Go (Even More) Ad-Free

About two years ago, we announced that we were running some experimental Google ads on post and tag pages. It was an announcement that was necessary because, as it turned out, they were so discreet you didn’t even notice them.

As we said in our original post:

The ad code tries hard not to intrude or show ads to regular readers, which means a small percentage of page views [might have an ad].

We seemed to have lucked in to a good balance with this approach, and don’t plan to change anything there. (Most of your readers will never see an ad.) As an added bonus the light advertising has allowed us to focus on free features for you guys rather than paid upgrades, and enabled us to invest in infrastructure so your blog is always fast and reliable and never shows a fail whale.

At the same time it’s easy to imagine blogs that would never want ads on them: businesses, startups, non-profits, political activist sites, the list goes on. Google Adsense analyzes the content to show contextually relevant ads, but that might mean a link to a competitor. Because of this we’ve introduced a premium option that gives you control: the No-ads upgrade.

With this upgrade, no one, whether they’re logged in or not, will see any ads on your blog. Ever. (Or at least as long as you subscribe to the upgrade.)

The No-ads upgrade can be purchased for 30 credits a year ($0.08 a day) through the Upgrades tab in your blog’s dashboard.

UPDATE 10/02: Comments on this post are now closed. Thank you for your feedback, everyone.

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  1. sytycd

    Nice option that I’m sure many businesses will like at a very reasonable price.

    I just want to throw my hat in the ring in support of being able to place our own ads on the pages or even the suggested revenue sharing with wordpress.com. Even better support for some of the many good affiliate programs would be another extension of this same concept.

    Glad to hear you’re considering this Matt.


  2. zurhajos

    Thanx for this option! This is a great feature. 🙂


  3. Polaris

    I don’t what to think about this upgrade. It isn’t exorbitantly priced but it is annoying to have to deal with ads. With all the analytics that u guys have, I wonder how difficult it is to only put ads on blogs which get more than X visits per day, where X is a moderately high number. Most blogs, such as mine, don’t get enough visits (less than 50), so your revenue from ads on my blog is going to be miniscule anyway.

    I hate ads so I would like to buy this upgrade. Now, Adfree + CSS = 30 + 15 = $45 per year. Slowly but surely, the option of buying webspace and self-hosting WordPress is looking much more attractive.

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  4. collegedreamproject

    Great! I love clean sites!

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  5. SorinPLATON

    I hate advertising, and Google AdSense-AdWords is one. “Premium fees” are also not good for intellectuals bloggers. Keep this place “clean” or we (possible) move out…


  6. raincoaster

    All over this stuff. Thanks!


  7. zal

    I’ve chosen wordpress because I didn’t see any advertisement. If this policy change, it would be very discouraging for me.


  8. Matt

    zal, we’re doing ads exactly as before. You won’t see any more or less than you used to.

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  9. snape

    I still can’t understand the main topic. Does a free blog wordpress.com automatically have ads? But if so, why does my blog don’t have that ads? I understand if ads on a personal or nonporfit blog can be so annoying and WP offer a paid upgrade to remove the ads. But I can’t understand WP offer a paid upgrade to remove an unexist ads. I’m confused.


  10. Matt

    snape, all blogs on WordPress.com may show ads sometimes for the past 2 years now, including yours. The ads are shown very rarely and not to regular visitors, so you will probably never see one. Even though the ads were unobtrusive, some people didn’t want them at all, and this upgrade enables that. It’s completely optional, and if you aren’t worried about the low-level of ads that have been shown for the past 2 years you don’t need this upgrade.

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  11. jimconnolly


    From reading the comments above, there is a clear demand within your user-base, for the ability to display paid advertising and revenue share with WordPress.com.

    Looking at some old forum posts, you can see that this has been requested by your users again and again over the years – but here we are years later and still no sign of it ever happening.

    If you allow people who want ads to have them, they will be placed correctly into posts and thus far, far more likely to produce revenue. Your current ads, from your previous comments, seem to be placed almost so that they are invisible!

    I am assuming there is a reason you have ignored the demand for ads and I would love to know what it is; both as a blogger and as the owner of an international marketing company.

    All the best,

    Jim Connolly
    (Already paid to have ads removed from my main blog!)


  12. Matt

    There are lots of complications with having user ads – spam, payments, compliance issues, revenue split, user motivation, taxes, et cetera. Some are technical, some are social. The good news is that for people for whom ads are a deal-breaker can always switch to a WordPress.org host and do whatever they like. WordPress.com doesn’t have to be all things to all people.


