QuickPress and Other Handy Post Options

As you may have noticed, there’s a brand new way to post on your dashboard: QuickPress! There are also lots of other tools to help you write and edit drafts and published posts.

QuickPress lets you post the basics straight from your dashboard, without navigating to the Posts menu. The essentials are all there: title, text, tags, and the media toolbar, which lets you add images, videos, music, documents, and polls.


You can save from QuickPress as a draft or publish straight away. Posts made through QuickPress will appear in the Posts menu after they’re saved.

To add a new post the traditional way, go to Add New under Posts in the menu on your dashboard. All the modules and screen options on this page can be changed to whatever suits your needs.

A few key changes to note on Add New:

  • Privacy settings and sticky posts options are now tucked under Visibility in the Publish module.
  • Comments, pingbacks and trackbacks settings are in the new Discussion module. When there are comments on a post, they will appear here, and can be moderated from within the module. Sending Trackbacks has its own module for including URLs.
  • The Publish button now changes to more clearly correspond to the action you’re taking. If you’ve set your post to publish on a future date, the Publish button will change to say Schedule. Posts that have already been published will show an Update button.
  • There’s now a separate Save Draft button, near the Preview button.

Moving on to the Edit Posts page…

You can view your posts in an Excerpt view, which you can activate by clicking on the icon in the upper right of your screen. This will display the first bit of your post under its title.


Drafts are now shown alongside published posts in the All Posts view, in the order of their modification date.

Action links are another super-handy addition. They’re essentially shortcuts that allow you to take action on an item straight from your dashboard. Action links appear on the Edit Posts page when you hover near a post title. These options are: Edit, Quick Edit, Delete, and View/Preview.

Quick Edit is the counterpart to QuickPress. It allows you to swiftly and easily change these attributes of a post: title, slug, date, author, password protection and privacy, categories, tags, comments and pings settings, status, and sticky post. Be sure to click Update Post when you’re done to save your changes.


Lastly, you can batch edit posts to do a range of nifty things like add categories, change the author, and publish multiple posts at once. To do this, check the boxes next to the posts you want to change, and select the type of action you want to take from the Actions drop-down menu at the top left of the column. Click Apply, and it’s done!

There’s lots of new stuff, so check out this Support page for more details on QuickPress and other features.

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  1. savride

    twitter like, can be


  2. danyal1

    I Love word press


  3. adonis49

    I guess the improvements with quickpress would come handy when I decide to write drafts straight from wordpress; or I am missing the purpose? I think the idea is great.


    • Douglas

      That is a good use. QuickPress is mainly for those who want to post quick posts without having to navigate to the full post menu.


  4. awsiv

    this is cool! Thank you


  5. alhakim

    i just wonder why comment thread and break comment into page not available in wordpress.com blog? I see it available at wordpress (.org) default?


    • Douglas

      You can change your discussion settings by going to your dashboard and then clicking on Settings, and then Discussion. There are options to break comments into pages there.


  6. angka8hoki

    the improvement of wordpress feature is amazing….
    wonderfull …….

    i do like it.


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