Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

Each weekday, we select about ten new blog posts for the Freshly Pressed section of the homepage. These posts represent how WordPress can be used to entertain, enlighten, or inspire.

Getting promoted to Freshly Pressed is a major traffic win because receives a high volume of page views. And, we have a feed set up so people can subscribe to Freshly Pressed. Why do we do all this? It’s our way of saying we like you. We really like you.

So, by now you might be wondering how to get featured. It’s all about the content. Here are five bits o’ advice that will increase your chances of landing on the homepage:

1. Write unique content that’s free of bad stuff.

Each post that makes it to Freshly Pressed contains original content created by the WordPress user. Bad stuff includes (but isn’t limited to) plagiarism, hate speech, fear-mongering, adult/mature content, improperly used images that belong to someone else, spam or content that is primarily advertorial.

2. Include images or other visuals.

Although not every topic can be illustrated, we believe most blog posts can and should have a visual element. We like original images (meaning, your own), but if you don’t have any of your own and decide to use someone else’s, be sure you properly credit the original source. Video rocks, too. You may get a request from us to add an image before you are promoted to Freshly Pressed — the faster you can respond, the more likely we’ll put your post on the homepage.

3. Add tags.

We find new posts by surfing the tag pages. If you don’t use tags, we can’t find you and how sad would that be? Also, don’t use tags that are too obscure (“beauty tips from the ancient world”) but rather more common tags (“beauty,” “history”).

4. Aim for typo-free content.

We know, we’re human, too — errors happen. We recommend using our Proofreading feature before you hit “publish.” If you’ve got a few typos but we really like your post, we may ask you to fix them. In most cases, we’ll put your post on Freshly Pressed after you’ve made the changes.

5. Cap off your post with a compelling headline.

Your headline needs to stand out. Avoid swear words, excessive punctuation or vague statements. We love a clever headline, and that’s often the reason we click on your article in the first place.

Good headline: I Won the Lottery and You Didn’t!
Bad headline: U Loserz, i WON!!!!!11!

Go Forth and Create

So, that’s it! Once you’ve been promoted, you’ll receive an email from us, and you also will notice your page views and comments increasing. Enjoy the ride! You deserve it!

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Joy Victory


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  1. mralphafreak

    … So, Freshly Pressed is not for me, sadly. LOL


  2. Bengin

    I’m sorry but i honestly think that the second headline “U Loserz, i WON!!!!!11!” is much better!

    Liked by 5 people

  3. EtodaC

    I’ll try to get featured! Hope I get selected as well as everyone else :)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Alesya

    Great information! Thank you for posting. Also, I love reading “Freshly Pressed” every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. rav

    Cool tips, thanks.


  6. Wild Focus

    Thank you so much for the great tips! I’ve always wanted to be in the freshly pressed line up :)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. AA

    Would you exclude the blogs which may have Hide related links…checked?


  8. peggyhogan

    What a neat idea. They seem to be perfectly reasonable requirements and wouldn’t you know…I meet them all! :)


  9. Marina_Ukraine

    Hello from Ukraine !

    This is very wonderful of WordPress for us its users, and since I joined in March I have always dreamed of one day maybe being on “Freshly pressed.”

    English is not my first language, and yesterday’s scenes in our Parliament don’t help us Ukrainians much in the English world I suppose.

    Anyway, I am glad to be part of WP and Blogging world.

    Sincerely to you,


    Rivne – UA.


  10. seaportsoapopera

    Great tips!!! Thank you for sharing! I do find that the tags are really important for people to search our articles.


  11. Elena

    Thank you! That is great stuff! I can not wait to comply and see results ;)


  12. murato

    how about the content, must be in English? or do the sites serve in native languages have any chance!


  13. Daphné

    Can posts in other languages also be featured?


  14. jody sparks

    You have an awesome job, Joy. I love Freshly Pressed.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. planejaner

    Fabulous tips! One day, PICK ME! PICK ME!! See me there? I am like a kid, jumping up and down in front of the magician, on the prowl for a willing volunteer.
    Thanks for the information!