  13. dayg

    +1 for own ads upgrade. 🙂 I’ve been thinking of moving to a paid hosting just for this but still not sure if it’s worth all the trouble. Having this feature from within wordpress.com will definitely be a great bonus.


  14. fabristol

    I didn’t know there were ads running on my blog. Is it mentioned in the Terms of Service? Why nobody had never told us!? The most annoying thing is that we, the users, do not know when, how and how many ads are running on our blogs. That’s unfair guys.
    Everything has to be clear in a contract.


  15. Matt

    fabristrol, it’s mentioned on the features page (the most visited page on WP.com) and the FAQ documentation, as well as numerous topics in the support forums. We’ve also blogged about it before! However some people still miss it, and I guess it’s a testament to how non-obtrusive the ads are that most people don’t know they’re there.


  16. videosbykm

    I like ads to be on my blog. I could use a few bucks…


  17. Ety W.

    Actually, I have noticed them. In fact, I tried to complain via the survey you had awhile back, but I kept getting an error message every time I tried to complete it.

    Since mine is a religious blog, my readers come to it specifically for religious content. I absolutely do not believe that religion should be used to sell anything. Period. Christianity in particular (under the guise of “hypocrisy”) gets a bad rap any time it’s associated with financial gain. Blog readers will associate the ads with the authors, even if only subconsciously, because that is peoples’ basic understanding of the Internet; people have websites to promote/sell something.

    Along these lines, it bothers me to think that my blog may be used to promote a product or service which I personally wouldn’t endorse.

    I started my blog on WordPress to give WordPress a try. If I had known that you were beginning to place ads on the free blogs, then I would have never considered you. I have 4 other blogs on another free blog host, which I am very happy with. I actually toyed with the idea of moving them to WordPress, until I learned about the ads.

    The bottom line is that I’m not willing to pay an opt-out fee. That’s just as annoying as having to specifically opt-out of all those stupid offers one gets because one’s bank or credit card company has sold one’s name and address to every advertiser and their brother. If I want it, then let me opt-in!

    I’ll leave my blog here until I begin to find ads on it. After that I’ll have to move it for the above reasons.


  18. quepuedohacer

    I think that placing just a few ads wouldn’t spoil a page, specially if they are placed where they don’t interfere with your regular posts. But then some people overload and that is crazy.


  19. Reynie

    I’m already using three upgrades.

    How about a all-in-one upgrade pack?
    Or a combined upgrade pack?

    (and yes, i’m willing to pay for a custom favicon) 😉


  20. timprosser

    I am perfectly happy with your plans. Perhaps it is the subject matter of my blogs, but nobody has ever reported seeing an ad on them, and I don’t expect anyone would be upset if they did. This is certainly the best blogging service I’ve seen, though, and I recommend it to my friends. I am just happy (and so grateful) you folks can make enough to keep it going so nicely.

    I got laid off from the auto industry in July and am struggling financially, even as my blog passes 100 hits/day. I have to think about whether or not I could make any money off this thing. (Guess I’d better dig in and learn how all that works, but maybe it’s not worth it at my level …)
    Thanx so much for such a great blog service.
    – Tim Prosser


  21. pbushx2

    This is a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion, and I frankly don’t understand why people are complaining about it. I guess everyone wants something for nothing, but we need to be realistic. WP provides a fantastic service, and it’s certainly not free to them. Why should the users be exempt from sharing the burden. I totally in favor of rewarding those who work so hard to make WP such a great platform.

    All that being said, I also want to add that I’m another user in favor of allowing us to place ads on our own blogs, for an additional upgrade fee. It also seems to make sense to me to combine these two upgrades (no WP-placed ads, and the ability for user-controlled ads).

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  22. Hawk

    Wait…there are ads? Where?


  23. timprosser

    Actually, I have no idea what kind of hit counts blogs get on a daily basis, or how making money on ads correlates with that … (I realize both may vary widely.)
    Keep up the great work, folks!
    – Tim


  24. The Curmudgeon

    Matt, you’ve persuaded me to ignore the low-level frequency of ads that may show up. I’ve never had any viewer feedback about them, and in all likelihood they’re no big deal. I’m confident that you don’t allow outrageous advertisements. The opportunity to opt-out is a good thing, but it’s not worth the bother for me. I have more issues with PayPal than I do with your ads, so I’ll just keep on blogging as I have been. This is a good website.


