April Showers Bring A Fresh New Theme

Automatticians in the Bay Area were convinced it was summer this past week, when it rose above 90 Fahrenheit (about 32 Celsius) and we headed to the freezers to stick our heads in. Now it’s back to something much more reasonable and the northern hemisphere is happy to proclaim that it’s spring!

To kick off the season, we’re bringing you a fresh new springtime theme for your blog: SpringLoaded by The 449.

SpringLoaded theme

It’s got all the standard features you love, plus a few fresh touches that make it perfect for the fairest season, like a striking green background and sprigs of grass near the search.

You can find SpringLoaded in your dashboard under Appearance > Themes (which is arranged in alpha order).

Spring on!

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Heather R.


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  1. Andrew

    That’s really nice. Please feel free to keep the themes coming. :D

  2. Fran

    very nice!
    its so fresh

  3. حسن يحيى

    awesome !

  4. Trotters

    Damn not my style, but pretty theme.

  5. Mary

    This theme looks really nice. Love the springy look!

  6. M Shodiq Mustika

    Great. So sweet, so clean, so modern… but there is one sidebar only, isn’t it? Could you add a bottom-bar or another sidebar?

  7. cameciob

    i like the date display on left side

  8. Vikas Gupta

    OMG! It’s awesome! Unlike any other theme for free WP so far. I just tested it and I felt like I got an external theme installed! :) Thank you. Will surely consider it for one of my blogs!

    Please introduce as many themes as possible and as soon as possible!

  9. spamwarrior

    So pretty!!! I am going to use it. Nao.

  10. art predator

    I’ll have to go check it out!

  11. Michael Robinson

    I can smell the cut grass and gasoline.

  12. papara

    not for me… but still it looks great

  13. salomey5

    Yeay, a new theme! I’m not ready to change mine yet, but it’s nice to see the themes collection growing, and to have a wider variety to pick from.
    Nice job, and happy spring! :)

  14. Arun Shanbhag

    That summer head-fake got me to finally clean the yard!
    Now for some spring cleaning of my blog themes.

  15. Birdwhisperer

    Very nice. And it’s green! <3

  16. Scriptabella FD

    Clean and green and lovely all around! This theme has got my top vote. :) Thanks for bringing it in!

  17. Emir

    Immediately switched themes on both my blogs to this. Much obliged!

  18. kfchan

    Any chances of designing a theme based on Coffee?

  19. smdinizrphl

    Silvia Maria

    It’s a good reality!
    April has the most delisious weather of the year.

  20. delimoon

    I would love to used this new theme, but I can’t because the main column is too small for the pictures posted on my blog using the “rounded” theme which has a big main column.
    For the next new theme, could I suggest you to offer a theme like “rounded” in dimensions ?
    Sorry for my approx english, I hope you’ll understand.
    Thank you

  21. muharrikdaie

    ok. nice theme

  22. calandrella

    Nice (though my current theme is so good I probably never will change it).

  23. T3CK

    Very nice modern theme thank you. = )

  24. afrocity

    This is pretty but I like bigger pictures.

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  26. La.Stefi

    This is a fantastic theme! Thanks!

  27. SRK

    Oh, wow. Thank you so much! I needed a change. ^^

  28. caseyors

    i like it.

  29. Stiletto

    I LOVE IT! Green is my favorite “not black” color!!!!!


  30. GuRpS

    in this period with all this rain I think that some grass is really ok for a theme ^_^

  31. BriarCat

    Thanks. I kinda like this. It’s spunky.

  32. rina56

    It’s very amazing theme

  33. darbs

    Love it!

  34. broncha

    Nice Theme.But So sad cant use it.Does not support the styling of some widgets.

    • Nick

      Send in a Support request and let us know which widgets you are having a problem with. We’ll get it fixed.

  35. Still Life in South America

    I like the dark background–it really makes the theme pop. Also, I am enchanted by the use of Georgia or similar serifs.

    Thanks WP!

  36. spocrep

    cool Theme! but not for me, thanks wordpress! you’re really hard workers!! :)

  37. Raul S.

    Awesome! WOW!

  38. Bandew444

    Nice, needs custom header. Other than that… Bravo.

  39. Karana Krisna Mukti

    Hmm.. nice theme, Ilike it.

  40. Karana Krisna Mukti

    Hmm.. nice theme, Iike it.

  41. Raul S.

    I changed my background with DIV TAG in widget but the border of widget’s box not transparent :(

  42. eideard

    Where’s the juniper pollen?

  43. upinvermont

    Beautiful. Although I notice that if I haven’t titled my widgets, the “box” surrounding the widgets doesn’t display correctly. If not for that, I think I would use the theme.

  44. spirit1987

    that is really nice !

  45. jeniqua

    I love themes…

  46. Little Jode

    Very nice, I love it!

  47. mileslegreat

    wow cool ideas!!!

  48. Anurag Bansal

    Awesome theme…
    I gotta change it NOW. And I have changed it.
    Thanks for this beautiful theme.

  49. Justrokstar

    Finally! Thanks for the theme :)

  50. vareyno

    it’s very themes man

  51. tony1964

    Nice one, I have a garden and houseplant blog that I just started, this is perfect for now:) Thank You. Maybe after spring i’ll go back to the theme I downloaded.

