager to know about, is how far can WP actually go? Each month it brings in something amazing as a plug-in, making things much easier. Allt his for Free!

    Its amazing!


  4. riyaz

    WP is really great with it’s awesome CMS, but i personally feel lack of javascript support restricts us from using some external sites services also it forces the WP to give that features in some other form ( also it’s increasing the WP feature list :-))


  5. mysimsreality

    Thank you WordPress! 😀


  6. cheezburger

    So when does myspace buy you out… lolz… photobucket, then wordpress, then the world!


  7. Taufiq

    Congratulations WordPress! You guys have the best free blogging service I have ever used. 🙂


  8. ibrahimdemir

    Matt this month was wonderful and made us feel better after March 🙂

    Nice to see such good developers and hardworking people.

    Thanks and greetings fly to all WordPress Team.


  9. katm

    A great month overall Matt. I loved the stats on April 1st. They really woke me up, LOL.

    Keep up the good work!


  10. persfektif

    these are really magnificent stats.
    keep on being with us.



  11. Waterstone

    Kudos for all the excellent updates – keep up the good work guys.


  12. Owen

    Thanks for helping us excel in what we do by excelling in what you do. Bring on May!


  13. Mark Wilson

    Well done!


  14. sungame

    It’s been a good month for making good things better. I especially enjoyed the contact form and the drop downs. I only wish I could have the drop down function for my blog roll as well…


  15. Grace

    A great month. My favorite is the random post. Keep up the good work and continue to surprise us.


  16. whig

    Oh, I missed the new Contact forms until now. Thanks for reminding us. Awesome.


  17. Jennifer

    Terrific work, and thanks for making this a great space to be part of.


  18. whatyamazakireads

    This is a great place to be. I like the features, and the template designs and I’m always grateful for how quickly my support questions have been answered.


  19. charleslemark

    wow.. 40th most popular website in US.. congrats guys!


  20. G

    April… A great days!
    Continue the great work!


  21. sumne

    Thanks Matt.. really wordpress has been the best blogging environment I have ever used..
    You guys rock !!


  22. Sha

    Thanks for everything 🙂 WordPress makes blogging really easy, not complicated like some other sites I’ve tried.


  23. Sienna Wildfield

    We added a few of Aprils new features to our site. SLIDESHOW – The slideshow feature was the perfect tool for us to share pictures from the Brooklyn Hootenanny with our readers. CONTACT FORM – And the contact form was a brilliant idea. While we offer our readers ways to contact us directly, it’s nice an easy for them if there is a contact form to fill out rather than having to login to an email account. CLOUD – With a gazillion tags, the cloud feature is a nice way to display only a few top notch categories for our site. YOUTUBE – I know the html text wasn’t introduced in April, we be first used it then and have added a few videos too. – THANK YOU. Really enjoying your service! Thanks for offering such top notch features and service.


  24. redneckarts

    a fine press, a fine crew. thanks.


  25. syahid ali

    wordpress.com is amazingly simple to use. love the stats feature!


  26. Mark

    Just love the stats plugin, thanks.


  27. joey chong

    great to be with wordpress


  28. joey chong

    oh, forgot to mention tat wordpress is getting cooler and cooler 🙂 absolutely love wordpress


  29. Davis

    Nice to know about that… WordPress is amazing! 😉


  30. totaltrust

    As always, WordPress makes it wonderful to blog — thanks for everything you do!



  31. agentnumber24

    Hey, that’s cool, Matt!


  32. Anita Marie

    It’s been a great month and thank you for the new ‘desk toys’.

    Keeping it Odd and Macabre


  33. Louisa

    Who doesn’t love WordPress?! Are you sure you’re only at 40th?
    Well done guys 🙂


  34. 1ofHis

    You’re very busy and creative. Thanks for your hard work.


  35. dorine

    As always I’m content with WordPress and its tools – keep the good work up! Looking forward to any new stuff in May!


  36. Caino

    ok, then add google analytics 😀


  37. Mocha!

    Nice one! Thanks for the update. Still loving blogger now that I am celebrating my first anniversary.


  38. Andrew

    “bounch randomly round your site” – now that sounds like much fun!
    Congrats on this, the other new features, and the increasingly impressive numbers.


  39. lemmonsaid

    WordPress is awesome. Thanks for the BOX.net widget!


  40. Farrell Kramer

    Great month. Thanks for all the effort. I created my wordpress.com blog so I could just go ahead and blog and not worry about software. It’s a pleasure to use!


  41. Lauren

    Genius and fame. It’s all we ask….


  42. alamster

    wow, strategic and convincing

    good work guys


  43. Budi Rahardjo

    One thing I noticed is that my writings at wordpress.com are indexed faster by google than writings in my other blogs. WordPress.com is the easiest, cleanest, fastest blog services on Earth. (I have many, and I mean MANY, blogs. Trust me on this.) You guys are the best.


  44. lixsley

    40th? You guys should be higher than that! Seriously, WP is waaaaayyyyyy awesome! =) keep up the great work!


  45. Josh

    Decent work guys, keep it up.


  46. loudada



  47. photographerno1

    All roads , even cul de sacs lead to Word Press..Congrats Guys.


  48. rjlight

    THaNkS! YOU’re SuPEr!


