Get Instant Feedback When You Publish

For months we’ve been studying how, when and why people publish their posts, and what the common tasks are people perform afterwards. We know many of you immediately want to see what your post looks like, check for typos, and then share your post to social networks.

Starting today you’ll see a much improved design for giving you feedback and supporting how you work.

The first thing you’ll see, after your browser finishes telling you have a new post, is positive feedback your post was successful. We now notify you as soon as possible that everything went smoothly. At the same time, we’re loading your actual post to show you.

Once the post loads, which can take a few seconds, you can confirm it looks as you expected. If you find a typo in your post (which can be easier to spot in the published post, than on the edit screen), you can quickly click Edit and switch back into edit mode to fix it.

If everything in your post looks good, you’ll notice some smart things we’ve done to both help improve your post, and to inspire you for the future.

The progress bar: we now show a simple progress indicator that helps direct your efforts at a specific target. The goal is automatically set to increments of 5 posts (yes, we are considering allowing this to be customized). An inspiring quotation appears under the bar, as a reward and as motivation for next time. When you reach the goal, you get a nice surprise, and the bar will be reset for next time. Of course posting quality matters as much, or more, than quantity, but research shows having clear goals helps both.

Sharing: if you have the Publicize feature turned on, we show how many people were notified through social networks like Twitter and Facebook, with some of their Gravatars so you can learn more about them. If you don’t have Publicize active, you’ll see easy to use buttons for manually sharing your post on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Tagging: we also know adding tags to your post can make it easier for people to find your work. Based on the content of your post, we use an algorithm to recommend a few tags to add, which you can do with a single click.

We’ll continue to study how you post and improve what we do to support how you work. Happy posting.

If you’d prefer the classic experience, you can turn Instant Post Feedback off from your Dashboard, at Users, Personal Settings.

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  1. pvariel

    I am a newbie here via Google’s Knol. My knols are migrated here, and now I want to start posting here. This post is really timely to me and I express my thanks to you for this informative post.

    Keep inform

    Best Regards



  2. Stuart

    Got to see the newest features for myself. Posted an entry and got “congratulations, that is your 1859th post. Next goal is 1860 posts”

    So tonight I posted the 1860th post and I got “Congratulations, you made the goal (or something like that)”

    Heh – that was inspiring 😉 (I guess by 1860 posts, there is little need for the additional encouragement)

    Not having a go, just an amusing observation – well I found it amusing!


  3. Keisha M. Green

    This is going to be very beneficial for me…thanks!


  4. Selçuk Aytimur

    “If you’d prefer the classic experience, you can turn Instant Post Feedback off from your Dashboard, at Settings, Users, Personal Settings.”

    Help me please ! There is no such change in my blog I tried several times publishing new blog pages but everything is still the same. And, there is no indication in my personal settings page that Instant Post Feedback is off or on. Can’t see any “Instant Post Feedback” tick box or similar.


  5. cyrilimis

    I’m new in wordpres blogging. I do my best.Really love it. Coblogglers please suggests good things to better writing.
    Always Welcome to my blog.

    It’s a pleasant to meet all of my co-bloggers here. I would highly appreciate if you would find time to visit my page too 🙂 You are all welcome. Let us all enjoy and have fun sharing each other’s thoughts, beliefs, talents and you just named them all… Let us have the freedom to express ourselves… Cheers!


  6. Kristin

    I like the preview of the post, but PLEASE can you put a link to add a new post or just back to the dashboard on there with the edit post. (or best of all, let me choose what happens next) I realize I can get there through the header, but if you’re going to insert a page between me and the dashboard, then big fat links back would be nice.


  7. soorenccs

    Heard a lot that WordPress is SEO user friendly, this is just one of them!


  8. procrastin8or

    Some interesting ideas for progress.


  9. Selçuk Aytimur

    Hugo, thanks for your quick reply but there is no Instant Post Feedback option in Users > Personal Settings on my dashboard.? :-((


  10. songsungpink

    I am loving the new feedback! It streamlines the whole process! Thanks WordPress!


  11. sharmamridul

    This is a good idea. But how many posts you have published is just horrible! It’s just way off from the real amount. It said 3,000 but so far as of right now I have done 3,034. You guys need to fix that.


  12. gaudetetheology

    Ugh! Thank goodness there’s a way to turn it off.

    I can see the potential usefulness (and it was interesting to read this post about how you tuned the features to the observed workflow), but there are two things that I completely hate:

    1. Progress bar? Posting target? Seriously? You are setting goals for me? Get out of my life, there are already enough people setting goals for me. I blog for fun, I do not need “posting targets”. Especially targets I have no control over!