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  26. snape

    Oic. Then I agree with you, Matt. I haven’t see any ads on my blog yet (and I hope I’ll never see one) so I can’t judge wordpress on giving ads on any wp blogs. In my opinion, wordpress may place any ads on wordpress.com blogs because these blogs actually belong to wordpress. Bloggers supply a market, spesific market, in return for a free 3GB blogging space , and wordpress supply 3GB space in return for a market to be sold. I think it’s fair enough. About when and where ads must be shown so that nobody dissapointed, I think your marketing division is more competent then I am. One think I know is when I start to feel uncomfortable because of ads wordpress placed on my blogs, I have two choices. Buy an ad-free upgrade or host my blogs somewhere other than in wordpress.com. For me, there’s not enough reason to leave WordPress as my blogging tool. WordPress rocks! (You must pay me an ad-free upgrade for that free powerful mouth to mouth marketing, Matt! :D) Peace..


  27. saptec

    Matt, it is a good choice for bloggers to move to wordpress.org as you mentioned before.
    However for other bloggers on wordpress.com it can be better options as you offered the upgrade with 30 credits.
    It it absolutely OK to have revenue for both sides and let ads pay for us.
    Therefore I have 2 suggestions:
    1 – Either the bloggers provide ads on their blog and share the revenue with wordpress ,
    2 – or wordpress provide ads and share the revenue with bloggers.

    Whereby I prefer the second option because wordpress can provide better customizable ads and better deal with adsense.
    The idea is NOT new, there are a lot of services out offering these options like Squidoo and co. .


  28. George

    Don’t know why everyone is bitching about this. The costs for running wp.com must be pretty steep – how many of the people making a huge deal of this actaully pay for ANYTHING on here? Not many, I’m guessing, if any.
    Stop complaining, and be thankful that wp gives us this much choice. $30 isn’t very much, is it?


  29. ChaotiX66

    I’ve noticed ads on my blog! It seems that people accessing it from Google searches see the Google Ads more often than people finding my site via other search engines, or just typing the web address. It bothered me at first but when you said that there were going to be more free feautres my worries were stilled. Thank you WP!


  30. cecepswp

    Great info 🙂


  31. Carlos

    Good idea !


  32. zepo1000

    Great Job! Blogs are for info, not for ads.


  33. Ricardo

    Soo… that’s why I saw google ads when I tried to access my blog page using my cell phone’s browser!

    Now the question I have is, could blogs be made aware of a mobile phone accessing it, and switch to a template variety better suited to these small-screen gadgets? (e.g. articles running to full width of page, better font size)?


  34. jimconnolly

    You may find this interesting!

    I have contacted 9 WordPress.com bloggers today – NONE of whom knew their blogs were having Google Adword inserted into their posts! I understand the reason so many people never knew their posts / articles were having ads inserted into them, is because when you are logged in, you can’t see them – your readers can, but you can’t (Is that correct?)

    Listening to the feedback here, I think quite a few people had no idea their ‘work’ has been advertising ‘stuff’ for Google.

    Those without the money to have these adverts removed are now faced with a horrible decision – to either pay up or leave!

    That’s really unfortunate! Not for people like me, who can pay to have them removed – but for those who don’t want their work used by Google to generate ad revenue, but who are too young to have a credit card or those feeling the credit-crunch. It’s really tough out there right now financially – The timing’s pretty bad! This seems an odd approach to developing the WordPress.com community spirit we all love and value so much.

    I love wordpress and for people like me it represents amazing value. It is still less expensive for me, at around $50 a year, than it would cost me to place my blog on a self-hosted solution. Yes, Dreamhost can host it for that kind of money – but with WordPress.com my blog is up all the time and reliable!

    All the very best,

    Jim Connolly


  35. troy

    I don’t like ads. I do appreciate the need for WordPress to occasionally have to post an ad on my site …and I do welcome the opportunity to pay a minimal fee to exclude myself from this.

    If WordPress wasn’t so effective, easy to use and a pleasure to blog with …I may not even be doing what I do.