  16. Mohammad Elsheimy

    I think a blogger should follow those 5 whether to get featured on Freshly Pressed or not.

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  17. Chris

    Thanks for the advice.


  18. Dr. CaSo

    My posts are in French so I guess it won’t be chosen, however good my posts might be. Are you going to have an “international” Freshly Pressed, too, some day?


  19. Lola Catero

    I do all of that! Hopefully I can get some fresh pressed goods one day.


  20. citysoliloquy

    Thanks for the pointers. I always wondered how the ‘Freshly Pressed’ got chosen, now I know!


  21. cOokie

    Nice ! Great information ! I like it !


  22. funnylittlepollywogs

    Thanks for sharing! I plan on being featured some time soon!

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  23. therewildwest

    Great idea, thank you for doing this; unfortunately (for my chances at getting featured at least, not unfortunately for the Earth) my blog is politically radical in “nature.” (inside joke, view my site and you’ll get it, LOL). Hence I’m unlikely to get featured. I DO use a ton of my own original photography though…


  24. Mary

    Neat tips :)


  25. oneofhis

    Thanks for the tips. Would love to get on freshly pressed!


  26. abc815

    I am new to the blogging world, so I appreciate the ‘inside scoop.’


  27. Stephen Hall

    How are pictures cited? what if the source or the owner of the picture is unknown?


    • Joy Victory

      Hi Stephen, that really depends on the specific image being used and where you found it. As a courtesy, you might want to provide a link to the site where you found the image. You also might want to check the site to see what their rules are, or if they have set up Creative Commons licensing.

      For example, on my own blog, I ask readers to contact me before using any of my images.


  28. Stephanie Moore-Fuller

    Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately for me, I’m not good at making my own images, and I usually write about things that don’t have obvious images that seem appropriate. Hmmm, maybe I should collaborate with a graphic artist…


  29. datchickneeks

    Great to know.


  30. Emily Jane

    Thanks for the tips!


  31. douginator

    Wow don’t get me wrong, I mean what you folks seem to be doing is great. However, as I found out, people are really looking for cutting edge material and thinking outside the box of the norm. The Douginator Online Magazine does have adult language, adult situations, strong and expressive political views for the mature audience.

    As a published author of adult dark fantasy in the traditional print, I think that something should be done on WordPress to suit and promote well written and thought-provoking mature content to the masses out here. People do find this content, my blog(zine) and many other site or blog owners are certainly recommending sites like myself and the other wonderful journalists, commentators, and gifted writers such as myself, but it would be nice if WordPress had an adult mechanism like this…

    Have a wonderful day!


  32. Julie

    Here’s hoping some of my culinary creations are featured at some point. All of my content is unique, created through literally hours of baking, photographing, and writing. It’d be a boost to be featured on the main page!

    Willow Bird Baking


  33. Starlight Writer

    thanks for the info :) I will keep it in mind…


  34. theronwatson

    I do a church blog. Does that have a place on “Freshly Pressed?”


  35. PEZ

    Any chance for a blog post in Swedish to get featured?


  36. Patrice

    Simply love WordPress, thought you should know. (Ah, that’s with or without Freshly Pressed play.)


  37. Hal C Clark

    This is a great idea. Another of the perks from WordPress.


  38. impassionedplatypi

    Your inclusion of adult/mature content under the heading “bad stuff” bothers me. I read several very successful blogs that are chock full of swearing and sexual content. Obviously people are interested in those things, so why should they be excluded from the Freshly Pressed feature? I think douginator up there is a little full of himself, but he has a point. There should be some sort of mechanism whereby the viewers of the Freshly Pressed feature can opt to include or exclude mature content.

    Other than that one point, I don’t really have any problem with these 5 tips. Mostly they make sense. I just have one question. Do these criteria only apply to the specific post that’s being considered for the Freshly Pressed page? Or do they apply to the blog as a whole? Because I have posts that do actually meet all of the criteria you’ve listed, but the blog as a whole does not. I’d just like to know if I have any chance at all or if I should not waste energy hoping to get on Freshly Pressed.


    • Joy Victory

      The “5 ways” criteria apply to the specific blog post, though we do scan the entire blog to make sure there isn’t any “bad stuff” on there.

