Retiring Feed Stats

I would like to open with a quote about roses:

Pruning is an important and necessary step in growing roses. Pruning keeps the plant healthy. It promotes new growth, removes dead, broken or diseased canes and trains roses to a desired shape. Pruning encourages flowering, either more blooms or larger blooms, and is essential to keep modern rose varieties blooming repeatedly all summer long.

As important to us to be constantly adding new features and functionality for you guys, sometimes we have to retire or prune things that just didn’t work out or that we don’t have time to focus on right now.

So today we bid farewell to our good friend Feed Stats, which tried to tell you how many subscribers you had to your blog and what software they used. However it never grew out of that awkward teenager stage, and wasn’t used very frequently.

The code isn’t dead, just taking a break. Perhaps someday feed stats will return, but when they do we hope to do a much better job of collecting and presenting the data.

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  1. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Agreed! I personally do not use the Feed Stats option much. Once in awhile.

    Thanks Matt and the team!


  2. walnotes

    I was just getting into them in the past couple of days. Then today they were gone. I thought maybe it was a trial phase with a big “I fool you!” at the end. Thanks for letting us know you took them away.


  3. Oldtimer

    Hmmm I never did figure out what my “real” viewers were. Sometimes my “estimated” feed viewers were much higher than the total viewers listed on my blog stats, like 5 to 1. Other times, like one of my blogs today shows 2 posts with 1 view each (no other posts mentioned) but 38 viewers on the blog stats chart.

    When I first started a few months ago, it seemed as if the feed stats and the views were counted together in the blog stat charts. Then they became somewhat disconnected and suddenly the blog chart fell to almost nothing and the feed stats went way up a couple of weekends ago. Now suddenly I have high charts but relatively low views in the top posts category on one of my blogs, about normal on the others.

    Anybody know what is going on? Nothing quite adds up. Not quite complaining, ’cause some data is better than none. IOW just asking.

    I know at least one blogger that went back to another blog host because he was convinced that the big G search engine was associated with it and wasn’t giving him the traffic he thought he should get here.

    I’m not traffic driven. What matters to me about the stats is knowing what turns my readers on so I can give them a better meal.



  4. Sanix

    Hmm .. The feed stats could have been much better and it can be of good use to the users too but as you say, it may return out of its teenage stages sometime in the future, I will be looking forward to it.


  5. raincoaster

    I admit, this was something I didn’t really use at all. I noted changes and trends, but other than that, it was kind of meh. Some people are certainly wigging out, though.


  6. pollyann

    Boo Hoo!


  7. thelocomono

    I thought this was a pretty good way to measure peformance of feeds, it was just a generic tool. The second part where it shows were the feed were coming from, that had to go. It was useful as a doorstop.

    So as one who like to measure my peformance via feeds, what alternatives do you recommend? I currently can measure my feed at Feedburner but it is not as nice as yours.


  8. The-XFacta

    This is an outrage……. ‘Hey call my lawyer!’


  9. Victor

    Aww, I was wondering where it had gone to…


  10. Jessica Lynn

    aww….the feed stats always made me feel better if nobody read my blog….ah well


  11. briosafreak

    I used it all the time, gave me a pretty good idea of the feed stats. Why cut it?


  12. secondchancetolive

    Hmm. I am confused. And blog stats are more reliable? What do they count as opposed to feed reader stats? I believe it is important that staff define what and how blog stats are counted at WordPress. Then letters, you could make a point concerning reliability. I am not sure why feed reader stats were not reliable, since both blog stats and feed stats are both a guesstamat of who comes to our sites.

    I think what is important Matt is that you define what Blog Stats are actually counting, because compared to other stat counters, they are questionable. Therefore both the blog stats and feed stats were just a indicator that people were visiting our blogs through different mechanisms.

    Clarity Please.


  13. Miguel

    I’ll miss them…


  14. rshevlin

    Perfect or not, please bring it back. I can’t get that data anywhere else. But if it must go, so be it — WordPress is still a great place to blog.


