Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

If you were going to blog about one thing for an entire year, what would you choose?

Would you post photographs of your favorite place? Interview different people from your hometown? Create a new piece of art each day?

Here are eight unique blog projects (some are updated every single day) to inspire you to kick off 2012 with your own Project 365:

Blog Radstone

The goal, every day for the next year, approach one stranger, photograph them and promptly blog the experience. Rain or shine, hot or cold, healthy or ill, no days missed. I’ll do my best to create interesting photos, and for the sake of entertainment, work to get myself into a sticky situation from time to time. It’s a huge commitment. I’m sure there will be some hero photographs and some not so magnificent ones. Let’s see what happens!

The Creative Panic

The project right at this moment is to illustrate something (anything!) as quickly as possible every day.


Each day a new image will be uploaded with a small caption, phrase, quote, poem or whatever.

Everything Burger

I created 365 pieces of burger artwork for a year from May 17, 2010 until May 16, 2011.

An Afternoon With

This is a project about people. It is a project about our space and the things we keep and the things we don’t throw away. It is a project about looking for and finding connections we all have. It is about seeing yourself in these spaces. Every picture is a portrait of the owner – be it a room, an object or a view. Every portrait in the end becomes a self-portrait. So in the end this is a project about me.


I often walk around the city in my beloved Liverpool FC jersey. I never miss to notice every other person wearing a soccer shirt, no matter how big the crowd. I’ve decided to approach and meet them, and photograph. Here are my brief encounters, far away from the pitch.

A Drink with Chicago

Since making Chicago our home, we have found that all it takes is one great conversation over one drink to create a long lasting friendship, change your outlook or learn something new. We have had so many of these experiences that we thought we’d start to share them as we continue getting to know the many fascinating people around our city. Join us as we sit down and have a drink with local entrepreneurs, chefs, celebrities, socialites, artists and athletes who all love Chicago as much as we do.

{365} Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A blog to celebrate this is worth it.

So, do you have any ideas for your own Project 365?

For tips on choosing a topic, check out the Learn tutorial on Getting Focused. You can also find writing ideas, blogging tips, and photo challenges at The Daily Post.

Happy New Year from all of us at Automattic!

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  1. sanneswinkels

    great article! I have this dutch website about 365 projects ( and it keeps inspiring lots of people everyday. That’s really great. I love doing this 🙂


  2. acommenttome

    Today, my aim is to blog every single day in English, which is not my native lanugage. Let’s see what will happen…..



    WordPress is right way to express what you feel and think…
    Anytime… anywhere…
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. dd16591569

    Some great ideas there – i will have a very busy year in 2012 will not write as much but if i have a set task such as the above bloggers i will be able to stay in touch and still do my own stuff.. thank you for the great tip i will look through more ideas


  5. fullcolourtheory

    Great post and wonderfully inspiring blogs, not entirely sure yet how I want my blog to develop over the next 12months, my brain is too all over the place to only focus on one thing I think. Having said that, I hope to undertake two new endeavours in the new year, photography and volunteering so maybe that will be my basis. Thank you for inspiring me to think!


  6. rockstaridol

    I know what I’m going to do for the next 365 days give or take is blog, post photo’s, or video’s in regard to my Epic world wide battle of the bands Rockstar Idol!


  7. seslivesohbet

    very good… Thanks you very much !


  8. Zoe

    Thanks to work press for giving us the possibility to use this platform, I’m really enjoying it.


  9. anastasita

    Really interesting ideas! I’d like to do this starting 1st of Jan but can’t see a central page- maybe it doesn’t need one… Is there a way of keeping up with other people doing this etc?


  10. danmc99

    This is a great idea for sure, and a great way to start a new year. No doubt there will be more contributors to it.

    I won’t be one of them though ….. not that I don’t want to, just that I prefer to blog on occasions as the urge takes me, and not every day.

    Good luck to everyone involved on the journey. I will no doubt follow some of them, they look great already.


  11. Chef Pamela

    A post a day is a bit much for me. I am trying to post at least once a week or more.
    There are some great ideas here to keep you from getting “blocked”.
    Great post! Thanks!


  12. gandhipeacemuseum

    I have an all together different project for 2012. It is a Peace Museum Project. I may post pictures of exhibits whenever I can. Need guidance to post pictures.


  13. meladjusted

    These are great ideas! To blog everyday – I wish! Will be following, not everyday though – silly real life would interfere with that but it’ll give me a great back log of reading for I do have some cyber time. Thanks for collecting and posting these imaginative people’s work.


  14. EastNets

    very amazing ideas! it makes you want to blog and make it every single day! 🙂 thanks for the post!



    Very Cool. I enjoyed the pictures. To the “wet blanket” person. Hey is someone holding a gun to your head and telling you to blog everyday? Have you ever given any thought that some peple just like to blog everyday? Please try to find the bright side of the world my friend. Live Laugh Love.