      In regards to your first point about exclusion, to me, it all depends on the tone and intention of the post, and the audience who is exposed to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. Stephen Hall

    Cool thank you so much for the help. Hopefully there will be room on the freshly pressed for my blog one day. I’ve gotta lot of work to do in the meantime.


  40. Chad

    Thanks for the info! I would love to see Tenadventures featured at some point. Maybe after a few more posts…


  41. SallyK

    Does it matter what time of day you publish? Do you only look at blogs before a certain time of day, and if yes, what time zone?


    • Joy Victory

      Hi Sally, I update during the week, but the specific time doesn’t matter too much, since I’m always on the hunt for posts to feature. :-)


  42. valentinedee

    I like the way you guys operate. Okay, will do my best. :)


  43. starlaschat

    Joy Help Where is the proofreading button? I could have used that along time ago.. ;+)


  44. lobby4u

    I really like this feature! I look forward to reading the content of other WordPress users, and hope that you will enjoy the content that I submit daily.


  45. kalonlucia

    Here’s hoping I get lucky!

    It would be an honor to be featured =)

    Thank you for offering such a great place to share our dreams, ideas, endeavors and adventures!!


  46. Julie

    So just to confirm, you only get Freshly Pressed love if you are on…yes? For those of us taking the load off of WordPress’s poor, tired, huddled masses of servers yearning to breathe free (by using a different host) but using WordPress as our blog engine, our reward will be great in heaven? ;)


  47. Martine Vangaver

    Does it matter in which language you publish? Do blogs written in Dutch have any chance of making it to Freshly Pressed or do you only choose blogs in English?


  48. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After

    ** Just poking my head in to say I’ve always loved Freshly Pressed!

    I’ve found a lot of my current favorite blogs there – so thanks WordPress!


  49. nancysmoments

    Awesome. Thanks for letting us know about how to get noticed by Freshly Pressed. Freshly Pressed……..I love the name.


  50. Denise P

    For the most part these are good guidelines to follow anyway and I hope I am. I would LOVE one of my blog posts to be pressed! It would be a HUGE boost for me! Thanks.


  51. starlaschat

    Thank You Joy!


  52. MSU

    There’s no chance of a sports blog headlining Freshly Pressed, is there?


  53. elenaramirez

    I do appreciate the FYI on this….and I appreciate all of you. Your work, your efforts, your communication, to try and help. It is hard to come by sometimes. So God bless you all. Thank you. Elena


  54. Christine

    These requirements are also great standards for blogging and I am looking forward to the opportunity…. I guess I have to blog blog blog away now. You guys are great!


  55. LOTGK

    So what are you going to do with all your lottery winnings? :D


  56. thedomesticfringe

    Thanks for the FYI. Best of luck to everyone!


  57. stephenfesker


    My blog posts are mostly like this one… and are not typically associated with an image because I want the reader to see the image that I am painting in their mind’s eye… I’d love more people to see my poems both at Kate Strophe and Tin Ear… they often include joy… might that help?

    -I Want You-

    I want the unconscious expectation of joy
    A nebulous sense of hunger
    That no food can cure

    I want to hold it

    Cry over it

    Release the tears
    As if wishing an acquaintance



  58. isobelandcat

    Do you notify people that they are on Freshly Pressed?


  59. Anna Stowers

    Look no further ~ Freshly-pressed content with an extra dose of nourishing vitamins, all for free at highheelstoflipflops blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  60. Lord Vader

    I will never qualify :)


  61. bocraw

    Because I have a niche blog, I think it is only once every blue moon that I have a post that may fit “freshly pressed”. When those blue moons do come, is there away to submit a post for consideration?


  62. elenaramirez

    Just curious….If someone is so honored, to be picked to be on Freshly pressed….. Which it really would be….

    How long would it stay there? Just curious. And thanks…..


  63. Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    I’m going to try to remember this the next time I write a post! :)


  64. Red Skull

    Thanks !


