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The Blog

Want to see a cool trick? Open up a new browser tab and type “” into the address bar.

Whoa! It just redirected you to

I could do that all day. πŸ™‚

Yes it’s true, Automattic is now the proud owner of, which we acquired from our buddies over at Yahoo! We’ve been using as internal shorthand for this site for years now, and ever since we figured out four or five years ago that Yahoo had that domain (as opposed to the Washington Post or something) we’ve been doing our best to get it, a journey that culminated in ultimate success a few days ago. seemed like a great fit: people’s attention spans are getting shorter every day.Β  Wow the weather is great in San Francisco today. Also it’s seven keystrokes shorter to type in, which multiplied by the hundreds of millions of times people visit the site every year will be a huge productivity boost to our troubled economy and prevent RSI in a large percentage of the population.

But beyond just redirecting to I wanted to throw something out to you guys:

What should we do with

Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll put it into the Automattic idea machine and crunch something out at the end.

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  1. Charlemagne

    If I wish to visit “” I am going to type in (or google) Short-handing the website’s url only indemnifies the public’s supposed desire for a lazier approach to finding a website they would not be looking for if they did not already know it exists. But go ahead, use “” to generate short-term interest in the url itself only to satisfy a spike on the visitors graph, by all means. I like to know I am popular too.


  2. Kat Turner

    Make your Twitter name and see how many followers you can get πŸ™‚


  3. Paul

    Yahoo. Has any business done more to turn the internet into nothing more than advertising medium than Yahoo? WordPress have given me unconditional and absolutely invaluable support for years. You are doing a brilliant job.


  4. art predator

    does this mean if I tweet a link to my blog I can use ??? wow! that would give me 7 more characters per tweet!

    and if it doesn’t yet, can it one day?



  5. art predator

    hmmnnn tested it and I just end up at which I guess is what you said in the first place


  6. Justin

    Use it as another domain option for blogs. could become


  7. Ryan

    Wow. That’s awesome, Matt. Not as awesome as, but pretty awesome. I’d have to be pretty conventional and say you should deploy it as an alternative to the domain, so everyone gets a shorter URL for their blog. Otherwise? A URL shortener. Or a web version of WordPress 5.1.


  8. Ryan

    Of course, I meant WordPerfect 5.1. I miss that thing.


  9. Mary

    The word “wordpress” should be eliminated for good, and replaced with WP. πŸ™‚


  10. whg5

    save it for wordpress bloggers to access their blogs faster and therefor boost wordpress material hitting the web faster ultimately solidifying wordpress even more.


  11. Aditya Kavoor

    Make our blog URLs still smaller and nicer –


  12. 3433

    i think it would be great to use it as a shorter blog adress like easier to remember and nice looking ^^


  13. raincoaster

    You should make it a moderated Tips blog using the P2 theme, and then any community member would be able to contribute. Then you could just throw it at an editor in a year or two and have a for Dummies book ready-made.

    Shit, why didn’t *I* think of that??? Oh wait, I just did. Did you know I’m an editor too?


  14. theselfloathingfeminist

    It would be great if every feature of the stats was explained clearly for beginners who still have to google things like ‘rss feed’ and ‘syndicated’ to get it in dummy language. I have no clue what the numbers on those pretty graphs and lists actually reflect because nothing seems to add up.

    Or maybe I’m just in over my head. I’m not sure. But congrats on the productivity-boosting domain name!


  15. Christian

    1) Would be cool if it would work with my blogURL too … so that there is no difference if I type. or

    2) Would be great if there would be a tinyURL like “” to grab somewhere below each post / next to comment or so …

    3) you could take 2) and add the title of the post and send this to w/ one klick.


  16. yongsheng

    hahaha! this is so amusing. πŸ™‚


  17. made junes

    how about


  18. fajro

    Nice! πŸ™‚


  19. Rollin

    Have it be a twitter-style WordPress module for quick blogging. Very bare-bones.


  20. Yella Ojrak

    I think it would be a great idea if can be applied to subdomains, e.g: redirect to


  21. mikeriveraprod

    Cool! Congratulations on your new Domain name.


  22. Srikanth Srinivasan

    provide blggers with the same extensions? as in instead of πŸ™‚


  23. Felix-Gabriel Lefter

    Just go on!


  24. Pothi

    Wow! Every new announcement makes me to feel as if it is the best announcement ever! Very useful addition indeed!

    Okay – I had to admit, there is no idea as of now. πŸ™‚

    Just cheers and double thumbs up!!!


  25. Midave

    Good news!