    Thanks Guys/Gals 🙂


  36. Turkey

    Thanks Matt!
    cool and good

    I am hate the “ads google” in my Blog


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  38. Lane

    I have been trying to find a good solution for hosting my development blog without investing in a dedicated server. First I was thinking of using http://www.squarespace.com/ but their control panel is slow and it costs a lot if your site gets big. Then I read this 😀 and so I signed up for wordpress.com, paid to point my domain and paid to be rid of the ads all for about what I would pay in a month for a site to be hosted by Squarespace.

    😀 You guys rock! WordPress is amazing and now you have one more happy customer!!


  39. openbytes

    Personally I am very happy with WordPress if it shows ads or not. My blog doesnt cost me anything, and you cant get better value than that! – Cheers!


  40. sailingbreeze

    very good


  41. ClapSo

    Well, this issue has garnered the most spirited debate I’ve ever seen on one of these announcement messages here at WP. This seems to be a sore point with more then just me. My primary concern is not “my experience” (I use ad block plus, so live an ad free e-life anyway) it is my readers experience that is damaged.

    Many of us blog, in part, because we have become fed up with the corporate controlled media. One of the things that makes the msm so bad, is the censorship connected to the zillions of ad dollars the msm brings in from the corpoRATeers. Several readers have emailed me, and even complained to me in RL that it seems hypocrisy for me to post anti-corpoRATe articles, while there is a walmart ad right next to it. I have to agree that ugly.

    I have no problem with WP or any other site putting ads on their own pages. Stick as many ads on WP pages as you like. I do however wish you would not have them on any blogs at all. Only the blog owner should have the power to put ads on our own blogs. No WP employee would go to someone else’s blog and add words or pictures on a post. When ads are added, that is exactly what you are doing. You are modifying someone else’s blog, without permission!

    My latest attempt at a solution to this prob is to add a paypal donate button in the hope that I get enough donations to pay the ad free fee. Alas, the paypal button code gets stripped. I tried the FAQ to no avail and a message to WP feedback asking for a workaround has thus far gone unanswered…

    Really, I love WP. I hope to blog here for many years to come. This issue has been simmering for a while. I know of several former WP bloggers who left this site because of this issue. It’s good that we finally got this out in the open.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  42. Poppy

    –Pay for NO advertising –why, legoless? Here’s an example, the one that set off LONG discussion thread on topic (two yrs ago):
    I posted on “Roger Mahony, Cardinal Thug” after it was revealed his church employee, AKA “priest” raped a child –instead of seeing he was arrested/celled/tortured/or even just publicly exposed, cardinal thug merely moved him from area to area –enabled rape of over 400 children; one day in a rush didn’t have time to Log-in and checked on the post for new comments. Logged-out I was stunned to see: ads on the page –smacked right under the headline. WHAT is “appropriate” “contexual” ad for child rape? Bailbonds ‘service’…. I didn’t know ads were being posted, randomly, was mighty unhappy at ad choice/content, started the thread, on which large number of community participated.

    But I way Accept premise: ad revenue = income to hosts, free blog for me; just objected to the choice of blog/page-content/ad….

    Google bot: does STINKING LOUSY job of “reading” content/choosing “appropriate” ads, especially if you write about complex topics or multi-subjects in a single post, but if you don’t mind stupid/inappropriate ads: everybody wins.

    People who “object” to advertising: re-examine your “thinking.” –How many things wouldn’t you have if it weren’t for advertising? Start with: newspapers –investigative reporting, democracy; if you want to have your own business some day: you will Admire the honesty and the process of being able to tell the world about it via ads. The alternative? The dishonesty of using print, radio, TV and reporters –manipulation –“PR” –but un-identified, raised to new highs(lows) e.g., by the “folks” who used it to convince Americans/world it was Good Thing to fling the Nation’s Guard into another country for No Good (security) Reason –merely to protect a single industry (oil). I’ll take straight advertising all day long over deceit/hidden agenda of PR.

    Ads on my wedge of WP: will be happy to allow.


  43. lnxwalt

    Wonderful news. I don’t mind your ads, because I realize someone has to pay for this wonderful service, but I’m also glad that you’re giving us the choice about it.

    Like I always say, you guys rock!


  44. Rusty

    Just curious. If our readers don’t see the ads, who does? If no one sees them I see no reason for them. I know this probably sounds really ignorant as the answer to that is probably really obvious.


  45. gokulanand

    Good one, surely give it a thought to go for it.


