New Dashboard Design and March Wrap-up

Today we’re pretty excited to launch a new dashboard design to everyone here on

If you have a few minutes, try clicking around and exploring the new layout and features. It’ll be unfamiliar at first, but like riding a bike you’ll find yourself picking up new habits and cruising down the road in no time.

Those of you who follow the side of things probably saw the sneak peak that included several screenshots, the screencast of the new gallery feature, and the exhaustive list of features from the 2.5 release announcement. Now those improvements are available to you, including a few cool bonuses like a blog switcher menu on top.

Here’s a brief rundown of the features that are relevant to users:

Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard — we’ve worked hard to take your feedback about what’s most important in the dashboard and organize things to allow you to focus on what’s important — your blog — and get out of your way. In collaboration with Happy Cog and the community we’ve taken the first major step forward in the WordPress interface since was created.

Dashboard Widgets — the dashboard home page is now a series of widgets, including ones to show you fun stats about your posting, latest comments, stats, people linking to you, and we’ll allow more customization here soon.

Multi-file upload with progress bar — before when you would upload a large file you’d wait forever, never knowing how far along it was. And uploading more than one photo was an exercise in patience, as you could only do one at a time. Now you can select a whole of folder images or music or videos at once and it’ll show you the progress of each upload.

Now you can put that 3gb of free space to good use!

Search posts and pages — search used to cover just posts, now it includes pages too, a great boon for those using as a CMS.

Tag management — you can now add, rename, delete, and do whatever else you like to tags from inside WordPress.

Concurrent editing protection — for those of you on multi-author blogs, have you ever opened a post while someone was already editing it, and your auto-saves kept overwriting each other, irrecoverably losing hours of work? I bet that added a few words to your vocabulary. Now if you open a post that someone else is editing, WordPress magically locks it and prevents you from saving until the other person is done. You’ll see a message like below.

Friendlier visual post editor — I’m not sure how to articulate this improvement except to say “it doesn’t mess with your code anymore.” We’re now using version 3.0 of TinyMCE, which means better compatibility with Safari, and we’ve paid particular attention this release to its integration and interaction with complex HTML. It also now has a “no-distractions” mode which is like Writeroom for your browser.

Built-in galleries — when you take advantage of multi-file upload to upload a bunch of photos, we have a new shortcode that lets you to easily embed galleries by just putting [ gallery] (without the space) in your post. It’ll display all your thumbnails and captions and each will link each to a page where people can comment on the individual photos. I’ve been using this feature on my blog and have already uploaded over 1,200 pictures into 23 galleries. The shortcode has some hidden options too, check out this documentation.

In light of the launch, we’re also going to be keeping support open this weekend so you can let us know of any issues that pop up as a result of the new design. This new dashboard being out also allows us to roll out some other improvements we’ve been holding off for a bit as they didn’t make sense before. Keep an eye on this blog next week.

March Wrap-up

  • 298,194 blogs were created.
  • 381,855 new users joined.
  • 2,242,997 file uploads.
  • 3,225,059 posts and 1,420,975 new pages.
  • 4,418,407 logins.
  • 636,024,114 pageviews on, and another 347,679,330 on self-hosted blogs. (983,703,444 pageviews total across blogs we know about.)
  • 863,470 active blogs, where “active” means they got a human visitor.

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  1. Nicholas Jagneaux

    I won’t use this combox to ask a question, get support or report bugs with the new design features (as per the request below this box.)

    I’ll head to the forums and use the feedback form to let you know about those.


  2. foxhollowjewelry

    I love the new look and the work involved is much appreciated.
    Great job guys!


  3. Athosbr99

    I love it!


  4. ja

    It’s so perfect! That’s the reason I prefer WP! It’s far beyond my expectation! Thank you and keep your good work! Awsome!


  5. Red Skull 92

    wery well congrats!


  6. Baikong

    Hi, first thing in the morning, I opened my blog. And i found it cool! really. It so user-friendly, though it’s like learning again just like when I first signed up in

    But as a whole its a great dashboard new look!


  7. Andy Piper

    So here’s a bug. I was looking at the new Dashboard and checking out the tag surfer. I found a post which included one of the new galleries… only, when I looked at it in my Dashboard, I saw all my own pictures in the post. When I clicked through to it, I saw the author’s pictures. Bit confusing!

    Otherwise – great work!