  16. carolee1945

    These ideas are inspiring to me!!! Someone mentioned that 365 blogs can be boring, yes, but the blog is really for the person doing it, not necessarily for the person reading it!!! The blog is a way for the person to stay connected to their goal.


  17. cyaam

    Im in! I want to take a photo everyday for a year… this is a cool project i think 🙂


  18. Elizabeth D Mack

    I turn the big 5-0 next December, so I am blogging on the countdown in an effort to make fun of 50 before 50 makes fun of me. (


  19. Chicks With Ticks

    I want to blog one beautiful thing each day for 365 days. It may be a photo of something I have seen or experienced, or a short story about something I have learned or seen. I want others to know that beauty is everywhere everyday and nature is more accessible than you think – you can find it right in the heart of the city or in the nether reaches of a forest! Get out there and do this with me – find the wild adventurer you were when you were little! – GO ANYWHERE….love, Chicks with Ticks


  20. Franjo Nano Ivanković

    This is such a great idea, I’m definitely doing this!


  21. walktogetherproject

    I love Projects! They give focus and clarity to ideas.

    As a painter, I use the blog as a journal and a forum for input while the paintings are the actual Project. These folks are using the blog as the Project. It is the concrete, the visual.

    TIME is the point of all Projects though. …and life is about TIME!


  22. Margie

    My project for 2012 will be called ‘Less is More’. In the spirit of this goal, I won’t be posting every day. I can not write unless I have something inspiring to relate and for me, inspiration can’t be forced into my daily schedule. I’ll try to tell a ‘Less is More’ story once a week, so I guess I’ll be doing a Project 52. I’m also going to keep up with the Weekly Photo Challenge – that is also a Project 52… but if you add them together it is Project 104!


  23. Kara McNabb

    Looking forward to following the many unique approaches to Project 365s in 2012.

    I’m on my second! This time ’round I’m working on the Home Edition… chronicles of my experience as a first-time single-mom home buyer and all things home related.


  24. bccmee

    There are many bloggers who post every day. I have my own “challenges” and will post a new graphic, video, or Flash animation once a day or once a week. I’m going to have a poll to help me decide the topic of next month’s challenge.


  25. Alli

    365 days of doodling. 🙂 Get ready 2012!


  26. columbibueno

    I guess I’ve already started the 365 project for 2012 (minus 3 days). It’s all about synchronicity — and let’s just see what the forces throw onto the table, shall we?


  27. PloufSwimSuits

    thanks for sharing..really great info..


  28. O.H. Bread

    I’m doing a 2012 Art Project, something creative for each day of the year and posting it on my wordpress blog here. Good or bad, failure or success I’m going to share it for all 366 days.
    I’ve done 365 photo projects before, but I wanted to open this up to trying a few new things in 2012.


  29. begin2attain

    Thanks a lot..Happy hear for you and for all.


  30. anitanna

    Happy New Year!


  31. Suzie Gardner

    I’ve recently started a new blog which follows this model, although I’m only posting twice a week, not every day…but it’s still sticking with the idea of posting on a continuous topic/theme. The blog is, and the project is cataloguing my large (and still growing!) postcard collection, along with a Google map that shows where the postcards have come from all over the world. Hope some of you will check it out if you’re interested! 🙂


  32. anchitmittal

    i will start a blog for my love “Java”


  33. fourbluehills

    It sounds like a wonderful idea! I live in a rural area, so I m going to try to figure out something I can do in that area. Great post.


  34. theseanachai

    A Moment of Enlightenment…daily! …if I can be less cynical and believe there is that much enlightenment each day! Yet every day – in my working life, home life , social and personal life I often have random, fleeting thoughts skipping through my (usually otherwise occupied!) mind which I allow to evaporate again into the ether…althought pleasurable maybe its time to pin these ethereal insights down – to share the perceptions that often arise from the actions and thoughts of others on a daily basis – the things we often fail to utter or even appreciate – marching on as we do with time itself – No longer a Being just doing . – but Being. Happy New Year and Slainte to all! Time I finally uttered something it has, after all, been 365 days! 🙂


  35. smoresnmore

    Great idea….I think I will try it.


  36. sn2snblog

    May get involved with this idea, No where near as exciting as the above mind. Still could be interesting to some people. Let me know if your doing anything, would be my pleasure to check it out 🙂


  37. 100smilechallenge

    Love the 365 (or 366) idea…for me I would like to blog 366 Simple Smile Igniters on
    That commitment sounds a little scary, but I am up for a happy challenge.