    2. Real estate. My browser has this nice thing called “tabs”. While I would like to immediately see the published post, I’d rather see it in a new tab, so that the instant feedback stuff could make use of more of the screen, instead of being tall and narrow and lacking any scroll bars (but magically scrolling down anyway when I move my mouse in that part of the screen? that’s kind of annoying).

    Personally I’d prefer it if new features were introduced with the default setting to “off”, and a little callout somewhere telling me there’s a new feature I might like to try. I hate when changes are sprung on me; I’m much more open to them if I get a chance to control when I try them out.


  13. gpa1991

    This Encouraging and I like It.


  14. debpentland

    Although I’m still a fledgling, I do like the upgrades you have made! It has made it easier for me to understand what I’m doing & to see whether or not I’m doing it right! I especially like the feedback that I get as soon as my blog has been published. Also, I appreciate the option of being able to turn off anything that I don’t like! Thanks!


  15. ZainRMian

    I really loved the way it showed after I published my post. Great surprise. ^_^


  16. Arif Setiawan

    nice!!! good feature 😀


  17. Smaaak

    I am always curious what WP does. Always surprised. The great thing is, the writing experience is constant or better. Every thing else is a curiosity, interesting, basically undisturbing.


  18. qorry felt craft

    WordPress is the best blogging machine, thank’s 🙂


  19. little.chi

    Thank you for your effort. 🙂


  20. crankypants

    I like the preview of the published post versus it automatically going to ‘edit this post’ which I have to check sometimes to see that it actually posted. But I HATE the “goal” thing. really? Every 5 posts is a new goal? Can I please turn that off permanently, and how? I don’t need my hand held to post a certain number. I post when I feel like it, not to make goals.


    • Tim Moore

      We’re looking into the best solutions for customization options for the posting goal. For now, the only option is to either turn all of the Instant Feedback features on or off in your User -> Personal Settings menu.


  21. boldray

    I quite like this feature except for the posting goal. I have been posting every day this year and so feel that I can set and keep my own goals. At the very least, I feel bloggers should be able to customize this target.


  22. dailyawesomee

    awesome stuff
    wordpress is the best option 😀


  23. amty

    I just love it ❤


  24. Industry Blogs

    This is great but I am new and i need help asking someone how I can
    start a book like format ? Hel


  25. thisblindman

    This is why WordPress remains the top blogging platform of our time.


  26. Vivien Veil



  27. mohammadarafatsiddiqui

    Yes, it’s a good idea. A goal really encourages people to write more and more. I am benefited.


  28. Ariko (&) Sofia

    Hi all…
    Hi WordPress,

    I saw this another feedback and supporting feature from WordPress this afternoon just after I’ve finished my 43th Post… I’m feel so happy & really like this 🙂

    Thank You very much Guys


  29. NiHAWmA

    Great idea. Awesome.


  30. Charles Fernando

    I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing this.. what is happening? It would be very useful since I always find errors just after I publish lol

    ps: I didn’t know I had proofreading, I enabled this and it saved me some trouble already… thanks!


  31. Rant Rave Write

    Please – a publicize using Google+, not just a share button. My poor page on Google is just sitting there all naked because I always forget to go post a link there manually.


    • Hugo Baeta

      Hey there. Unfortunately the Google+ API doesn’t allow remote posting yet. We would love to have publicize for Google+, but for now it’s beyond our control. As soon as they allow it, we’ll be on top of it!


  32. Tanya Renee

    I’m relatively new to this thing called blogging, but I have to say I LOVE it so far here at wordpress!!


  33. angmu

    hello … Friend! Help me to steer
    this blog!


  34. Naresh B Jumani

    Hi, good job you all are doing with the new feedback system from your side. Appreciate it and look forward to it.


  35. Roberta Cucchiaro

    I just joined wordpress with the aim of having a daily blog featuring different topics depending on which day of the week it is. Until now I have been ABSOLUTELY loving writing on wordpress and find the instant feedback a great tool. Definitely the best blogging experience out there on the world wide web! Thanks!


  36. Corz Galore

    Yeah, I noticed the bar. Quite fun I suppose.


  37. Elka F. M. Haryono

    Reblogged this on elkafeni.


  38. grosircosmetic

    thank tou for sharing such a wonderfull knowledge…


  39. susielindau

    This is awesome! I love the new features!Thanks for all the time you put into all the improvements. They rock!


  40. foragirllikeme

    it doesn’t seem to be working properly @ my blog!