  8. KeenEye

    I miss the old layout, but then again, once I get used to it I’m sure it will be great. You haven’t made a mistake yet! 🙂


  9. PaBLoX

    Wow…. Looks very different now.


  10. nikopsk

    Very odd colour scheme and the “Dashbaord” it unconventionally located on top… I would prefer choice of sing the one.


  11. furoshiki

    My WPGod! what a surprise. A nice clustered and comprehensive dashboard, saving time and… I haven’t had time to investigate entirely but April is as sweet as spring to post again and gain more interested readers. Go on guys, good job, thanks a lot!


  12. kazik

    Very good move guys!!! There’s no need anymore to click “dashboard” button:)


  13. Shirley

    When the new style appeared on my screen, I thought I was having a problem with my internet service (which I often do,) then I noticed some great features, and thought, “This is not a problem. This is progress.” Feels strange to me now, but I think it will be great.

    Thank you.


  14. the floacist

    Oh my God that is amazing!!! You’ve all really outdone yourself, I opened my dashboard just now and I thought ‘what the heck happened?!’ within a few seconds of roaming around I just kept on saying to myself, ‘I like this…I like this!!’ LOL. Thank you.


  15. riveroflifelisajoy

    This looks very, very different. I will let you know how it works with me and my writing. Thanks for always thinking of us!




  16. Marina Neira

    It does feel unfamiliar but it looks incredibly useful and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. However –I have two blogs, and I loved being able to quickly switch between them from the dashboard. How do I do that now?



  17. uthek

    I suppose the new layout isn’t as bad if you’re going to let us costomize it in the near future. It’ll all be smoother once that Right Now widget thing is gone, and uhm… font size changes on the main options. Letters are way way too huge. Either way I like all the stats information being on the main dashboard now. Pretty sure I’m happier with it than I am annoyed.


  18. Matt

    Marina, there should be tabs at the top of the screen that show the names of your different blogs. You can click on those to switch to different blogs.


  19. Kitty

    I love the new dashboard. Thanks, WordPress.


  20. jeremiahandrews

    Very kool guys…



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  22. Josep Camós



  23. Christian

    Thanks guys. Thats simply great! Most of all I love how easy and slick it is now to blog with Safari. Way to go!


  24. Andhika Nugraha

    I’ve been waiting for this. As usual, great job, guys.


  25. Johan

    The new design is very cool! Great! 😀


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  27. followingtheancientpaths

    Looks great! I love the new dashboard – everything I want to know all on one page.

    Thanks guys!!


  28. Jess

    OMGosh!!!!! This totally ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. skon

    Yeah, I am finding the new Dashboard a great improvement. First impressions was of less clutter and much more user friendly. Love the smaller and seems typing and response from your site seems alot quicker. Was finding before that there were these funny pauses/freezes after typing individual letters – well done!


  30. Daniel Trezub

    Wow! Seems amazing. Strange at first, but interesting 🙂


  31. Cassandra Marie

    Very cool revamping. I especially like the built-in galleries, tag management and the media buttons. Multi-file upload is neat, too.


  32. mittins

    my eyes almost exploded when i logged in today ! good job computer human brains !


  33. thordora

    This totally freaked me out for a few seconds. Now I LURVE it. 🙂 Thanks!


  34. ChenZhen

    wow, the media search thing is really cool. A lot easier to find those images I used a year ago.

    Now if we can get the gravatar thing figured out, we’d be set.


  35. crazyharp81602

    You rock! 😀


  36. raincoaster

    Very. Very. VERY. Nice.


  37. Martha B.

    The new dashboard is so unfriendly for image insertion and linking. I want the old one!


  38. niaknowles

    I know you’ve had this information up for a while, but I didn’t see it and the new dashboard really took me by surprise. My screen changed right before my eyes while I was in the middle of a post!
    I thought I did something wrong.
    As much as I love change…. I dont always welcome it lol.. but the design is very slick and I’m sure it will grow on me. Now if I can figure out a few things, I’ll be rolling again.

    Thanks for your hard work and keeping WordPress on top!


  39. Maria

    Love it!! It’s so great to have everything on one page, spam info, and more detail on comments and incoming links.

    Thanks again for providing such a wonderful free service.


  40. happyatom

    Holy crap, I love you guys!


  41. Devourer of Books

    The design is really nice, but the colors are giving me a headache.


  42. techpaul

    I really like this improvement!
    Now, can we get the feed stats showing on our daily/weekly/monthly chart????


