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Comment Stats Summary

Ever wanted to know who’s commenting the most on your blog and what posts they are commenting on? Now your Site Stats can tell you.

The new Comments panel in your Site Stats provides three tabs: Top Commenters, Most Commented, and a Summary of comments on your blog.

If your blog has fewer than 1000 total comments, your comment stats are based on all comments made since you started your blog. Comment stats for more active blogs reflect the most recent three months of comment activity.

For example, a blog with 500 total comments will have the most commented post be the one that has had the most comments across the entire life of the blog. For this blog (with 87K comments) the most commented post is chosen from the posts that were posted in the past three months.

The Stats Comments Panel is available now for all blogs. Jetpack users, please bear with us as we improve Jetpack to serve you the new comment stats in the future.

Check out the comment stats on your blog by going to your blog’s Dashboard > Site Stats or from your admin bar under Blogs > [YOUR SITE NAME] > Site Stats.

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  1. Admin

    More beautiful, but look forward to improvements. (Gelişimler güzel ama devamını bekliyoruz)


  2. Yin Yang

    Good job! But, what about ‘Top Commentators Widget’?


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  4. jessiethought

    I noticed this on my blog. It’s great! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time!


  5. islamtheonlytruereligion

    Sounds a good idea!


  6. genksukasuka

    good job mister… 😛



    I hope this feature can be displayed as widget,


  8. corzgalore

    I noticed that.
    I dig it quite a bit.


  9. kingstar

    right! comments is very important!


  10. patiooutdoorfurniture

    Thanks so much for these tips. very helpful


  11. boy2lun

    boy2lun reblogged this from ILMU BEKAL DUNIA DAN AKHIRAT.


  12. Fabius Maximus

    This is wonderful.

    A nice additional step (one of the thousands suggested!) would be hits on comments. Do people click on the home page comments widget to read comments, or is that a waste of valuable space?


    • Sheri

      Adding stats for clicks on the recent comments widget is not something we have in our current plans, but I don’t think you need click stats to make a choice about whether to show the recent comments widget or not. I would recommend deciding based on the activity level in the comments. I use the links in the recent comments widget all the time for the blogs I follow.


  13. Dads Taxi

    I seem to get more spam comments than anything else.. Is there any way to zone in on these spammers, so you can zap them before they leave a comment for moderation?


  14. camary1996

    I’m already addicted to checking my stats every few seconds….now I have to worry about top commentors……Thanks a lot!!

    Just kidding…it’s a great tool! Thank you for real 🙂


  15. chinesetea2

    awasome idea.waw~~holly caw,u r great!


  16. ukrainianribalka

    Looks very handy–I’ll give it a try–thanks


  17. libertyjack

    WordPress is definitly the best blogging platform!


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