  15. Julio Fragoso

    R.I.P @


  16. Becky Carroll

    Gosh, I used it daily, too! What do I do now for feed stats??


  17. tetoine

    Well, i’ll miss it… but i understand… any alternative ?


  18. fisicomaluco

    Owww I loved that


  19. Toby Getsch

    Good communication. Unfortunate for me, as I liked the data there. But, if it wasn’t accurate or growing with the other services (etc.) then ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Other than comment dealings… I think the feed stats and a continued robust stat reporting is something that is very attractive for WP. Hopefully others will also comment about this and eventually you’ll respond accordingly.


  20. Jason

    That’s a shame. I literally used it all the time. I fell in love with the feature when it was added. In some ways, I thought it helped me determine more reliably how many readers I actually had, since those using feed readers don’t usually visit the site. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to use the more tag in my posts to make sure readers actually stop by. I’ve tried to be feed reader friendly in the past, but that’ll stop.

    Still, two years blogging here and only one bummer moment– that’s not bad.


  21. internetmen

    R.I.P., Feed Stats. mmmmmm


  22. Scentless Apprentice

    This is a bummer. I am just starting to see some interesting patterns. Now I can never have enough data to conclude on the behavior of my feeds.


  23. sylvia

    I really miss it already. Hope you’ll find time to focus on it soon. I’d love to see it back.


  24. rafael00

    Double bummer! I watched them everyday as well! I was never sure what I was looking at, but it was nice to see a big number when my blog stats were low!

    Make it work! Bring it back!


  25. mercenario

    Que importa, gracias wordpresses guys por todo, muack!


  26. Elizabeth

    Oh no, I LOVED my feed stats!


  27. icedmocha

    I hope to see it back some day when it has outgrown its teen angst.


  28. elpolaco

    What if people want to keep track of how many people view their site through feeds? NowI have no way of telling this. Isn’t that useful? Is there another way for me to obtain this information, for those of us who found that useful?


  29. thordora

    I used it all the time as well. Mine was pretty consistant. Please make it an option…?


  30. writerchick

    Wow, I finally learned what they were.


  31. senoritadorkita

    DANG! I


  32. 124c41

    I used to look at this feed statistics sometimes, because many of my readers just read the feed, but the informations wasn’t really useful and expressive in the last implemented state. So I will not miss it. But I expect it to reincarnate some day, and in a much better way, which fits perfectly in the great blogs.


  33. sibbia

    I was wondering where those went! I liked to look at those and compare 😦


  34. alicia5

    Ouch… just when my feeds was growing… jajaja. Ok I´ll be waiting for your news guys!!!. Thanks.


  35. Ken Perrott

    Pity it’s gone – maybe the information wasn’t very good but it was something.
    Still, I look forward to the possibility of a new better version some time.


  36. misseye

    Feed stats is what kept it fun!


  37. TiDeS

    It never gave me enough information.. Hope to see a new avatar of feed stats with more goodies …


  38. Lucila

    I was looking for my feeds page when I read this

    well, if it is for best, why not??


  39. jryanstevens

    I loved feed stats. Shucks. I actually (habitually) clicked in its place and went to the wrong page…

    Any good alternatives?


  40. kaveetaakaul

    awww..but I’d gotten accustomed to gazing at the graph grow!! Had reached 70 or so 😦

    Nyways matt.. taking you up on the ‘Perhaps someday feed stats will return, but when they do we hope to do a much better job of collecting and presenting the data”..

    Bring back oh bring back Oh bring back my feeds to me


  41. baudattitude

    I will miss the feed stats page, too – but I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. Thanks for letting us know why it went away.


  42. Stephen

    Was a good feature. I thought it was a more accurate measure of who reads your blog, versus stumbles upon it… oh well


  43. dpc+

    Are feed stats the same as blog stats? I use(d) blog stats all the time. If they go away I will miss them. I didn’t notice the problems the others mentioned.
    Nevertheless, as another said, “Thanks for the great site…”


  44. Ryan Martin

    I was grateful for the feed stats, and look forward to their return.


