Your WordPress Is In My Facebook

Blogs are one of the ways the Internet has fostered greater communication among people than ever before. Social network sites like Facebook provide a more structured way to keep up with specific people. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mix the two?

With the new Facebook App you can do exactly that.

In this app you’ll find the core blog features you’d expect: publishing posts, adding bookmarks and viewing stats. Beyond that we’ve taken advantage of the social network information that Facebook provides, with a Friends feature that shows you the most recent blog post from each of your Facebook friends that have added the app. Posts you make within the app show up on your WordPress blog here, and vice versa.

Your friends can stay up to date with your recent posts and comments from your blog when you add it your Facebook profile. Doing that will show excerpts from the last five posts and five comments of your blog. These are updated each time a new post or comment is published to your blog.

Last, but certainly not least, posts to your blog will be added to your news and mini-feeds with direct links to your new post and blog. Those may also be shared with your friends depending on privacy settings that you grant the application. This has the potential to drive a ton of traffic to your blog posts from the people you care about most.

Add the Facebook App, share it with your friends, and let us know what you think. We’re new to this, so we’ll be pushing a revision based on your feedback within a week or two.

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  2. vistasucks

    Would be nice to be able to specify display options. eg: user definable post display count. Hide or unhide post comments.


  3. Neil

    Installed it in FB now, would be good to be able to choose how many posts are displayed, and i would rather not have the comments on my profile, just my posts. But great addition that I have been waiting for.


  4. Colin

    Excellent idea! I just set up Facebook a couple of weeks ago, so now I’ll just at this feature to it, and away I go…


  5. Neil

    And I don’t know if this is possible, but ideally I would like to be able to change privacy settings so limited friends can’t see blog.


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  10. thahy

    another service…

    let’s see…


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  13. j1g9fm!!
    it’s really a great idea that makes our lives more easier..


  14. madbull

    I had issues using it from within Firefox, but it worked in Internet Explorer 7


  15. gsik

    As mentioned, would like a fix so that each time an edit is made, it does NOT show in the mini-feed as a new post. Also a fix for quotes showing up as &#039.


  16. Noscere

    🙂 Very nice, I re created my Face book account just so I can have this 🙂
    Would be nice having it on sites as well (hint hint hehe)


  17. lezette

    Cool. Though I don’t really use facebook. ^^;;;


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  19. eric bjorlin

    I’m not seeing this work yet on my account… I have the application installed and all the “boxes checked,” as it were, but nothing is appearing in my profile. My personal desire would be to: post in news and mini-feeds when I make an update to my blog and then have those links in my profile, but I’d rather people click on them to take them to my actual blog than to have them stay on facebook (which it looks like it does on the mini and news-feeds, but I don’t know about the other places). Hope the bugs get worked out, and as always, the more user options to customize the better!


  20. hansennathaniel



  21. Sam

    Hey. Thanks.

    Also, some limited markup transfer would be great. Such as line breaks, strong, emphasis, maybe een some header action…


  22. Michael Morgan

    In the words of Mongomery Burns…Excellent.


  23. Mauro Andres

    This would be great if there weren’t “concerns expressed regarding the use of Facebook as a means of surveillance and data mining”. See,


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  26. willswords

    Wow – I just imported my blog into FaceBook Notes yesterday and now there is a better way. Thanks!


  27. belz

    how do you set the preferences, though, once the mini-app is installed in facebook? I’d like to display fewer blog posts, for example.


  28. Julia

    It’s nice, but I’m also worried about all the space it takes up.

    As other have requested:
    Can we choose how many posts to display and how many recent comments (if any) we want to show? please?



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  30. brianatportent

    Already had my blog importing…


  31. Eli

    A friend of mine added the application, and now his profile page says “you wrote (post title) at (blog title)” when it should say “(his name) wrote (post title) at (blog title)”.


  32. A. Garcia

    i found that out on facebook before reading it here. i was looking for apps for my facebook profile and was wondering if existed one to place my blog there… works so fine!


  33. baby221

    Eh, it looks cool, but I’d prefer my friends to -stay- my friends. Mostly we do that by avoiding discussions that are too political. My blog … is not conducive to that goal.