    Maybe you could make the WP.COM as alternative address.
    So, I can have address as and
    Both will work. πŸ™‚


  26. shaners becker

    A blog URL shortener. Every post/page/comment could get a URL for free that’s something like:
    or something like that.

    Pretty please?


  27. cherielee

    omg its damn cool! i typed my url and changed wordpress to wp too! and it works!!


  28. spokelement

    Does this mean we will be able to shrink down our urls to Will both and work in the future?


  29. cd

    …May be you could now try to sell to ‘Washington Post’ for a million dollars and use the money to provide more goodies to users πŸ™‚


  30. ulysses

    What should we do with Well, maybe use it for featuring blogs with excellent content, design, etc. Or maybe use as a portal for every link that is WordPress related.



    Wow! It makes easier to find my blog


  32. ericriveracooks

    Could you use it to shorten the normal blog address for users?



    I think that would be pretty cool………..


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  34. insider53

    If I am having a good day I would say Thanks for making life more convenient. If I am having a bad day however you don’t really want me to tell you what you can do with it. Lucky for you I am having a good thanks.


  35. Andrei

    Use it instead Like


  36. Ron

    “…people’s attention spans are getting shorter every day. ”

    Not, perhaps, a trait to be encouraged…


  37. Ψ§ΫŒΩ…Ψ§Ω†

    give us another domain πŸ™‚


  38. qbit

    A redirection: ==>


  39. Simpsonise Adminstator

    cool shortcut, but when I type in – instead of, I get the wordpress homepgage


  40. Tykerq

    make our domain http://(blogname) instead of http://(blogname)! It would look cool


  41. draguscn

    How about to be such service like tiny URL, pretty link ?


  42. charleyabel

    How about using it just as is used, so instead of having to type, you can type; either that or charge people a few credits to upgrade from to


  43. intothesystem

    That’s very cool and really handy for those of us browsing on mobiles. Not sure what to use it for other than the redirect but will keep thinking.


  44. timmyjimi

    Cool! What about something like this?:


  45. paralleldivergence

    At present, doesn’t redirect to my site, so it would be nice to fix that! πŸ˜‰


  46. Aris

    how about being able to use “blogname” – (redirecting all accounts to the new shorter name)

    Great domain btw!


  47. smith3000

    I honestly couldn’t even begin to speculate what you might do with – long, long week at work – but it is a lot easier to type than before. Every little helps. My fingers and wrists thank you ..


  48. MondoFree

    I think a good idea is a fast access to all our blog. I’d love to get my blog with πŸ™‚


  49. Viper007Bond

    Honestly? I’d say probably leave as is.

    Although it’d be nice if redirected to rather than the homepage. Handy for things like Twitter or e-mail.


  50. Johan

    I think it’s cool to redirect our blogs ( into ( πŸ˜€


  51. Damon Tucker

    Have a contest amongst bloggers and give the domain away to the most creative person who can give a response to “WP.Com”


  52. goosetea

    we could use something like πŸ™‚


  53. antonjuniorche

    Why don’t you make it into a “Twitter”-like website, but limited to user? That should be interesting.


  54. Brenda Nepomuceno

    That’s cool! And easier, of course. I liked, but I don’t have any good idea of what to do with it to share, sorry! =)


  55. Greg

    It would be cool if blogs would redirect too with

    In fact, maybe blogs should be hosted at the more accessible rather than Currently, the name makes WordPress perhaps too dominant. looks a lot more…friendly? Tidy? I don’t know, but I like it.

    On the negative side, this takes the attention away from your service, which is never a wise idea in marketing. You’d probably need a bit of a rebrand to make people aware of how WP isn’t Wikipedia or Washington Post but WordPress. Ah well, it could be worth it.


  56. Matthew

    It would be great to have work fully

    So πŸ™‚


  57. essentialfix

    URL shortener for posts?


  58. Anders

    What about


  59. PinchHost

    I’m sure your .com users would be thrilled to see their blog addresses shortened by 7 characters from to

    Possibly you could further differentiate between and by re-branding as and redirecting those visiting to


  60. Rizal

    it’s a really great news !
    i have tried the, and its redirected to .
    maybe you can use the for aggregator, microblogging, social networking or weekly blogging award.
    great job, matt


  61. amrinz

    make a new blog portal like


  62. dlandgren

    Woo! Two letter domain names rule.

    My first suggestion would be to let blog authors decide which domain they wanted their blog to appear under. I for one would be happy to have my blog be known as This could be done via a dashboard setting.



  63. 1 of 1

    Free subdomains would be great.


