Theme Wednesday: Redoable Lite

Here’s a smart new theme, a “lite” version of Dean J Robinson’s Redoable:

It features a stylish color scheme, customizable header images, and a sidebar column for widgets. Pages are linked in a menu bar just below the header. To keep things simple we’ve left out some of Redoable’s more advanced options, but kept its essential ingredients intact.

You’ll find it listed on your dashboard’s Presentation menu.

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  1. anas

    Looks good, but i prefer to use a white and light themes. Is there something like that ? 🙂


  2. frances

    cool! thanks!


  3. Trent

    That is a cool theme that I have seen around the web on some great sites! It is really customizable! Great deal!



  4. Pseudonymity


    I love the theme! Thanx alot!! 😉

    I would really love to use the theme but there seems to be a problem with regards to the author’s name under the posts header. When i click the name link (in my case, its pseudonymity, it correctly brings one to my home page BUT if i leave the cursor on the link, the URL on the status bar of the browser shows not only my blog’s URL (which is normal) but also my username.

    In other words, instead of just, it shows username).


  5. kOoLiNuS

    nice (and welcome) addiction to the “classics” pool !


  6. readvitamin

    This is what is the need of the hour, I am going to give it a try…


  7. Kopral Geddoe

    Sweet. More, sire. More… 😛


  8. James

    First new theme in months that I’ve liked enough to use. 🙂

    Problem: If you use a custom image header and turn off the title text, there is no obvious way to get back to the main blog. I’ve fixed this temporarily by putting a link in my sidebar via HTML in a text widget, but this theme should really have a “home” link in the horizontal page list, like K2.


  9. miguelacho13

    I was waiting for a new theme and this is perfect, im gonna prove it!

    tnaks wordpress people!


  10. goldcoaster

    Hey, this is very nice. I might just start using this one.


  11. bovanne

    I really like these dark looking themes. They are perfect for stranger styles of writing. I almost feel like drinking a small cup of tea in some european dadaic bar, or smth like that. 🙂


  12. engtech

    I just put a demo up at


  13. Hans Victor Sitepu

    It’s a quite elegant..

    Cool man..!!


  14. Wengistein

    Ooh another win for the dark themes! I like this one.


  15. Red

    Tried it, hated it. Sorry.
    The colors, yes. They work.
    But all together, as a whole, it just seemed too umm . . jumbled together. Too cluttered. Not too easy on the eyes.


  16. swftoys

    More options! Thanks!


  17. Hafiz Rahman

    Wonderful, this is a beautiful looking theme. One thing I’d like to mention is that, unfortunately, the theme does not contain any custom Page Templates (for Archives, Links Page etc).

    If anyone would like to get the full list of which themes have what Page Templates, I have listed them all here.

    Anyway, congratulations for this sweet addition! I’m using it!


  18. Victor Pencak

    I loved the theme, but there is one bug that should be fixed. When i add a custom header, the header is changed, but a small red line remains. Is there any chance that could be fixed? take a look at my exemple blog:

    thank you


  19. storymode

    One of my acquaintances was using this theme on her blog that was on her own server. I really enjoyed playing around on it, so I think this is a great addition to the mix that you guys have going for layouts! Great choice! ^^ I’ll have to use it myself eventually.


  20. Suluh

    hmmm dark?? not tipe of me… 😦


  21. Alex Shiels

    Victor: That’s the header border. I don’t believe there’s a straightforward way to adjust its colour to match an image. The solution is to use an image that matches the colour scheme.


  22. Victor Pencak

    humm I understand. Thanks anyway.


  23. SAKi Lovre

    Thankyou very much, I love this theme so much.


  24. typingisnotactivism

    Nice!!!! I think that it would be ideal to have a three-column theme where the user can ‘set-and-forget’ the width of the main column, to enable wider photos and cleaner print lines, while still having quick access to all side-column features without the full-page scroll. However – this WP theme may be the closest yet to what i’ve been wanting. Thanx muchly! 😉


  25. Former

    Add another sidebar please!!!


  26. Daiz

    Just in time when I wanted a new theme.. 😀 Will check it out


  27. Chittaranjan


    Dark themes Ruuuleeeee!


  28. Suresh Gundappa

    I think finally I got my design and I am changing my blog design after nearly two years!. my complaints on earlier design were that it had less space on left side and more right side column. Now I got a design which balances right and left well.

    thank you so much for this template and I loved IT!


  29. teen

    Very neat , thanks…



    Nice one!