  41. Presidents Race Fan

    Looks great in every way except for the “Posting Goal,” which seems completely trivial to this blogger. Nonetheless, this is how usability improvements should be done. Can’t wait to use the new features.


  42. bria331

    Sounds fantastic and hopefully it will be useful


  43. jishifruit

    I really like the tag suggestions feature that you added but sometimes, it’s too far below the ‘sidebar’ and I can’t see it nor click it because there’s no scroll down button 😦

    I love the insprirational quotes, by the way 🙂


    • Tim Moore

      Thanks for letting us know. We’re working on streamlining what appears on the Instant Feedback sidebar so that everything fits just right.


  44. Margaret Lynette Sharp

    Thanks for implementing new ideas! Here’s hoping for really positive results!


  45. cradleofseats

    as a learner I need all the help I can get … lol … great stuff


  46. yasniger

    I just came on came on board & its been a holistic experience of a hugely satisfying proportion. I know I’ve found the route to my writing future because WordPress satisfies my fundamental objective in writing & that is putting my work out there for all to enjoy. Thanks


  47. dd16591569

    Thank you that is just great


  48. 簡sir

    I have 4 blogs, only 1 blog see the “Instant Post Feedback at Users, Personal Settings.” setting. Other 3 blogs don’t see this option? Those 3 blogs are using my own domain. Does it effect?


  49. offroad2084

    It’s a nice touch…


  50. Barbara

    Ahhh, found the answer to my question, that resulted in another question… I was concerned because I wasn’t seeing the feedback after posting… (it is turned on), but I see above that it doesn’t work if a post is SCHEDULED… I would LOVE to see a progress bar when a post is SCHEDULED or POSTED… isn’t that a possibility? Even if it only shows the progress so far of the published posts, that’s better than nothing… would love to see the hints for other posts as well as the quotes as well. Right now I see none of it because all my posts are scheduled…


  51. tiainkorea

    I just published my 35th post and I’m not sure what the surprise was? Did I miss something?


  52. John & Kristin

    This is a cool feature, but it keeps telling me I am on my 28th post, even though I have posted over 400 posts. Is there an error?


  53. melanie

    I haven’t tried the new update yet. but this is cool. will definitely update now. 🙂


  54. yippiie

    a really nice improvement . awesome for me


  55. adiebroz

    I love WordPress. Great news! Thanks you.


  56. factorsoflife

    Great package, hope it will work for me.


  57. factorsoflife

    Great package, hope it will work for me coz i want to experience it.


  58. dhediee

    can this use on my site?


  59. fourpageletter

    i feel like im missing something.
    i havent been able to set a goal, and dont see any of these things when i publish a post. 😦


  60. imaobani

    Its great.I like it.


  61. alphawriter

    Boy this was a long way down. Thanks for the information. Very helpful.


  62. iampriyam

    this is a great improvement, i’d say.
    who wouldn’t love this?


  63. pascapesona

    okay … I very much agree with what has been delivered, to me is very helpful for my post, where I am still relatively new but I’m sure one day will get better, support me with excellent information


  64. darlington property maintenance

    very cool
    WP is getting too good these days


  65. Summer

    I love it!! amazing new additions! Can I suggest adding a feature that automatically sends a link of the post to a friend via email?


  66. visionsen

    Thanks l love this addition.


  67. jessiethought

    This new feature is awesome! The goal is great, I love all the quotes, and it’s easier to edit my post just after publishing it.

    Thanks WordPress! I’d recommend you to anyone.

    P.S. How are the quotes chosen?
    Automatically, with some program, or what?


  68. sperez1

    it was great reading this and acknoliging all this taking great ideas and making them into something


  69. emmolution

    It’s amazing! You guys are awesome for creating this.


  70. monado

    I didn’t ask for this feature, which is an unwelcome surprise and interruption to my train of thought. I don’t want it setting goals for me, I don’t need any rah-rah-rah automated cheering, and I’m not in a race to publish more posts. I have no trouble viewing the post or finding the edit button. I looked in your blogs for announcements and your forum for “sidebar popup” without success. I’d appreciate a “Kill” button right in the new feature for people who don’t want it or at least a link to an explanation and HOW TO GET RID OF IT.


    • Tim Moore

      You can turn the feedback sidebar off by going to your Dashboard, then to Users -> Personal Settings. Look for the “Instant Post Feedback” checkbox, uncheck it, and save changes.


  71. Tinman

    I have to say I preferred it the way it was, being told that I was “cool!” or “bomb!”, and how many subscribers had been sent copies of my post. Like many of the others here I don’t see the point in the Goals.


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