New Theme: Rusty Grunge

It is time to introduce a new free theme which goes by the appropriately evocative name of Rusty Grunge. It goes without saying, this theme has all the rusty and grungy elements needed to appeal to all those who embrace grunginess in themes. It has a light content area over a dark background, and some color splashes around on its design.

The Rusty Grunge Theme

The theme comes equipped with options for Custom Background, Menus, Post Formats, and Header Image. It also bears two distinct widget areas, making this theme not only grungy but also highly customizable.

As usual, find more about what it has to offer on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by Chris Wallace, Rusty Grunge is also available for self-hosted sites via the Themes Directory.

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  1. bchree

    Very nice, I like this.


  2. ദീപുപ്രദീപ്‌ /deepupradeep

    I must say, this theme is a special mould.
    Thanks for this make.


  3. highschooler

    Nevermind about what I said, I used it and I love it. It’s so customizable and the colors bring life to the blog as well as allowing it to look awesome.


  4. Passing Once

    Thanks, Matías. I will try it out.:)


  5. stockresearch52

    Nice and spicy.


  6. tunnie97

    Nice… I like this.


  7. Transgressive Cinema

    I’m very tempted to change to this theme – it’s just not quite dark enough for my blog though.


  8. iheardasongtoday

    I’m not a fan of how a header image fits into it. I’d like it more if it could be placed on top of the red at the top, which would then obviously be lengthened.


  9. NiHAWmA

    It’s not only simple but also cool.


  10. inbseo

    Thanks so much!


  11. personality510

    it’s wonderful. I like it most


  12. Myra's papers

    I can dig it. Even nicer, it’s customizable.


  13. lilacandivy

    Is there a way to change the color of the text below the header? “Home”, “About”, “Contact”… with a light background they completely disappear. 🙂


  14. Bogy

    Are there any three colums themes coming up in the future? 😀


  15. sigloastral

    I really like it.


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  17. Bea Turvey apprentice author and witch

    I love grungy themes and I adore the red spectrum so when I saw ‘Rusty Grunge’ I was practically salivating. But the only rusty grunge part of this theme is the header area. Sigh!


  18. sugiantomann

    I love it…
    I wish I can make my own theme, love your creativity and passion on this! Keep moving on!


  19. pltprincess

    Ooh, I like!! Thanks so much.


  20. Annie

    I think this is nice. The rust effect I meant but i think I would like to see more reds in it. 🙂


  21. Breland Kent

    I love this theme so pretty! I’ve always liked the whole rustic look. 😀


  22. tintaabstrak

    Ah, I love it, but too bad, I can’t change my theme now, spend to much time editing the header.


  23. Eve

    Boring! Nothing rusty or grungy about it. I wish you guys would make feminine themes.


  24. dindapersilka

    Cool, but why is the header red?


  25. Sam

    Looks great! like the name as well


  26. tasbatam

    What a beautiful creativity. Just keep going, bro…
    Any way, I need theme for my shopping online. Anybody can help me…?


  27. gpteamc

    It’s very good.


  28. puguhkris

    Wow,, that’s a great theme.
    Simple but elegant.


  29. Marlon Oceña

    What a nice theme you got there! The touch of grungy in the ragged like yet neat customization is just another perfect combination for the one who looking for grunginess.
    Simple yet attractive, but the problem is, it’s just like the other thousands of simple yet attractive themes. But still, you did a great job for emphasizing the scruffy aspect on this theme. The neatness around the ragged aspect is perfect! Nice for the eyes!


  30. rachelhorses123

    This is an awesome theme!


  31. An Bội Thái Minh

    Awesome! I will try this one for my blog! 😀


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