  45. writerscabal

    We sad!!! Bring it back!


  46. Kishore

    May be you should replace this with tracking IPs of visitors and/or referrers.. atleast that would give us more ideas on the readership patterns of the blog.

    And though now cliched – you guys rock! 🙂


  47. ajcann

    Bring back feed stats! Removing this valuable feature is a retrograde step!


  48. secondchancetolive

    Please understand that I appreciate all that you do at WordPress, along with all the other staff and support. You all are a tremendous blessing to me. Thank you for all your hard work. I was expressing some frustration with the stats in my previous comment. I do not know how blog stats have more substance than feed stats. They are only relative #’s to the visits, but they are #’s. And some people like to see #’s, like me.

    Have a great day my friend. Thank you again for all the hard work and time that is devoted by You, Mark and all the other people at Word Press. Have a great day.



  49. lbrice

    I am sorry to hear that. It seemed a pretty good tool to me, to know something else about how your blog is faring, so it is a pity. I would have thought that everyone likes to know about the feedback one is getting, so it should be a popular option, as well as the blog stats. In fact, the more info. and segmentation on those things, the better…


  50. Alex

    I’ll take your word for it if it didn’t work properly, but a more useful gauge for my blog than site stats so would be happy to see it back one day.


  51. Ahsan A.

    I liked the Feed Stats… 😦


  52. Zack

    I will mourn the loss of my trusty and foten ego-boosting feed stats page.


  53. hirutmcleod

    I liked the feed stats, found them encouraging. But – I understand, pruning.


  54. ihatemyfuckinglife

    i think my overload of subscribers blew this function to pieces.


  55. syahid ali

    rip feed stats. i hardly knows you well.


  56. jb

    dude, that sucks. I really use the feed stats. Let’s get rid of some of the other weight…. like the SNAP feature and all of the extra stuff you’re going to be adding to the bottom of the posts. I don’t care if somebody sees “related topics”. I do need to know how many subscribers we have.

    But,,, it’s not my baby and if I wanted it to be, I could get off my butt and try to do it on my own…. and I’m too lazy and too busy… oh, and to ignorant of the process to do that. So, I’ll moan a bit and then move on.



  57. dhbradshaw

    I loved that page and will miss it. Still, thanks for keeping it happening here at wordpress.


  58. Uncle Oswald

    i weep.


  59. shortexact

    You’re right, letters. I noticed the same thing. I used to look at it frequently, but was never quite sure what to take away from it.

    Looking forward to whatever new features replace Feed Stats! 🙂


  60. MangledTulip

    gosh, i loved my feed stats.


  61. Susan

    OUCH! Pruning always hurts. Sniff…I will miss it and hope it comes back really soon


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  63. Prateek Saxena

    I used it all the time 😦

    But it cool

    WordPress rocks….


  64. Richmond

    I do not know how to use it actually. Maybe you can post an article about… “The Anatomy and Physiology of WordPress for beginners and less than that”.


  65. angllhugnu2

    I could never determine whether it was the number of “readers” picking up the stats or the number of persons regularly reading the blog……I would imagine those “regular readers” are still there…ya’lll just have not figure out how to present the figures…..I frankly found it fun to watch……..bummers…….


  66. Chris Brennan



  67. anandbora

    Hi, This was a nice feature. I have more feed readers than visitors. Anyways, all good things never last forever. Hope Feed Stats would return will new features and enhanced capabilities.


  68. Chittaranjan

    Bubbye good ‘friend’ feed stats.


  69. Shreedhar

    I loved feed stats. Too bad its gone. I hope that it will come back soon.


  70. natanzuelo

    You’re right… I didn’t use it so much…


  71. Edward

    I loved the feed stats page. Maybe you all could just leave the line chart and forget the bar graph. I found that the line chart was fairly consistent when I posted (versus when I hadn’t posted in a while).


  72. nergalicious

    I used to look at feed stats, but never worked them out. They used to ‘gyrate wildly’ (lovely use of language) and didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I didn’t look too deeply into them. I wish I had now I can’t.


