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Stuff White People Like and I Can Has Cheezburger have been topping our Blogs of the Day charts for some time. Now the New York Times reports that both of those blogs have received book deals. “Stuff” apparently got a $300k advance. The books based on their blogs are due out this Fall. Congratulations to both of them!

(PS: This is not an April Fools joke)

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  1. Johann

    Wow… I’ve been giving silly captions to photos and perpetuating myths and stereotypes about people for years. How come I don’t have a book deal? Pretty sad that these are the “elite” of the blog world.

    Nonetheless, congrats to both authors. Obviously you’ve earned it.


  2. Ray

    Not bad.
    Although, that made me realise how much posts with many, many comments are a bit annoying. Takes long to load and to process the page information.


  3. cowgalutah

    It’s hard to ignore them with it in your face every time you log in. There are so many great blogs out there. What does it take to get someone up on the “hawt post” placing on the main page?


  4. dsimple

    I’ve written six tradionally published books … my initial book deal was the result of a publisher randomly stumbling across a website that I’d put online years and years ago. So being discovered online DOES happen. And yes, it’s very cool. Congrats to them! 🙂


  5. Author

    I live in hope!


  6. totaltransformation

    I could kick myself in the behind for picking the oversaturated “weight loss” market. I knew I should have stuck with parody or racial humor. HA! Congrats to both of them- but I still don’t get what is so funny about ICAN.


  7. Jack Ash

    Dang I’ll take 300 dollars!


  8. joannawashere

    Awesome! Now if someone were to write about white cats, they would get Book of the Year, lol.


  9. The Sentinel

    Congrats guys !!


  10. madsilence

    Hmmm. Interesting.

    What does this tell us about the relationship between blogging and the hardcopy press?

    There’s more to the story.

    I’ll be watching out for both books this fall. Good luck to both authors.



  11. The Editor

    Who in there right mind would buy a book full of racist jokes? Who in their right mind would host a blog full of racist jokes? -_- idiots!


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  13. frugalwench

    HEY! I want a bookdeal! Oh yeah, I have to write something worth reading first. DRAT!

    Congrats to both of you!


  14. Moon



  15. Bobbi

    Wonderful news! Congratulations to both of you.


  16. hmcahyo

    cool 🙂
    Congrat !


  17. Vaibhav Pandey

    My congratulations to both of them.


  18. m@q

    What a luck!!

    Congratulation… both of you…


  19. anjiknut

    Congratulations to them, I didn’t realise advances could be so big!


  20. Brigitte

    Wow, that’s amazing! Congrats to both of them.


  21. irhasian



  22. Brent

    Am I supposed to be proud of the fact that a racist blogger now gets a book deal? Well, I am not happy at all, including the fact that you tout it as something for which to be happy.

    I find this very disturbing…


  23. thewowjonesreport

    Fantastic! Good for him. It’s so much about getting eyeballs…

    –The Wow Jones Report


  24. fightingwindmills

    Congratulations on the book deals. Kate Harding has not been mentioned here, but I think she also got a book deal due in part to her wordpress-hosted blog.


  25. DAVE ID

    Congrats to the Cats…


  26. thebeadden

    Congrats to both!!! And to WordPress. Sometimes life is good…


  27. Nevis

    Yeah, come read my blog. I could use a book deal, too.


  28. Michael Graham Richard

    Congrats to them.


  29. Jak

    rock on


  30. Rodger Jacobs

    My lit blog has been in operation since only December and I’ve already received an offer from a publisher to do a chapbook on one of my fiction series (“Mr. Bukowski’s Wild Ride”) so, yeah, publishers are paying attention and discovering that there’s a lot of talent utilizing Word Press.


  31. Red Skull 92

    Congrats to the authors 🙂


  32. bennyray

    Wow, that is amazing. I would love a book deal haha. But seriously, I had no idea people could be granted things like a book deal over a blog posting sight. This is defiantly good news.


  33. RC

    So for those of us who dream of writing the next great American novel, there is hope? (Okay, but it won’t be my blog – I know that!)


  34. drtombibey

    Somewhere over the blog rainbow, if one follows it, is a path to gold.

    A true friend is never jealous or envious, and I am happy for you guys.

    Which rainbow should I ride, and what path should I follow?

    Dr. Tom Bibey


  35. traceybookish

    Hey!!! Well done!!!


  36. Daemonhunter

    Who would’ve thought you can make money off lolcatz?