    Thank you for the inspiration,


  38. Ian Burgess Photography

    My 2012 challenge is putting together a family cook book of bookstore quality – the fun will be in the cooking and the photographing as well of course as the eating. Doing the math – I’d like to do 60 or so recipies, and photograph all of them: so a tad more than one dish a week…

    Haven’t told my family yet though so this is just between us 🙂

    Will no doubt blog about it at some point…


  39. humaninrecovery

    I’m kind of doing this already with my 12 Step recovery journey/process in dealing with food, codependency/relationship addiction, and depression issues. Not quite as light and fun as others. I will look forward to checking in on some of the one’s I see here. Happy New Year!


  40. dreamiliscious

    Great ideas! I am making a resolution to do it. My blog is really a log of my dreams, but I am trying to add more compelling visual elements.
    Blogging is excellent writing discipline and journalistic practice, so even if I blog half the days of 2012, I’m way ahead of what I blogged in 2011.
    Cheers to creativity!


  41. villasappho

    I desided already more then a year ago to start with such a project as this. My goal was to see for myself that I can photograph. And to show the people that I’m consistent, that my portfolio is not only the best photo from the bunch and ofcourse to show something new and keep busy with my website.Already in a short amount of time I realised I said ‘O my photoblog, I need to do my photoblog, waith I see a photoblog and more of such things’ to many times. My friends and girlfriend arent the only persons on my blog, they are there ofcourse, but I do photograph a lot. My favorite subjects are cats, mushrooms, candy, snow and bath ducks.
    I think my goal for 2012 is to photograph and post really each day. I almost forgot my photoblog every months for one or more days. I hated those moments so my goal; 366 photos on (click on fotoblog) to bad for you all it’s in Dutch. But as you all know a photos sais more then 1000 words.
    Good luck for all bloggers in 2012!


  42. allforkrishna

    I will be writing my experiences with the spiritual side of things and my understanding of the ISKCON movement in my blog. I have been writing it on and off for a while, but I think the Project 365 will add a sense of commitment on my side and if I happen to get a few hits — that will help me find like-minded people and I can make new friends !!

    Awesome ..btw do you have a special tag for the Project like the postaday2011 tag?


  43. earthriderjudyberman

    I love the bloggers’ creativity, ideas, enthusiasm and energy. I find it daunting enough to do one post a week and admire those who can do this more frequently.


  44. babelclaire

    Hmm… Gonna have to think about this one. Grammar mistakes? Mistranslations? Quotes? Facts about Bradley Whitford? Weird things about Belgium? Book reviews? Going to have to make my mind up fast!

    I love the strangers photograph one…


  45. babelclaire

    Oooh, I know – think I’m going to go with “things to be happy about”…


  46. mcsilerphotography

    Photographing a person a day is a HUGE commitment! I like that idea and many of the other ones – thank you!


  47. Nicola

    Great idea! I now plan to take on the 365 project by blogging about one writing/publishing tip/moment a day!


  48. Manoj

    Instead of a Project 365 or 366 as the case may be I would have a Project 52,assuming that there are 52 weeks in a year. A post a day may not be possible for most of us, but my Project 52 will have ‘A Post A Week’ for 2012.


  49. paddylastinc

    I’ll be like the Jr Sartorialist for a year….will take pictures everyday about people wearing interesting fashion….perhaps….yeah…lol


  50. livianakania

    wow this is amazing 🙂


  51. patrickfranklin21

    Nice! I just got mine all set up for Project 365 if anyone wants to check it out: I’ll be in Disney and Ireland, so it should be a good year for some pictures!


  52. Angeline M

    I started mine a little early. A photo a day is my plan.


  53. Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

    I think these are cool ideas. And just because you write everyday doesn’t mean youbhavevto hit publish everyday. I agree that a reading audience can get overwhelmed by too many posts. I have actually asked people and they say 3 posts a week is plenty! That said, these are great ideas. I like having guest posts once week. It would be nice to find a new person/place/thing in my town/city and write about them. In fact, you just gave me an idea. Hmmmmm.


  54. Andrea O'Connell

    I never thought it possible, but I blogged every day in 2011. I’d even blogged every day in December 2010, making this my 13 months of blogging once a day. I’m not tired of doing writing every day, that’s the weird thing. The only thing I guess I’m tired of, is the commitment itself – there were times it was nearly impossible to write, but I always found time, somehow, because I refused to miss even one day. I promised myself I’d do it, and I did! I was also very interested in the Casey Anthony case going on in Orlando, Florida. That topic gave me a lot of material to work with, but I also wrote about other topics.

    In short, it was a worthwhile exercise – not easy, but well worth it. 🙂


  55. boodlesmom

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been slack on writing for a little while, but this inspired me today. Matter of fact, I wrote two posts. One generic and one a story about my daughter’s aspirations of having chickens. It turned out really funny! I’ve been working on telling my family’s story from moving here to America from their angle. I’ve had to mostly guess at the details of course with the few facts I have mixed in. I think I’m going to start with that. Again, thanks for the inspiration!