  64. cowkingdeluxe

    Brand as a competitor to WordPress through a different company owned by WordPress and get more market share.


  65. Daniel

    Maybe we could choose to use instead of upon blog creation.


  66. hiroe

    I think it would be a waste if you just redirect it to I dont know how but maybe you can use it as a short link service and integrate it to wordpress blogs.


  67. msdi

    Why not use it to create a style short post for everyone’s posts?


  68. Sauli Lepola

    Just one more question…

    will also work in the future?


  69. Silva

    hmm… what about using it as a TLD for accessing any blog, only with a mobile-friendly theme?


  70. maguay

    Let existing users switch to if they want, and then have their old address redirect to the new one indefinitely. Then, let new users choose if they want or


  71. Prateek

    What a great catch Matt! is a great fit to .
    My suggestion for a good use. Why not use it as a short URL domain.
    For example:
    may be canonical to

    just my two cents.


  72. Maxe

    Redirect to That would be nice :D.



  73. Bon

    Naturally the first idea that springs to mind is a URL shortening service. Not very original or exciting though.

    Any plans to try and secure


  74. imaligor

    How about you make that also a sub domain! That way our domain names won’t be as long. FOR EXAMPLE


  75. nickie wang

    Yeah this one is a cool trick! Thanks!


  76. Olli

    Now if only my Blogs would get redirected, too!


  77. Taddle1

    how about making our blog available like


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  79. Jonathon Reynolds

    The most obvious application I can think of would be a short url service. You may even be able to monetize it if it had a preview mode of the page you are about to visit.


  80. Lora

    Very nice! Now we can access the site faster.
    I’d make it a page where people can choose between a self hosted blog or a blog hosted by WP since there are alot of posts on the forums that needs to be on the forum and vice versa.

    – Lora


  81. Ψ§Ω…ΫŒΩ† Ω‡Ψ§Ψ΄Ω…ΫŒ



  82. Melonie

    That short little domain name is sweet. Why not share it with us users? has a nice ring to it.


  83. the forester

    Share the wealth! I just tried “” and failed to reach my blog.


  84. Cameron

    I have a great idea!! Instead of using “”, it should be converted to “”.


  85. Chittaranjan


    Would be cooler if could redirect to the blog 😎

    Y’know what would be coolest? Allow users to pick two-lettered initials of their own and when appended to, would lead to their blogs. [e.g. would lead to my blog :mrgreen: ]


  86. akhpaiman

    I love u, wordpress…


  87. elginjessica

    Probably not an exciting answer, but it makes sense to me that would continue to redirect to


  88. Mat in Brooklyn

    First off, make blog adresses redirect from there too, as in:

    Make it something cool. A different portal.

    Great news guys, congrats!


  89. Shion

    Could you make it so that we just need to type instead of the usual The longhand typing is prone to typos.


  90. bencahill

    I think you should make anything @ redirect to, ex:
    forwards to

    Of course, everything here is on subdomains, so you would have to implement that as well (could be very hard to implement)

    Just an idea!!


  91. helloimsick

    What about putting our blogs at this domain? Such as:
    I think it’s a great thing that you did! Congratulations, WordPress team πŸ™‚


  92. chinsetakout

    You should make it the same as but make it so ads are allowed on it without having to have a self hosted blog!



  93. egomaniac

    What a good news!
    Well, I think you should use the to host our blogs too. So now, people can choose whether to use or as their blog domain.


  94. badfreeway

    obviously, should redirect to


  95. that girl again

    Simple. Rebrand as Existing urls would still work, obviously, but new users would be issued a subdomain and everyone else would soon pick up and start using the shorter version (like googlemail v. gmail). I’m sure you could resolve the inevitable duplicate content and pagerank issues with those nice people at Google.

    The fact that this site shares a name with has been a major source of confusion since day one, and the sooner it’s fixed the better.


  96. somethingson

    Well now let’s see…..

    You could make a special dyslexic-friendly blogging service with it. WordPress is a bit of a mouthful for some people. [NB- you may need to acquire as well.]

    Or you could do what I do and just keep it inert for several ages, looking at it and thinking, wow, that’s mine. I wish I hadn’t paid so much money for it.


  97. Tyler

    aww… can’t do:

    just redirects me to

    cool trick though!


  98. blulady

    That is pretty cool. I don’t know how useful it will be, but I like how it worked.


  99. Writer's Block

    Great to see that is here! Just a thought… is it possible to make [my_blog_name] redirect to [my_blog_name] ?


  100. Nightgunner5

    Do the same thing as, so would redirect to this post!


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