New Theme: Basic Maths

Reminiscent of primordial grid designs used in different print mediums, Basic Maths is one of the most elegant, and smartly-designed themes we’ve ever seen. We are thrilled to have it now available for sites as a Premium Theme.

Basic Maths, a grid based theme.

Apart from a thoughtful design, Basic Maths also offers some cool features, including the possibility to choose custom colors for links and other visual elements, helping you make this theme feel more personal to your site. If you want to make a statement about how important your content is, Basic Maths could be the answer.

You can check more about the theme, designed and developed by Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole, on the Theme Showcase. We hope you like it.

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  1. gothichydran126

    Like Math…. it’s just too complicated. Have any simple forms or shortcuts?


  2. blackamericano

    Very nice and simple theme.


  3. Novroz

    That’s really nice! Thinking about using it for my pet’s blog.


  4. paramourinwaiting

    *Blank stare.* I don’t like it. It doesn’t move me. LOL.


  5. waikisays

    Not for me 🙂


  6. Myra's papers

    It is a clean theme, but a little to black and white for me, but a nice addition to the WP family.


  7. klnussbaum

    it’s great – but it would be nice if purchasing such a theme would allow us to drop ads on our blog. I’d grab a premium theme in a heartbeat if i could.


  8. seanjennings2010

    Nice theme, too pricey, would consider using it if it was free!


  9. Sam Shore

    Boring! 😦 I will never use it at that price.


  10. Adrienne Nicole

    I quite like it. 🙂


  11. jessiethought

    Slick. Looks too cluttered for me, though–I like simple layouts.


  12. castleqwayr

    I would like to see examples of ‘live’ blogs with this format.


  13. thereverendwho

    I wouldn’t choose it if it were free.


  14. billbennettnz

    I like the minimalism, but it’s too ugly for words.


  15. It's My Thoughts

    It’s a nice theme but too plain for me… I like colour and something easy and pleasing to the eye. But I can see its purpose and functionality and it will be really all about what your blogging on and if it works for. I’m happy with mine, wont be changing it very soon. 😛


  16. fadlikadn

    Complex… this is useful in science, but not in entertainment or lifestyle. 🙂


  17. ramrama

    It’s simply clean. 🙂


  18. sarahrahn

    I’ve always loved math but this blew me away! 🙂 I would of had it as a blog thing if it didn’t cost 75$. That makes me sad.


  19. math321

    75 bucks to make a nice looking blog? 5 or 10, maybe. But SEVENTY FIVE? That’s crazy.

    I know you guys need money, but can’t you lower the prices of these themes?


  20. AlBarona

    Nice, I like it.


  21. illage3

    It looks okay. However I am not sure I am willing to pay for it.


  22. Sefra

    I don’t like it. There’s so many “clean” blog templates that y’all have… needs something with warmer colours. Still waiting with bated breath for a horse theme. 😉


  23. historyinfocus

    It looks awesome man! Great work!


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