  46. the angry black woman

    I would just like to stress, heavily, that though I would like a paid upgrade that would allow me to have ads, I would not want it to be in the form of ad-sharing on AdSense. I don’t want adsense ads, actually. I would rather make my own deals with advertisers and become part of networks I trust and not ones I don’t trust (Google!). But really, if we could hurry this upgrade along, I would appreciate it. I wold like to not move my blog from WordPress.com, but the ad thing is really a sticking point. I like you guys and want to stay!


  47. Jean-Luc Crucifix

    I’ve never seen any ad on my blog. I didn’t even know that some readers could have seen an ad on my blog… It is not really a good news.

    At the least, I think that WP should give the blogger the possibility to get statistics about how many ads appear in his blog. I’d like to know also WHERE and HOW they appear in a post. This way I could decide if it is really annoying.

    As for the payment, just think that not everybody live in USA or Europe. US$30 is not much over there, but not so in many other countries. For instance, I live in Venezuela where there is a control of change (we can’t buy dollars or euros freely), which difficults me to upgrade.

    If the ads are really intrusive in my blog, I think I will leave WordPress.com to get a selfhosted WP blog. It’s a pity because I liked the WP.com community.


  48. Keith Lehman

    WordPress bloggers should decide which ads to be run and allowed to insert their own. I personally like responsible ads, if there are going to be any – and a reputable source. Then bloggers can have the opportunity to decide, no ads, limited ads and which ads, as well as provide some income for operations.


  49. programmervb

    matt, very good


  50. Saker Racing Asia

    WordPress is a simply amazing free service and beats anything out there hands down. Personally I haven’t had any problems or negative feedback from the ads, but for those who object to having them on their blogs $30 is a cheap upgrade. Keep up the good work guys!


  51. xboxoz360

    Well guys, I’ve been with WP now for a little over 13 months, and during that time, at the very beginning, I had a “few” ads appear in the site I was slowly building prior to it really going live (launched in August, but really began the push in September ’07).

    Since say October ’07, I have not had a known ad appear on the site it my knowledge or the knowledge of any of the 13 team members working within the site, 3 of which do daily chores within the site vetting news and helping post articles. So if ANYONE wants any further validation than that about WP’s diligence on keeping ads to the minimum, then I have no idea what will convince them.

    While we get a decent 42-45k+ page views per month at the moment, we will be going to WP.org as we DO want to run some ads for our sponsors. As without them, we can’t get games to review etc.

    Perhaps . . . ? ? ? ? If there was a section that allowed some ads to be placed within “some” sites at the request of the site owners, WP.com might consider that support. It would help encourage constant users to not only stay with WOP.com, but also help WP in getting larger traffic through their main server farms etc. ? It would have to be an Opt-In system, and only open to heavy users who work on their sites “daily”

    Just a thought ??

    Open to suggestion.

    But all-in-all, WP.com has my vte 110% and then some.


  52. envyshah

    WordPress Rocks !!!


  53. Luminita

    Thanks, Matt ! I feel now as I would have received a big prize, that’s such a good feeling to be on top… It is a long time since I have received any prizes, long, long time… 🙂


  54. TicoDance

    There is no doubt that this is the best blogging service ever!
    What I am concerned about is the staff!
    I must ask Matt and all of the WP staff not to care to much about these “negative opinions”, since it may dim the entusiasm of such a great team.
    We all would prefer to have everything for free, but we must also understand that such is just not possible!

    Keep ut the wonderful work you’re doing so far. Thank you!


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  56. Yasir Imran

    nice to know that


  57. krysjez

    At the complainers:
    From what I’ve been getting so far I don’t think the folks at WordPress.com are the kind of people who will stick an avalanche of ads in your face, just because they can (and it brings money). Someone’s got to pay for the service after all, and I think you will agree with me that WP.com is one of the best free blogging providers you have ever used. If you want total control – no ads, nonexistent downtime, plugins, hacks and all you can purchase your own hosting and domain plans.

    Thanks Matt and team!


  58. Viper007Bond

    I find all of the people complaining that their free blog is paid for with the occasional ad displayed on their blog.

    Servers doesn’t grow on trees, people.


  59. Abhishek Gupta

    This is one good step forward by wordpress.
    However I don’t care to have ads on my blog, in opposite for my blog it is better to have contextual relevant ads because it can be informative for reader to click on it for more information.
    But I would like wordpress to share the revenue and make the ads visible to everyone read my blog.
    This is profitable for both side more than having 30 credit for one year.
    At least it is worth to think about that!!!!