  37. culinaryabortionsofjapan

    Stuff is awesome – well deserved.


  38. dodka

    This is so cool : )

    Respects 2 bloggers and wp!



  39. jacarizo

    congrats, guys… and may WordPress bloggers have more book deals to come…


  40. gem

    That’s great for them! It is motivating too like lots of people are saying. That’s it; I’m off to write my way to a book!


  41. pamajama

    I would seriously rather barf than read the misspelled words in the cat/cheeseburger nonsense.


  42. Keith Lehman

    Congrats to the bloggers. WordPress must be proud!
    I have trouble enough trying to figure out how to install the nifty stuff What White People Like has on their right column, much less attract a book deal. Maybe one day I will figure it out.
    This demonstrates that WordPress is number one in the field. And it also demonstrates the wonderful opportunities to be had with just something simple, but obviously put together with loving care and hard work.
    Good job What White People Like!


  43. delhi4cats

    That is wonderful news and well deserved. They are an inspiration and model for the rest of us!


  44. Adam Adshead

    Congrats to everyone involved. 🙂


  45. frootbat31

    I had to giggle at “This is not an April Fools joke”
    Its nice to see blogs being recognize as its own genre of writing.


  46. grownANDsexy

    I don’t believe it!!! I just don’t. I can not imagine a book on cheesing cats and stuff white people like… although stuff white people like is a great blog full of insane half-truths that you just have to laugh. Out of the 2 being book, I can see it happening for “stuff” but just barely.


  47. grownANDsexy

    Oh and congrats to them… now if I can get a book deal for my sneakers blog… lol


  48. sanigi

    congrats to thaem


  49. gadberry

    awesome! wave of the future!



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  51. woldinghamuk

    I know the lolcats blog and love it so congrats! And now I am going to have a look at the other one ..yuppee.


  52. ravenfire89

    wow, this just takes blogging and its skills to a whole new level.
    Congrats you two and keep up the great work.


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  54. Qritiq

    thanks for sharing that excellent news!
    my take on CNN/Cheezburger battling for WordPress Top Blog:


  55. Wendy Reynolds

    Wow! Wonderful. Congratulations!!!


  56. vespagal

    What a Dream Come True!!! Congratulations and best wishes for the future!


  57. fatgourmand

    Way to go…a legitimized art form is created!


  58. mariacristina

    I’d like to see my poetry blog get a book deal! LOL. The Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry, Natasha Tretheway, recieved a $2000.00 advance. Such is life. Great news for Stuff and Can I Haz.


  59. memoirsofamistress

    Nice to know the publishing industry is alive and well .. they wouldn’t publish my blog I fear!


  60. Annalaise duChat

    It’s good to know the world is watching. Although the interaction of the viewers is often just as amusing as that submissions themselves. That’s something they won’t be able to take to print.

    I can haz bookdeelz, too? Puleeeze?


  61. cbgrace

    I’m not even “topping” the charts but my book has been published!


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  63. Laura Benjamin

    Hooray! I saw the announcement on Mr. Bill’s show on Fox News and checked it out. A great testimony to creativity.


  64. Gatot Widayanto

    Yeah! Both blogs a great! They deserve it.



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  66. carolpack

    I never heard of either of these until I attended a writers conference this weekend – where they were mentioned more than once. I feel like a lost child.


  67. vissertje



  68. political forum

    Well I guess you just can’t lose with a blog name like “stuff white people like”. Makes me a bit uneasy, but I guess that makes people have a look at it.



  69. keithmansfield

    Congratulations to both these blogs. I did it the other way round – got the book deal and now my publisher is making me blog! It’s a challenge and I’m very impressed by how many of you guys manage to write so much, so well and so often.


  70. Steven G. Atkinson

    It’s said that good things come to those who wait. And Practice makes perfect. That’s why I keep moving along and putting something up just about everyday. Congrats to those who have moved on to the next step in their development.


  71. surf4ever

    Ok, I understood.
    Congratulations to both blogs!


  72. dcnne

    That’s great! I have not read either but will start. My eye was caught by “Book deal” so here I am. After reading all of the many big-ups on this page, it must be killer. To the haters on here, why waiste your time? It’s obvious that this stuff is the balls-end. Let ’em have their day in the sun workin with 300K. Who knows maybe they’ll buy us all new blogs and then we won’t even have to type anymore.

    Sincerely, one of the crowd


  73. howtobeaaffiliate

    Great Job, Focus and Hard Work got you there

    Much Success….


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