XML Sitemaps

It is hard for search engines to grasp the tens of millions posts at WordPress.com, so we’re giving them a hand.

I’ve always wished to start the week with a new SEO feature. That’s why we have an early Monday surprise for you — XML Sitemaps for all WordPress.com blogs.

From the Sitemaps.org website:

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling.

Translated that means that search engines have a better idea of your content and might start to send more traffic to you.

The funny thing is that you don’t have to inform anybody, because we will do it automatically for you. A sitemap file is available to every search engine that supports the protocol including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com, and others.

Now, feel free to write a new post to deserve the increased attention by the search engines. 😉

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  1. dsmith77

    Great new feature!

    BTW, I noticed that my Dashboard now tells me how many comments I have, how many await moderation, etc. but it’s HARD TO READ. Please insert a line break to put the comment sentence on a separate line below the sentence with the numbers for posts, etc. It takes up two lines in the browser either way, so tweak this for us and make it all better!


  2. mattburrill

    This will definetly help out


  3. aliev82



  4. rajalahul

    Thanks a lot.It helps us.


  5. sanjoy

    Great idea, thanks!


  6. sherbimejuridike



  7. timethief

    This is a belated thank you. 🙂


  8. Adi Nugroho

    thanks for help my blog


  9. keshwani

    Hey , Cool guys, u guys really come up with such interesting things. But it would be great if you can introduced as widgets feature so that, each individual can On/Off this feature or customized the sitemap as per their need. But anyways, its still rocking. 🙂


  10. Maximilian Forte

    I am still having difficulty figuring out how so much is offered, to such vast numbers of people, for free. I would seriously like to know how that is possible, so as to get an idea of how long this will last (as someone who has had a whole range of sites hosted for free in the 1990s, only to see them, and their hosts, vanish overnight).


  11. hal786

    thank u wordpress
    this is very cool


  12. Dr. Nayyar Hashmey

    Dear WordPress Team,

    Its great on your part to come up with these XML Site maps. Hope it will increase traffic to respective WordPress blogs in so far as it’s every blog writer’s wish to have as much traffic as possible.

    You guys at WordPress do not need any further appreciation coz the blog style itself is totally user friendly and the people at your helpdesk are friendlier than any body else. Have a blog at Google as well but your is superb. Well done guys. We blog writers are always with you in your enterprise to offer highly user friendly programs, widgets, formats and lot other things.


  13. hijdaeunuchblog

    Good Show Keep it Up


  14. Scotty Zacher

    great news. The more times my theatre site comes up on searches, the more visits to my site. Ciao.


  15. can39



  16. sherif

    really a great job


  17. Movimiento

    amé esta nueva herramienta!!


  18. wheresyourworld



  19. sidamanik

    great…………….. thanks


  20. headquarter84

    Ohhh Svveet!!!

    Great to know 🙂 thanx for this, and for every other feature i haven’t thanked you -yet- for!!!



  21. simplylee

    Nice! Thanks a lot!


  22. share4free

    sound great. ..


  23. portalshops

    this is certainly good news 🙂


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