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  35. vhing2

    umm… i dont say anything!!! hehehe=) well, I just added the application and it looks so great..


  36. James

    Brilliant! It kinda takes up a lot of room, though. An option to turn off and on the recent comments field and/or maybe display fewer posts would be nice.

    Also, I can’t see comments in moderation from this app. That feature alone means I won’t be using it.

    Nice start, but I think I’ll just keep automatically importing my posts as notes until this app improves.


  37. Puck

    I agree with others: we need to have some measure of control over how much real estate the WordPress app takes up on our Facebook profiles. I think what should be prioritized is making comments optional.


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  39. mudspice

    Ok, I just added the wordpress application. It’s great cause I use facebook all the time. It would be nice to limit how many posts and comments are shown on the facebook though. And I couldn’t find where the application is on my facebook page except under the mini feed, so it won’t show up there for much longer. Where does it go permanently so I can find it more easily? Just to clarify, if I post something on either wordpress or the wordpress application on facebook, they will both show up on both sites, correct?


  40. vinodvv

    I have started using it on my facebook, not sure how to have multiple blogs configured.
    And if you could remove the comments section it would be great or give us the control.

    Thanks a ton guys. You guys rock.


  41. brainofdtrain

    Thanks for this guys, i’m really enjoying this excuse to start using facebook.


  42. brightlightwarriornika

    this is an awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanx a mill 🙂


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  46. Daniel Brusilovsky

    Thanks for this great app! I will defiantly use it!


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  48. mohamed

    really nice job joseph, i liked it , but how about you edit it so it can get posts from several wordpress blogs at the same time for those who have multiple blogs on wordpress like me 🙂


  49. jessi

    fantastic !


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  52. liliane

    It’s great, Joseph! Can I show more than one blog in my facebook?


  53. mylifeis2serve

    Very cool – thanks for the integration!


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  55. musadiqmarhaban

    Great… thanks 🙂


  56. Sohail Chaudhry

    Nice ..and useful!


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  58. jmy

    i cannot access all my blogs with; it is only letting me publish to two of my five


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  60. n0comment

    Fantastic feature – one reason I today signed up to facebook. One feature I would like is to be able to display the facebook status on the blog – like Jonathan Deamer wrote earlier


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  62. Alec

    Please can I add a vote to support more than one blog in my facebook profile. Thanks


  63. wheresraz

    when will this be available for people that have self hosted blogs with thanks.


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  67. Random Destiny

    Looks like a great app. Please bring it to self hosted blogs too!


  68. rrcatto

    I think this application is redundant. Like other commenters, I import my blog feed into my notes.

    I really can’t see the percentage in using your app over this. For starters, your app only works with which I don’t use.

    Sorry, but this is a non-starter. I don’t know what everyone else is raving about. Maybe they haven’t discovered how to import notes from an RSS feed yet?


  69. eyeonmalaysia

    Great to be linked up with Now I do not have to tell my buddies I have updated the blog and the photos. Thanks!


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  71. peakoilfaq

    I too would like to know if/when this will be be available for self-hosted blogs! Can’t WAIT to use it, but I no longer use the WordPress hosted one. Nuts!


  72. efelicia14

    Wow this is so exciting… I love Facebook and now I can add my blogs to it… Awesome!!!!


  73. Suhit Anantula

    Good app and I am using it on Facebook. I have seen one issue though.

    On my profile it is showing posts that I have posted on my private blog too! An option in the settings should be provided to limit the blogs.


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  75. lukewelling

    Another vote for support for self hosted wordpress blogs.

    I can haz facebook?


  76. Virgin Comics

    hey, could you please add a LOGOUT button in the facebook app. I have two WP blogs and two facebook accounts but somehow it uses only one WP blog on both despite a logout on FB.


  77. shray4

    Wonderful Idea guys !


  78. Lou (Linda)

    Boy, do I love WordPress.


  79. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Not many Thais have Facebooks, I guess.. Though I register in Facebook, I still have no idea who I can link with.. Hehee..

    But good one though.



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  82. sanjida shaheed

    i’ve been using the wp app in fb – i love it! i am beginning to get visitors from fb.


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