  60. Syam Jr

    That is more advantages for WordPress to show ads even continuesly. Bravo!!!


  61. Rafael Lemos

    I didn’t know that there are ads in my blog, I’ve never seen it…


  62. alexcarnevale

    people who are bashing wordpress are absolutely silly.

    Thanks for everything you guys do.

    I’m looking forward to being able to put ads on my wordpress.com site, and sharing the revenue with WordPress.


  63. Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

    I find this all so humorous. I love WordPress (self-hosted) and don’t understand why those who pay for upgrades still stay at .com when they can move to .org (self-hosted) for cheaper.

    To domain map and CSS upgrade costs roughly $30 which is all you would need per year to have a self hosted blog. And you have so much more flexibility and the ability to put ads on your site if you want to. Hosting can be picked up on the cheap (reliable hosting) as well as a domain name and you can control everything… 😀

    Seriously, not knocking wordpress at all… i’m it’s biggest fan, but i just don’t get the .com when you are so limited and can have the same platform and MORE if you just go self hosted… for cheaper… 😀


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  65. goriji

    Hi again,

    Just wanted to say.. I also second this person’s comments: kenamaddox

    Secondly, I do know how to spell fourth lol (from my earlier post)

    Third- Matt, if this hasn’t already been said, seem like we’ve got 2 camps here, peeps who want the ads + profit sharing (like me) & peeps who don’t want or at least aren’t crazy about the ads.

    So an idea: why not talk to peeps like (an example, my vlogging site) revver.com (Sean, sorry don’t remember last name, is very nice & knowledgable there) on the intricacies of sharing some small amount of google ads profit with the users who WANT ads (like me!! me!!! :), with an option for ppl to pay for their own ads (again, as a vlogger plus someone with aspirations to start a culturally-specific nite club/lounge space in San Francisco soon, I would basically kill to be able to place my own ads on my blog, as small as it may be)… Revver is based on this model, the profit sharing amount is very small, but I’ve been quite pleased with the specificity/relative unobtrusiveness of the ads on revver overall (don’t get me wrong, they are ever-present, but the decent ad-matching- even though I’m blogging/vlogging mostly about South Asian/Indian subjects…. makes them seem like a positive feature)…

    So in other words, if you hook up those of us who DO want ads, you can probably make much more $$$ from heavier placement that way, & therefore have the option to eliminate ads for free from those who want to ‘opt out’ etc.. I think you’ll find once $$ is involved for the bloggers (just a share of what you make anyhow, a small share), many more ppl will become open to it 🙂 Just a thought.. definitely drop a line to Sean at revver & tell him goriji sent you.. not sure where ur located but I believe they’re in LA.. he can probably give you a good overview of how it works for them etc.. just a thought. PayPal is used for payments BTW…

    Just my 2c! Oh & I second multi-language support! Hindi please 🙂 & Tamil/Telugu wouldn’t hurt either! 😀 thanks much for the great great *free* platform 🙂 🙂 🙂


  66. gelegarnibung



  67. dbagus2

    So Far So Good


  68. Manny Z

    i still would like to see what ads look like before deciding whether i need to upgrade.


  69. Jarret Morrow

    Matt, I am impressed to see so many replies from you on this topic! In terms of the ads, I wouldn’t pay for this service as the WordPress ads are so unobtrusive, what’s the point? However, for my 2cents, there are some features that I would like to see. It would be nice to have the option of adding a “digg button” or “buzz up” button automatically to each post. From a revenue standpoint, maybe adding some premium templates for credits might be worth considering. Keep up the good work! Jarret


  70. Richard Graves

    Are VIP hosted blogs ad-free?


  71. Justin

    What has been going on with the big bloggers (CNN) that you talk about using wordpress? Were they showing your google ads before?



    Great! I love clean sites!


  73. davidliew

    For me, i move my “life” here because here got no ad, and also nice design blog for us…so PLEASE do not start those ad thing, or i will be SUPER disappointed, some of us may have to “jump boat” too OR you can keep us forever here by make this place as what it is now.

    If we didn’t notice those ad or not always maybe ok, but NOT like regular or in BIG size please, plus do must understand, some of your so called upgrade wen convert to our local currency is no more funny or little…thks.


  74. danmurray01

    Being a business man I can see the plus side to having ads. Remember wordpress.com is a free service, well, I guess you can add on bits and bobs that may cost you a little money, but over all, wordpress is free. If by having Google ads means that the service remain free, and some of that extra cash goes into better development, then why not?