  52. Pothi


  53. nuri123

    nice juga…..

  54. blindfaith73

    very beautiful and fresh, I love the themes that you have , keep up the great work

  55. udom

    So cool theme. I like it.


    it’s so fresh and green! <3

  57. JOii

    Cool very spring feel to it.
    Would love to see more free themes :)
    Can I be a little greedy and ask for white, minimalistic theme with arial/helvetica/verdana font, customer header & support for all widgets? That would be perfection :)

  58. libispusher

    I liked the part where it showed blog archives circa 1982!

  59. handyw

    Woww… Very nice, calm, comfort theme..
    Thank’s for the good work and design..

    I like it very very much :)

  60. whatsthegist


  61. Phil

    That’s beautiful!

  62. Sadat ar Rayyan

    cool theme’s. thanks

  63. eranda81


  64. Asad Ali


  65. Jidhidhico

    Great: Now I can change mines too!


  66. Rizal

    great themes!
    i like the layout for the date and the search bar
    and it’s really fresh! :D

  67. Heather R

    It is very eye-catching / pretty. Unfortunately I really need the 3 column functionality, and there are only 7 3-column themes, which are mostly very boring….

  68. Vikas Gupta

    The theme has a lot of pros and is highly recommended. I activated it on my primary blog. :D

    Here are some cons that I could find on a quick assessment: :(

    1. The name/link of the commentator is in very small font size (but the comment page looks great just the same). Also the comments link is in small font size but okay.

    2. If you don’t give a heading to the text box in the widget it appears slightly cut out and abnormal towards the upper end (I guess some people are facing this problem as is clear from comments above)!

    3. The image in the text box widget must have some text after it or else it becomes messy!

    It’s a great theme just the same and will find many converts just like the Vigilance theme! :D

  69. nauzerelavia

    Thanks. I am using it.

  70. nenonenoneno

    wow cool. please create more theme, as I really love WP’s! :D

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  72. 9changtam

    green but clean, well done…

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  74. Lee

    Please keep the themes coming, I’ve yet to have a theme I like.

  75. Lee

    I mean, the themes that’s available now are okay but its like they are missing something
    or something is in the wrong place that would make that theme perfect for me.

  76. myphotoscout

    I like the cooler temps as well. Nice theme!

  77. Stephen

    OK – I am giving it a whirl on my SJQCoachingResearch blog even though we are going into winter down here – looks very natty

  78. Ash.k

    more themes!!!

  79. penguin0814

    Nice theme! Going to test it later! ;)

  80. muhammadfj

    Awesome :)

  81. medaad

    I like the colors.. “Fan tas tic “

  82. crookedcrocheter

    Really nice, I’ve just changed my blog to it!

    BUT…. it’s another green theme. WordPress loves its blues or greens. Sorry to criticise but I would love more colour choice. (Or just a tad more colour customisation in the current templates perhaps? :))

    But other than that it’s a lovely theme. Thanks

  83. dr.Abu Hana :: أبو هـنـأ ألفردان ::

    I love wordpress..

  84. insider53

    This has an e-blogger like look to it. I like this, more please.

  85. mandus

    it´s neat, but the backg looks like courtains on a stage to me.. rather have it without or with more natural structure..

  86. wearethey


  87. Dhimas L N ---- (^-^)v

    verry fresh wheen i looked at it :)

  88. nogizaka

    Awesome theme! Hope the team add some header-customizable ones that looks not too minimal and lonely :D

  89. John Ryan Recabar

    This looks really refreshing, but it’s too faddish for my taste. Please keep new themes coming.

  90. mamahubbard

    dude, what about page navigation??!! and custom header??! cool theme, but it’d be cooler if user could personalize it more…

  91. anti-puffstar

    so clean and fresh!

  92. Farghana

    a very good them.. switched immediately!!! :)

  93. Staff

    lovely! Thanks wordpress!!

  94. Amethyst

    wow, cool theme! have changed mine to this one!!!

  95. mand

    Great to look at, though for my own blog i prefer less detail in the background – not quite like having someone else’s photo up, but ykwim.

    But it’s very good to emphasise the search box, which isn’t always obvious. As for comments – a lot of people not very familiar with the blogosphere (eg my mum when she has a look at my blog, lol) just don’t realise it’s so easy to comment, depending what theme i’m using.

  96. nyota0uhura

    Thanks for a new theme! I was looking for something to do with Spring! I’d also love something with cherry blossoms! But wide, not as narrow as many of the WP themes are.
    Btw, please feel free to make more new themes. I love WP but I think there’s too little variety (and not enough wide window themes) in the designs we can choose.

  97. DB Reese

    I really love the fact you guys offer free themes, and work so hard at putting different ones together. But, I feel a but coming on, could there be some more theme-less themes aside from the likes of the sandlots in the near future.


    nice theme, but I don’t want to change theme.

  99. Gryphon

    yeah, yeah, yeah…… if you say so

  100. Cyndy Otty

    Very pretty. Definitely will have to test it out. :)


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