  65. Nikki D.

    My friends kept telling me how much they liked my Facebook blogs, so I signed up. I’m brand new to WordPress (just signed up this last Saturday). No pictures in my blog (yet), but I think it’s fresh and interesting. Scripture-based, but not really a Christian blog. Hopefully one day, someone will think it’s interesting enough to feature :)


  66. havetoothbrushwilltravel

    These are great tips, I’ll have to add some tags, but I would absolutely love to be on freshly pressed. I’ve got a bit of humor, wisdom, tragedy, and travel in my blog, I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.


  67. Legitimate Alex

    Eeeeh I’m never quite sure what constitutes as adult/mature.


  68. polythenepam

    Me Me Me ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEEE – though not my last post – that was rather dull.


  69. marcys

    Now I know why I’m never, or rarely, on Freshly Pressed: it’s the mature content and/or other people’s images. I’ll work on the image thing. But hey, it’s just that there are such great pictures available all over the place, and I’m not making money off them, so why would people mind? Also, I wonder if you include stuff like pictures from Major League Baseball and sites like that?


  70. Dan North

    I once made it into the fastest-growing blogs top 10, and it made my whole week a bit sweeter. Now I want want want to be picked for Freshly Pressed, so I will behave myself, control my punctuation and try and think up some snappy headlines. Not my strong point…

    It’s like waiting for Santa, but more exciting because Freshly Pressed exists and it comes round every day.

    [Disclaimer: I know that Santa exists. In our hearts.]


  71. Heather Tiger

    Another reason why I love WordPress! Thank you for sharing the tips and for taking the time to answer the other questions. I do have a question concerning tags. Can one over tag? I tend to include numerous tags, especially when a post fits into multiple genres or topics, so it would be nice to know if this may affect being featured. Again, thanks!


  72. rensfibreart

    thanks for the helpful info – its nice to know I’m on the right track


  73. stepartdesigns

    Hi Joy,

    Great Info! If I use a photo of a person I am writing about on my blog taken from her website, does that count as a no-no? Also if I use a website’s logo or copies of books taken from an author’s website I am writing about in my blog, does that count as a no-no?


    • Joy Victory

      You might want to ask the person whose photo you are using. And photos of book covers is generally OK. (I’m realizing I should do a follow-up post on using images fairly!)


  74. YogaSpy

    Regarding TAGS:

    I generally use categories first, then (if I don’t have an apt category), I use a tag. In other words, I create categories for my oft-used, well, categories… and I use tags if I need a more-specific description.

    So, is this limiting my chances? I think my blog fits your criteria very well ;-)

    I write unique content that’s opinionated but fair.
    I use images to illustrate each post.
    I am anal about perfect grammar (you should see my crazy number of saved drafts because I edit multiple times!)
    And I think hard to create catchy titles.

    (I don’t usually “sell” myself like this but… )

    Please tell all re categories versus tags.



  75. timethief

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t help but notice that those are all the elements of good blogging, and when we employ them consistently we attract readers who form a blog centered community that makes our commitment to blogging so very worthwhile. Numbers aren’t everything yet the traffic flow created by good blogging must be a factor in the selection for being featured on Freshly Pressed. Isn’t that the case? Don’t the number of page views count?


    • Joy Victory

      Hi there, I don’t look at page views when selecting a post. I’m looking at the quality of the content. But, high-quality content attracts readers and therefore page views, so they do often correlate nicely.


  76. Sarita Li

    One thing I always struggle with is crafting a great headline! Oh well, one more incentive to improve.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sarita Li


  77. deathgleaner

    Now I know what “behind the scenes” means.


  78. Bob Berwyn

    Sweet, I’ve done all this, plus built up a credible news source for a community dominated by a profit-motivated media corporation. Hope I get picked someday.


  79. npthompson

    I would love for my photo blog, Centuries Since the Day, to be featured on Freshly Pressed. There’s almost no text, because the images speak for themselves, and sometimes the tags offer clues for context. And it’s all rated G or maybe an occasional PG, but never any “adult” or nude material — primarily nature and architecture shots.


  80. kottonskorner

    I am new to word press but this is a neat site. I suppose if I ever want to be on this feature I should stop making my headlines Kotton’s Opinions and think of something better huh?