  49. anas

    Yeah, never feel wonder of that things, wordpress is very Interesting to try and learn.


  50. alicia5

    Gracias, im trying to use all the benefits!!!


  51. Brent

    Great work!

    I say we bring back theme Friday. I miss that.


  52. jsbandura

    Yeah, you guys do a fantastic job. WordPress is by far the best blog tool on the web… IMO.


  53. hamlethamster

    Word-X-Press works like Quark-X-Press; however, completely different and that might be the key to its tremendous success! Personally me, I am a typical wordpress guy that does not need to be X-rated in an X-calliburated way at all. X-cuse me, that was meant to be a comment in order to be a comment.


  54. arshat chaudhary

    Top 100? wow thts amazing!


  55. Brian Purkiss

    According to Quantcast we’re the 40th most popular site in the US and Alexa now puts us in the top 100. Whew! Thanks guys.


    WordPress ROCKS!
    Thanks so much y’all!!!

    Oh, btw, I just uploaded WordPress 2.1 (wordpress.org) to a new blog of mine – and it’s AWESOME!!! Thanks!!!


  56. robyn

    I continue to enjoy my time in the WP community! Right On!!


  57. whirlybird123

    Cool! I totally agree with your opinion! Catch ya later!


  58. ChenZhen

    Nice work guys!


  59. disembedded

    This all sounds good. It should be mentioned that major, major issues occurred during the month. Unexpected server downtime, some due to WP administrative errors, huge problems with widgets, problems with editing and posting during the month, as well as concerns about WP administration inattentiveness to users’ frustrations about those and other problems. And as of today, if you read the forums, you can see that some of these same problems persist.


  60. -BoRiS-

    WOW!! Congratulations for all for Top100!


  61. podcastjunky

    Don’t thank us 🙂 You’re the team that make WordPress what it is… great!

    Thanks to everyone and kind regards


  62. Truth Origins

    Indeed it is proof that WordPress is far and away the best blogging platform around and blogging (still!) shows no sign of slowing down in the near future which is great.


  63. flowerchild

    i’ve been using WP for around 3 weeks not..and I’m LOVIN IT 😛
    you guys rock ! 😀


  64. 1ofHis

    Very impressive!


  65. Gloria Hopkins

    I will add my thanks. I’ve had nothing but wonderful, positive experiences, with the best support ever.

    WordPress is GREAT!


  66. rohan quinby

    Great to see that things are constantly improving. My only hope is that you will find a way to improve the analytics available to the individual blogger. As they are now, they leave much to be desired.


  67. bigcrow

    Matt, please add technorati widget, it’s cool 🙂


  68. rowjie

    Nice. I am enjoying my stay here in WordPress. More and more are using WordPress here in the Philippines. Keep up the good work! I hope WordPress would be able to support Javascript and object such as Flash files soon!


  69. empressmaruja

    Congratulations, amigas…er, I mean, amigos!


  70. Putera Emas

    Congrat WordPress.com! My http://wordpress.simplysiti.com reach more than 1,000,000 hits a few days ago. Thank WordPress.


  71. merylspider

    I’m one of those who changed to WP in april….and I just wanted to say thanks, you guys make it all easier and nicer. Thanks for your work


  72. abu ameerah

    April has been quite a productive month at WordPress!


  73. natanzuelo

    So awesome!!


  74. outime

    Keep up the good work! Spanish forum works great for all Spanish users. WordPress.com is the best place for bloggers.


  75. Calvin

    Wow, great stats! Congrats and thanks for all the hard work.


  76. Ranjith Wijewardene

    Excellent!!! Congratulations!!! and a round of applause for WordPress!


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  78. sams4n

    Congratulations Guyz!


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  80. herbiee



  81. internettes

    the clouds and drop downs are the best!


  82. rebec143



  83. Daniel Trezub

    Talking about themes, I’d love to see a “theme preview”. See how MY BLOG would like with specific themes. Maybe this lack of a preview be the reason to so many theme changes, uh?

    Thanks for WP! Keep up the goog job, guys!


  84. moraie

    Thanks for the hard work.

    By the way, you’ve got an h in the word bounce that you probably want to remove.


  85. luvring

    🙂 I’m new @ wordpress. Great to be here! Discover quite a lot of useful features! Thanks!


  86. Didier

    I know there are many features that wordpress offers.

    I wish to make use of them all soon!


  87. vnetjean22

    This is my first try. I heard about blog in Good Morning America this morning. who ever has a suggestion on how to use it let me know. Thank you in advance.


  88. wonderella

    I just started blogging in April, and I’m so happy I chose WordPress! Very easy to navigate – I was up and running in no time! Thanks!


  89. yongsheng

    wordpress DESERVED it. 🙂 keep up the good job


  90. Vo_Thuong

    thanks you so much, I think it wonderful….


  91. Angeleyes

    Btw, Thanks for installing the new Advanced Toolbar too!!!
    I simply love it!!!!


  92. bakhit



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  94. gossipshow

    I love WordPress!


  95. vejay

    WordPress is a great blog.


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  97. Salil

    Well I just revived my WP blog after a hiatus and i must say that things are looking sunnier already….please also include a “mail this” link after every post….it makes it easier for readers to make their friends read stuff posted on the blog too in an easy way!


  98. pravinash1

    Thanks. Good work WordPress.


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