  43. annierichardson

    Hi Matt,

    A huge thank you for taking such good care of us all! I LOVE the new dashboard – and I’m especially grateful that my bazillion saved posts are now organized by date!! You’re amazing. Thanks agin. AR


  44. Daddy

    Holy crap I don’t like it.

    Not only is there no easy way to see where the “dashboard” button is to return to the “top” but the second nav bar has a white background just like the body of the page so it has ZERO visual significance as a nav bar. The previous color scheme was 1000% more definitive.

    It might be more useful for those managing multiple writers and a long production pipeline, but for individuals and, on my current blog) two authors and baby-driven content, almost all of the dashboard page is wasted.

    It would be far more useful if the main dashboard page (aside from being more directly and easily nav-ed to) was customizable widgets itself.

    I author another blog that used to be on WordPress and then taken to another site and I greatly prefer the old WordPress, dual-column, analytics because I could see what was going on at a glance. Where people came from, what they were looking at, and with a single click, see how individual articles were read.

    One of the only improvements I would have made to the old design was to make that graph/dual analytic page the default dashbard page. The other one has much less value to me.

    So I’m resigned to hating the new “cleaner” look for us authors. Like Apple and their “air” it really comes across as design for the look of it rather than redesign based solely on what people asked for… because I can’t possibly see people asking for the sub nav bar to be mixed in with the body content of the page and losing all visual significance. That makes absolutely no friggin sense whatsoever.


  45. gap

    is perfect!… but the fonts are too small, i have a 19′ monitor… is the fonts really too small?


  46. Martin Doherty

    Oooops! Hadn’t seen the BETA so I was a tad surprised… off to see all the features! Thanks for keeping up the innovation!


  47. The Informal Matriarch

    I was SO not prepared for this new dashboard. I’m not loving it but I guess I’ll get used to it. Definitely keeps my stats more accessible but not as well laid out as it was before. I preferred it simple.


  48. Matt

    You can click on “See All” on the stats widget and it’ll take you to the normal extra large stats page.


  49. denhurd

    wow!!! this is so cool!!!

    Thx WP!


  50. Game Master

    Wow, really like the “preview post” feature.


  51. Destellos de Luna

    Cool, thanks.


  52. migs


    Thanks thanks!!!!


  53. MuGo

    Who the F*** gave you the idea to use the ugliest colours in the whole spectrum of visible light? Where’s the button to go back to my good old dashboard? First time I’m thinking of leaving WordPress at all…


  54. Matt

    You can’t go back to the old dashboard, but you can go back to the old colors. The option is under your profile.


  55. archiearchive FCD

    Hmmm – interesting – you are correct, it will take a little getting used to.

    Have you done anything about those annoying div tags which keep appearing instead of P tags? A lot of us would like control of our paragraphs and white space back.


  56. Bing Cheng

    Woohoo! Sweet now the dashboard is for blogs.


  57. proverbs31

    Threw me for a loop when I first signed in but the result is awesome! Thanks, guys!!


  58. Richard

    A hat tip for keeping support open this first weekend. With the inevitable little problems that will likely show up, and the new interface design, this was a very good move.


  59. mpb

    I haven’t been able to find the edit comment button before (or after) approving comments. There is only the choices to delete, approve, or spam. But some comments need to have edits before approval. I still have them in moderation.


    (it is different and still taking it for a ride and it has many improvements.)


  60. Matt

    mpb, just click on the comment author name to edit the comment.


  61. migs


    The insert/edit link button is not working.

    same as the insert edit picture… but i used the new media buttons on top to insert a picture and it worked. So i guess the old insert picture button will only be used to edit the picture.

    that’s it for now


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  63. writerchick

    Any chance this is customizable? Personally, I liked it before – much easier to use – I’m not one for lots of bells and whistles.


  64. Rowjie

    i love the new dashboard! cool!


  65. straw000

    Thanks! That was just what we needed! I use Safari which posting is now so much better with the new WordPress! Keep it up! : D


  66. ak

    Wow the new dashboard was surprising. I thought I clicked up a wrong link or something. I’ll need some time to get used to it, but in a glance it looks great. Thanks!


  67. Judy O'Connell

    Phew, what a surprise to see these changes! I’m going to dig right in and take a look, but am thrilled to see some new enhancements rolling out from wordpress. These look pretty good so far for sure! Now I’m just waiting for the addition of some more widgets – been ages since we had some! Well done guys! Love wordpress.


  68. Alice

    I am really impressed.
    It just took me by surprise.