  31. Adi

    i tried this theme, but.. well, i think is 2 much for me. To mixed 😦


  32. Nanyaar?



  33. Mocha!

    Thanks for the new theme. Can I request more three column themes?

    WP rocks, that’s for sure!


  34. sulz

    i love it when new themes are added, but i thought this looks a little similar to some that are already available in, such as emire, neo-sapien and sunburn.


  35. Fran

    Dark but not attractive enough…


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  37. nicthegeek

    beautiful theme. i love dark themes anyway! think I’ll be using this for some time 🙂


  38. Julio Fragoso

    i love it and i told already, everytime that u guys introduce a theme, i use it !


  39. vjp

    Nice looking theme but what I really need is a 3 column theme with a custom header. Would be nice to see some more of these.


  40. tumel

    I really like this 🙂 thank you for it.


  41. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    Let me try!


  42. Anita Marie

    Hope you’re working on one for Halloween!


  43. freshhell

    Please, no more white type on black backgrounds! They are too hard to read and I never read other people’s when they are white on black. It’s just not worth the eye strain.


  44. aceman

    I like this theme and was looking for something like this that’s not too dark and with a side column wide enough to fit all my crap in.

    Thanks WP guys!


  45. gringo

    a new theme… at last… 😛
    I’m using it right now…


  46. tissbw

    The style is really good, but prefer to use a lighter themes


  47. derivative

    This is sweet guys – thanks for listing in!


  48. grinder

    Absolutely Rocks!!!! \m/


  49. abu ameerah

    Simple…yet interesting. Thanks!


  50. Smallfella

    I love the theme!

    I put it on straight away!



  51. Jerry

    Its a very nice theme … so good to have one after a long time .. 🙂


  52. sobiop

    I like it. No comments in about page.


  53. vitconan

    i luv it 😛


  54. solework

    What’s with all these DARK themes you keep adding??

    We’re not all Anne Rice bloggers.

    I appreciate you guys….really….. but your THEMES need some new creative juice!

    Try keeping things SIMPLE and CLEAN (enabling US to add subtle changes IF we choose).

    I hope my readers focus on my words…not all this “busy stuff” distracting their eyes.

    Less is sometimes best.


  55. superbullus

    not bad…but is a bit agressive for my eye 🙂 sorry about that


  56. walky

    I love it!! it s perfect to me… thank you and God bless u


  57. Courtney Watson

    Lovely but I like a lighter touch. If I cross over into the Dark Side, this is perfect.


  58. Justin

    good stuff


  59. sand1

    It’s looks like it’s too dark and difficult to read. Love the idea of more choices, though. Thanks for making the attempt.


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  61. Neville

    That’s another great theme, WordPress. You guys get better and better….


  62. raptorsworld

    Great theme, When I change my theme I know what one I’ll be using.


  63. sobiop

    Color is good. White, minimalist, majority rule is hard on my eyes and my psyche. Black on white contrast levels vibrate.

    White is not cleaner than black, grey, or red. And it is dull.


  64. poppy8sd

    Whoa. White sans-serif type –on black ground? When I see those I don’t care how much I want to read or what is written: I click off, fast as possible. That combo works for a poster, sorta, if message of only a few words. Way wouldn’t use such eye-strain for a blog.

    How about a theme: beige or pearl-grey ground –or option to choose either?
    Or: entire page in cream color? All serif font, deep black.
    We don’t have those…they would be Very nice, unique…and since wishing is free: I’d like it to have column(s) on the right side(!). (When will it be ready? lol) It’s probably tons of work to load a new theme, so thanks anyway.



  65. adminor

    i like this theme too.


  66. phoenix

    It has nice possibilities for photos. I’ll try it out.


  67. munggur

    It’s a good theme. Anyway, I love the White as a Milk so deep.


  68. seeing

    It’s be nice to have a design that doesn’t waste so much room on top before the content starts. Especially those that are just color on top.


  69. rickisaputra

    another dark theme..
    i ll try it..

    thank you.. bravo!!!


  70. chanux

    My friend seejay will definitely try it 🙂


  71. himanshu

    Looks sleek..


  72. cyclepromo

    Another dark theme. Unfortunately I find it tough on the eyes. Need the white space. To much time reading newspapers in the past.


  73. Sawali Tuhusetya

    Oh, very good. I like it. Thanks. I will use it in my blog.


  74. Innovation Catalyst

    Yeah, it’s ALMOST perfect for me but those red bars that are left after uploading an image have to go.


  75. britishyosef



  76. Unfinished Ceremony

    sade ve zarif bir tema, teşekkürler.


  77. boydie

    This is a nice template, already using it


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