    Hey, you don’t need to click on the ads if you don’t want to.


  75. Andrew

    So $0.08 must be the opportunity cost WordPress forgoes for supressing ads.

    This means across 4,000,000 blogs WP is generating $0.08 per day or $320,000.

    Thats 116 million dollars per year in online advertising. Experience tells me this number sounds a little high, and thus so does the $0.08.

    Most of the revenue is likely coming in from the top 1% of blogs. Should be the case that once you hit a certain traffic level, you need to start coughing up money for all the great features of WordPress.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like that cost is distributed across all WP blogs — ostensibly to make it more affordable for mid-tier blogs generating above the .08 average to pay only .08 to WordPress and think they are getting a deal?

    Our movie review blog gets about 20 visits a day. Pathetic I know. I logged into the site from my iPhone and got an ad the first time.

    Yes I notice the ads. And because I care about WordPress I’m taking the time to give an honest response: A tiered plan would make more sense.


  76. americanbadass607

    I have no problem with the ads. you have to pay the bills some how, and I get a great media tool to voice how I feel for free. I have increased my readers since coming here from Kos. Thanks guys.



  77. dotnetcoderoom

    Maybe the words of pinaldave’s wish come true , may be some day we will be able to put our own ads on our WordPress blog.

    The SEO of wordpress is awesome.


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  79. analysis

    As openbytes said, “My blog doesn’t cost me anything, and you cant get better value than that!” especially given how FEW ads are shown. You could have gone the Yahoo route and had ads up the wazoo, intrusive and hard to work around, but you didn’t. I’m impressed and think you’ve hit an excellent balance.


  80. विनय प्रजापति

    that’s why wordpress is my first choice ever.


  81. yuliyanto

    Thanks, Matt.


  82. ://

    I don’t notice the ads. Adblock FTW!


  83. Rindu

    Sound interesting … is it for free?


  84. Tudor

    Great and important issue here.

    I have resisted deliberate use of ads for a bundle of reasons shared by other WordPressers (I think).

    One key issue for me is that I want the flexibility to make mistakes in my posts and correct them, and comment freely without being behold to anyone or any organization.


  85. nikqlate

    good idea……


  86. kinkikids

    The thing I love about WordPress is the feature of its blog free offer for free.
    Now its come with a price …. -_-
    May be its time for me to look for other places?
    By the way? Why need the Google ad in here at the first place ~ I don’t mind to pay to have more features but I do mind to pay for an ad-free blog…


  87. mynameisforty

    i love how so many people have read “adverts” and are up in arms whereabouts the fact they haven’t ever noticed them before or had complaints before vetos their issue. bills don’t pay themselves guys.


  88. sinac

    Hello Matt, I read and Translate to Farsi that you said.
    you can see in http://sinac.wordpress.com/2008/09/22/google-adsense-wordpress/


  89. Frank Haun

    I’ve never seen ads on my blog, but I would pay for an adsfree site.


  90. chrisengler

    I wish the ‘host your own’ version of WordPress (downloadable at WordPress.org) worked as well as the WordPress.com hosted version. The ‘host your own’ version allows you to run as many ads as you want, but it comes with a price of the constant maintanance that you never have to worry about here.


  91. cesarcasg

    It would be nice if you give it for free.


  92. ^joels

    yeahh finally… im waiting matt, this is great… thats why i moved all my site using wordpress.


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  94. pdtnc

    it would be nice if we could have our own targeted adsense adverts, so as to lightly monetize our own blogs.



  95. Josh

    When will you let us run our own ads, and give you a cut (say forty percent)?


  96. valorizing labour

    unbelievable that it took this long. but i am glad for the development.

    maybe now we could have some decent stat feautures… ?


  97. ahmed

    considering what “josh” and “pdtnc” have said, i’m asking the wordpress-ers to re-consider the ads policy, make a huge poll to ask users what they want? their own ads with a cut, free ads or no ads at all !



    Thanks, Matt.


  99. deepak3216

    I wish the ‘host your own’ version of WordPress (downloadable at WordPress.org) worked as well as the WordPress.com hosted version. The ‘host your own’ version allows you to run as many ads as you want, but it comes with a price of the constant maintanance that you never have to worry about here


  100. eengineers

    Greate posting matt, u always give some thing new….keep it up


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