  73. buterscotch


    I like your self-portrait.

    You must be the hottest, most stylish and best looking programmer on the earth!


  74. firefly8868

    I’m majorly bummed.



  75. onemoreoption

    I liked feed stats, even if it probably was mostly fictional


  76. Margarette Rona


    i like that feature. 😦


  77. aliceaudrey

    I love feed stats. I hope they come back soon.


  78. photoallan

    WordPress has been testing Feed Stats for quite a long time. But I wish it had more features, alike or more interesting than what Feedburner does.

    You’ve seen it, known it > just implement it.

    Ah! It has to be behind the scenes?


  79. MrDoubts

    Please bring it back – this gives me some idea of popularity of a post to some extant! I can know how many people are reading my new post!
    Please let it be there.


  80. Алексей Носаченко

    Don’t you think out to create a widget? =)


  81. jihadjoe

    I can’t say I used it very much. Oh well, hopefully a better version is in store for the future.


  82. jeanetteb1

    Awhh!!! I liked it, though I didn’t really understand it. Just like looking at it anyway, knowing that someone was regularly reading my stuff. I just went to use it and found it was gone, so I went hunting to find out why.
    Just thought I’d let you know.


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  85. Henri

    Oh no, those were the peak stats with the highest numbers!


  86. artstage

    oh, shock! I used it almost daily – it was something like a motivation when there where less visitors – but, how exciting! – more feed-suscribers on my side.
    what kind of motivation-tool will you offer know 😉 ?
    of course you’ll have a certain reason for that!
    thanks for the information!


  87. Fernando T.

    ¿Perhaps? ¿someday? 🙄

    Feed stats is a best way to know the fidelity of our readers that blog stats. I don’t understand this measure 😦


  88. arshat chaudhary

    Feed stats is DOWN! I repeat Feed stats is DOWN! Will miss you!


  89. nrsl

    Happy Resting! Meanwhile I miss that page!


  90. Linus

    ^ been using wordpress for a while now, but still didn’t understand it very well. well well.


  91. cato

    as mentioned in the first comment – I used it everyday too. it was one of the excellent features in wp. the hitcount is nada ’cause many readers do use rss to get a quick glance of whats going on.



  92. Kevin

    I am of the opinion that feed stats are a more reliable indicator of how my blog is doing than blog stats. I can understand that perhaps the majority of users rarely used the feature, and that maybe this is why you have made the decision to retire the service. However, I am seriously disappointed by this decision and hope and encourage the team to restore them immediately.


  93. gbert

    i’ll miss my feed stats dearly, i even got more feed readers than my site itself… hopefully it’ll gonna comeback


  94. jorgisimo

    just checking this stuff out….ijah!!!


  95. ulrich

    I miss it. I think the findings of the Feed Stats are more importent than the Blog Stats. Many people who are reading Blogs (like myself) just do this via a rss-feed/-reader like Sage or something else. So the numbers of my subscribers are of bigger interest than readers just saying hello and going away forever.


  96. Vanessa

    I never really understood it either.

    Here’s to a new and improved version down the line.


  97. Isilion

    Well, I didn’t use them frequently, but just because I couldn’t truly understand how they worked. But I always thought that it could be a great feature, if it worked better.


  98. Arjun Narayan

    sad … it was definitely something that I used on a regular basis and yes .. I do agree with ‘letters’ above that the results really used to gyrate making me wonder at times as to what kind of topics I wrote that the subscribers were interested in..but then, later I figured out that the indicators weren’t probably accurate.

    Now, that feed stats is gone, is there any other way I can put an external plug-in to monitor the same results?

    If there ain’t anything, I would seriously want to consider going back to blogger, that is where I came from and from day 1, there has always been something or the other which has made me feel that the decision probably wasn’t alright.


  99. Rade

    Too bad 😦 I liked that page! Hope we’ll see it soon again.


  100. Matt

    Feed stats’ next of kin, blog stats, thank you all for the kind comments and remembrances. Hopefully feed stats’ hiatus will help her rest up and be ready for return within a few months.


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