  69. Harlequin Boy

    Very nice! A bit disorientated at first, but it’s pretty good.

    Thanks for all your work!


  70. creativesideburner1

    It was quite unusual at first. Now I’m going to like it 😉


  71. rw_man

    This is very cool stuff. I get lots of people from different parts of the world checking my Russian Women the Real Truth site out and I’m using a poor tool called Active Meter to try to track this but it’s very inaccurate.

    It would be totally great if someday you guys could add any type of incoming location statistics into the dash board.

    Other then that.. I love you guys!!



  72. Donyale

    It’s Great! I have been having a good play around with it! Thanks.


  73. Julia

    hot damn! I think I might swoon…


  74. sheepoo

    One word describes it all: cool!


  75. Craig Hodgkins

    Wow. Starting to get used to the new look, but amazing as always! Thanks, WordPress.


  76. serahrose

    Okay, however uncluttered it is, can you change the color back? The almost-neon light blue is damaging my sensitive sleep-deprived eyes.


  77. onei

    so clean and a lot less clicking.


  78. Mits0

    Wow; I’m already getting used to the new dashboard, nice job WordPress Staff!



    My eyes is still adjusting to the new look. Readjustment because of the change. Expected of course. Kudos to the developers! Wonderful job guys! and Thanks!


  80. qodoq

    new dashboard design, more stylish. yup, i like it. great one again, thanks.


  81. dsusetyo

    Great improvement Matt. I love it.


  82. princo

    The Blog-Switcher is buggy if you have more than four blogs.
    Beside of this: great work, i like it very much.


  83. deftoned

    It will take some time to adjust, but it looks good so far! Thank you for this.


  84. Andrew



  85. §oL

    Looks like I’m gonna have to take some time learning the new interface!
    Looks unfamiliar, but its nice! Thanks!


  86. ivoryhut

    I love it! No more clicking to the Dashboard, then Blog Stats, then back to the Dashboard to do general stuff on the blog. So good to have most of the usual stuff all in one page. Nicely done!


  87. American Elephant

    I love it! Love, love, love it. Much more convenient and easy to use.

    Thanks WordPress!


  88. Elizabeth

    ugh! I can’t stand the new dashboard. Why aren’t things centered anymore? Honestly, I thought there must be some glitch and it had reverted back to an earlier version . . . so beta looking.


  89. Sean Wilson

    Man, I’m sorry to say that in my opinion, you guys missed the mark with everything you tried to do. The new Dashboard is not only unintuitive, but claustrophobic. You’ve made short mouse movements (such as selecting categories for posts) turn into huge movements and put limiting scroll bars and gone overboard with the passe Web 2.0 thing. There’s absolutely no separation with color and margins and spacing are uncomfortable.

    It’s like some colorblind teenager hacked WP and put up his “my first GUI” theme.

    I’ll be jumping ship to another platform if this is the future of WP. It’s like going back five years in usability. Such a shame…


  90. Marina Neira

    I see this has been solved. Thanks a lot! 🙂



  91. wattsupwiththat

    It’s always great to have new software…but.

    On a Friday afternoon? That leaves you a train wreck of support for Monday, and lots of people unhappy for lack of support over the weekend when they get blindsided by this new version.

    Improvements are always welcome, this one, due to things that got broken, moved to less than obvious places, and the poor timing, wasn’t.

    If I wanted to be pissed off at the software I use, I’d use Moveable Type.


  92. Matt

    wattsupwiththat, as I said in the post support will be open all weekend, 24 hours a day.


  93. juleslife

    Wowee very impressive and thanks folks! Cheers!


  94. onemorecup

    OMG!! Now you folks have outright outdone yourselves! Talk about rich! It’s going to take me awhile just getting used to all these new bells and whistles! THANK YOU!!



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  96. Soham Das

    Pheww!!! When I logged in the morning… that was quite a shock to see…:) I thought either my eyes have gone crazy or I am seeing things…
    Now I know, whats brewing….


  97. yacobyahya

    What’s up with my dashboard? Whoa… I see something new and nice from today on… Ta v much, Matt…


  98. Amunisi HADE

    Wow, I’m *very* surprised. I initially thought my Dashboard was defaced. 😀


  99. Lisa*

    Why baby blue??? It’s awful.. and I hate it! The design could do, but the color scheme can’t be for real??!!


  100. vinitneo

    It’s fantastic. I love it. doing thing is very much easier now.


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