  81. andydbrown

    These are great tips which I mostly try to follow anyway as they are pretty “common-sensical”. :-) My problem is with tip #5 as I find that most of the so-called “compelling titles” are actually quite deceiving (not cool in my books!) all because the person is trying too hard to be witty and cool.
    I often wonder if wordpress focuses on North American blogs. Are we blogs overseas excluded?!
    Great post “Joy Victory”! Keep up the great work, WordPress!


  82. morgetz

    I’d like to get featured.


  83. dianaswonderworks

    Well, it is my second day here, and once again learning something new. Thank you for the tips, they were inspiring to me. With any luck I will make it on there more than once, would love to see the day, when I learn enough about blogging to be noticed. Have a great day, and thank you again.


  84. clearlycomposed

    *crosses fingers my new little blogs gets noticed*


  85. theteacher174

    Cool. I’m glad you decided to share with us. I’ve been wondering how I could up my blogging a little to get some love.


  86. Sara

    Thanks for the tips, but I don’t need any! My blog is perfect just the way it is! * Erases post “OMG i liek got a ideazzzz!!!!11″ and “wat a loser! & i stole more piczzzz from online!!!!11″ *
    …I’m just that awesome
    ~Sara :mrgreen:


  87. Kimberly Dredger

    This is fantastic! Everything about WordPress has made this an easy experience for me, and I will be forever grateful. I’m really new to the world of blogs. I post twice a week… is this a good average, or is more or less better? (and yes, I also want to say “PICK ME, PICK ME!”)
    Thanks for the great work and wonderful ideas!


  88. guard13007

    Hmm, looks like what I’m doing… But bad stuff, do you count an occasional rant? XD

    And you’re making me want to make a post with, “U Loserz, i WON!!!!11!” because you mentioned it as bad. It could be good, if you pull it off right……


  89. gogglesandlace

    It’s certainly something to shoot for. =] Thank you for the tips. I love reading Freshly Pressed every day. You never know what you might find.


  90. Pied Type

    When you say “tags,” are you including or excluding “categories”? The “Tags” shown on the tab/page next to Freshly Pressed are what I understood to be “categories.” (e.g., “Music” is a category; “American Idol” is a tag within that category) Not that I’m in any danger of getting on Freshly Pressed, but I’d like to know where to enter that catchy label (tag or category?) I think of for my next post.


  91. alhakim

    Unfortunately my blog not in english. There is no chance for my blog :(


  92. myglamourology

    These are great tips! I’ll def keep them in mind!!


  93. thehlesswonder

    I’m so internetically impaired that I have no idea how to get more blog love. I have a great idea (or so I think), but short of “Hey, look at me,” I don’t really know how to spread it. Do you specifically search for some tags, or do you just surf at random? I never tag anything, so maybe I’ll start…


  94. josev29

    Its these tips that will make my work on WordPress better. The ultimate goal is to achieve a writing style that appeals to people in more ways than one. I want to be on Freshly pressed. I am still pretty new at this so, as I am learning these tips are golden! Thank you for the insight, I will do my best to eventually make it on your Freshly Pressed homepage. Keep an eye out for me, I will take your advice to heart.


  95. citydaters

    Thanks for the tips. Still need to figure out how to use WordPress


  96. burgerday

    Pick Me! Pick Me! *nearly pees his pants with excitement*


  97. VAJRA, South America

    Hola Joy:

    Thank you for this new information…


  98. Bob

    Thanks for the info, now I know. But I will probably never be selected. Images just don’t work with my stuff.


  99. elmer

    It’s been weeks since a post of mine topped the WordPress Dashboard and right now I’m still walkin’ on sunshine! How much more if I’d make it to Freshly Pressed! It would be flying high. And hey pipz, tip No. 6: blog blog blog on a wing and a prayer! :-)


  100. addictmagnet

    I blog as a personal journal so some of my stuff would be considered adult/mature (in fact one is down right graphic)….. But most of it is editorials of my life, poems, etc. I hope you will disregard the rare adult material and check out my other pieces. Thanks for the info though.



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