Comment Reply Via Email: Closed Beta!

Today we have a special treat for those of you who are quick to act: closed beta testing for comment reply by email. Check out this video to see how it works, and to hear about another upcoming goody:

Comment reply by email makes replying to comments super-easy. Just enable e-mail notifications for comments as you normally would under Settings > Discussion.

Then, instead of clicking back to your dashboard, you can reply to the comment straight from e-mail. When you click reply, a special WordPress e-mail address will appear in the Sender line, matching your reply to the proper comment thread. Send it off, and your reply is up on your blog in seconds.

But you can’t check it out unless you’re part of the closed beta, so be sure to sign up if you want to check it out!

To sign up, leave a comment on this post. Signups are per blog — not per user — so make sure that your profile contains a link to the blog you’d like to test it out on. Check out these instructions on how to link your name to your blog.

Signups for the closed beta will close at 6 p.m. PST (UTC-8) tomorrow, Friday, October 24.

UPDATE 10/24: Comments are now CLOSED. To those who responded: Enjoy the beta!

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  1. Ron

    Promising idea, but what would be seriously useful is the ability to block comments from the far-too-many rabid psychos who roam the blogosphere. You know the sort – those who are utterly unable to disagree with anyone without a torrent of personal abuse, safe in the knowledge that distance protects them from any repercussions. Is this actually feasible?

  2. Carolina Urra Brito

    Hello Everyone!,

    I want to invite to your to visit…

    see you there

  3. skykid

    I would like to test it too.

  4. Gaizabonts

    Sign me up! Please!

  5. Dark Knight

    wow.. great… wanna be part of this :D

  6. chirax

    Will this be available in the next WP Upgrade to everyone.

  7. Praveen Garlapati

    Please enable the feature for me.

  8. Richard

    I’d love to try this out. Hope I’m not too late!


    very useful. great idea!

  10. xboxoz360

    Okay guys, sign me up for on on our site . . .

  11. Guh

    I’m dreaming about this feat since eons ago… Sign me in please. Thank you.

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  13. Guh

    Ups, sorry, my blog is:

  14. Kaveetaa Kaul

    Me too me too…

    And would like to slip this in..I am not receiving comment notifications on my mail for 3-4 days now…If I have to reply via email gotta to receive them first. :)

  15. ridgeliner7

    Sounds good to me!

  16. Nancy Babyak

    I would love to join the beta!

  17. solusloqui

    Hey, this is a great thing to be involved, and can’t miss out (though my blog might only have “1-2 readers”).. :)
    And as I believe it’s still early Friday in PST, please, sign me in as well, will you? Thanks heaps. ;)

  18. Lunken

    I’d like to try it out :-)

  19. Gary Murning

    I’d like to take part in this, too.

  20. simplybesheilakeegan

    This is fab, a real help, would love to be part of this

  21. Ahmed

    I want to be part of the beta.

  22. Emmanuel

    Well, I’d like to test it !

  23. Prabin

    i wanna try too :D

  24. Chirag Jain

    sign me up too…..b’coz of the time gap between usa and india, I got to know this much later…

  25. The Frozen Fan

    I’m in. Frozen Fan @

  26. mahjonk

    ok, i wanna try…

  27. vik

    Interesting feature!! Wud love it!

  28. Alexis

    I’d like to try this beta, it will be so useful when I’m on my trips, to minimize my online time. :)

  29. Ferran - Un que passava

    I’d like to test it, too.

  30. F

    Sounds cool :-P

  31. Phaick Tan

    Yes please.

  32. salamandrine

    add me too, please :)

  33. Darren

    Excellent idea – count me in please!

  34. Shefaly

    Please can I sign up too, Sir? :-)

  35. Rasmus

    I would very much like to participate!

  36. Patrick Guldan

    I would love to try this, Thanks.

  37. Omar Upegui R.

    This is a great breakthrough in WordPress. Yes, I would love to participate if I can. Thank you!


  38. katm
  39. donnacha

    Me too please!

  40. Khürt

    Darn! This is what I get for reading my newsfeeds after breakfast instead of 4 AM.

  41. cybersass

    cool. sign me up.

  42. absolutjoiz™

    Hi can I try this?

  43. jesscabrera

    I’d like to try!

  44. Phy
  45. 37prime

    I want one, I want one……. Please.

    Thank You

  46. Our Man in the Field

    Any openings left? I’d be keen.

  47. likerofknowledge1
  48. philramble

    I’d like to try this too:

    Thanks! :)

  49. John McClement

    I’d like to participate.

  50. Robin

    I’ve been hoping for this feature. Count me in please.

  51. tbuesing

    thanks for taking me onboard as well

  52. cotojo

    Sounds like a great idea and a wonderful time saver too…..count me in please :)

  53. DR

    I would love to try it too.

  54. Michelle Rafter

    Please add me to the beta.

  55. Michael

    I would like to help test this new feature.

  56. Dark Max

    I’d love to help test it out:

  57. the rufus

    I try everything – so this as well ;)

  58. notdancingqueen

    Great idea! Count me in!

  59. range

    I wouldn’t mind using this as well.

  60. owbEe
  61. wonderingpilgrim

    I’m in if there’s any spaces left

  62. rillys

    i would to try it too…

  63. sensico
  64. NR Davis
  65. Alastair Vance

    Am I too late? I’d love to try it also.

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  67. Steffen
  68. contenttype

    Sign me up to this too.

    Zahoor @

  69. slanch

    why not,

  70. Liza Lee Miller

    Sign me up, please. Liza @

  71. Julia

    What about those below the point? I would also like to be part. =)

  72. davidbroder
  73. Jason Adams

    I’d like to be part of it.

  74. Manuel Reis

    I would like to test the feature, please.

  75. Reynie

    I would give it a try!
    (if you me let me of course) ;-)

  76. carolynh

    I would love to use this feature. I have been waiting for this for a long time!! Thanks.

  77. Raza Rumi

    Please sign me up – this is excellent news!

  78. sjöbomullvaden

    I wanna be a part of the closed beta

    from Sweden, sorry not to much engish

  79. Fairchild_13

    count me in! :D

  80. ramblingperfectionist

    Me too. Does “everyone above this point” implies you’ve “closed” it already?

  81. Jacqueline Lafloufa

    Signing up!!
    It will help me a lot!

  82. Jacqueline Lafloufa

    Damn it, I´m brasilian, time here is different… =´(

  83. Timmy

    Hook me up!

  84. Peter A. Mello

    Would love to try this out.

  85. rrphotospr

    I’m in!

  86. Timmy



    now hookage!

  87. Mischy/Eva

    I also like to try this. Sounds cool.

  88. Andy Alt

    If the taxes aren’t too high on this new feature, please sign me up. I just can’t afford any more tax evasion litigation, so I only do tax-free things now.

  89. leapnlizzie

    I can’t wait to be try this out! My blog is

  90. Angela Frissore

    I’d like to try it!

  91. leeaase

    Hey, please let me in on this too!

  92. rrphotospr

  93. Susan

    Awesome! What will you guys think of next??? Please include me!

    Oh, extra thanks for the video, it really solidifies what the new feature really is. (Plus I love the narrator’s voice!)

  94. sippaganteng


  95. Amy P

    I’d like to be part of the trial – thanks.

  96. delphinia

    Us too! Please!

  97. idsamdg
  98. Rodrigo Konther

    I also want to join the closed beta.


    (Sorry for my bad english, I’m brazilian)

  99. Lambada

    Sign me up!

  100. masterclasslady

    I hope I’m not too late.

    I would love to be part of this great beta idea.


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