  56. twistnpout

    wow, I think this is such an inspiring project, if not challenging. There are so many great ideas here. I am going to think about joining in on this project, perhaps make it a NY resolution to post everyday about a particular subject matter or concept. hmmmm


  57. Jana Marie

    I write a daily blog about seeing the hand of God working in every day circumstances through every day people. It has led to me now publishing my first book!


  58. Tiana Blue

    The first photo was what really drew me into reading the rest of this post. Awesome blogs!


  59. kshama

    Happy New Year to you all too! And, thanks for sharing the wonderful idea. Since my blog is about every day things and people, and I read several newspapers every day, I think I’ll highlight one news item about things ordinrary that touched/ appealed to me from what I read each day. Looking forward to reading all the other 365/6 dayer’s posts too:-)


  60. jamiegall1930

    Oh wow… you’ve got me thinking now!


  61. eof737

    Remarkable! I’d have to choose something feasible to do on a daily basis. Photography might work… 😉


  62. Fanny Mandik the Plain Steam Rice

    thanks… am brainstorming of what to post in 2012.


  63. Ms. Aey

    love to focus something about LIFE


  64. A meaningful Journey

    These are all great ideas. I am really looking forward to the new year. I hope I can blog this constantly and won’t lose inspiration.


  65. jignesh272

    May this should be added too, where blog every day but about one thing that your did was different from all the other day. From then you will see how much things we do it over and over.


  66. journeytobecomingamummy

    Love this idea and feel the need to find a suitable topic for the year! Thanks 🙂


  67. KLooDoo

    I’ve been doing hand-drawn picture puzzles daily for almost a year now. Check us out: (a wordpress blog)


  68. Zarrion Walker

    I love the idea of 365 breakfasts. I’m always stuck for foody ideas in the morning. Always end up missing breakfast as it takes me so long to decide. I may take a picture everyday seeing as one of my new year’s resolutions is to take more photos. Thanks for sharing.


  69. Parent Imperfect

    It may just be my on ability to commit to blogging every day, but I’m with nessafrance. I do love some of the ideas you’ve highlighted here, but I think that religiously pumping something out every day almost always cheapens the franchise. There is a difference between blogging and the T-thing, and that difference is worth preserving.


  70. amybrantphoto
    there is my plan for 365 2012. 🙂 hope you all enjoy.


  71. Joanna Aislinn

    Loved the ‘hamburgers’–it would be interesting to see 365 of those 🙂


  72. Exodus

    Everything Burger is so cute and i really enjoy Creative Panic (been following for a long time). thanks for sharing and happy new year to you all! : )


  73. Marshfellows

    These are all great ideas. I’ve been playing with the idea of taking a picture everyday for 365, but I don’t know of what yet. I still have a few days left to figure it out. 🙂


    • ladyhugs

      TRY stepping out side your door each day at the same time IE like 9am/9pm and take a picture of one item.

      you will be amzed at all the changes.


  74. Steve Conklin (@stevetechteach)

    2012 is a 366 day year.


  75. kiamichismith

    My 365? A year in the life of keeping house. What works and what doesn’t. The good, the bad and the ugly of keeping house in suburban America in the 21st century.


  76. Konstantina

    Great inspiration, thank you for the links. Amazing every day stories. Maybe this will be my New year resolution;


  77. Valerie Suydam

    This article inspired me to start my own writer’s inspiration version of a Project 365. Looking forward to read what other new Project 365-ers do this year with me! Thank you and Happy New Year!


  78. Basil C. Puglisi

    We were challenged last year to blog every day! I thought wow that’s impossible, well if you’re going to post content of value anyway… I started 5 days a week, info on digital, brand marketing, business and took time to site sources for the content. In April my blog became Digital Brand Marketing Education at, a nonprofit publication that now has 14 regular contributors of original content with sources and posts every day, thanks for these wonderful challenges and ideas!


  79. Monique Ess

    I’d really love to update my blog every day for the next 366 days (we have a leap year coming up ;)…), but I don’t know if I’d be able to do it. Besides that, if I did this ever blessed day, all my posts might start looking the same. I don’t want to be repetitive. It might be nice to give something like the photograph thing a try; I MIGHT start a separate blog for that, as I like going out to take random pictures of things. But since I just started my new blog I don’t know if I’d have the time to focus on more than one project. I’ll keep this idea on the back burner for now. 🙂


  80. hilarymak

    I just started blogging in November this year, think I have managed one a week, that will be my aim for 2012 I think! But Its so therapeutic and inspiring to write and makes me so much more attentive to what is going on in my life and world day by day!
    Look forward to reading these posts!


  81. carolee1945

    I was drawn to a gorgeous snail Christmas ornament this year. Very expensive, in Gumps store. Then, when I read about the 365 idea, I thought, why not pick a snail theme? I hate snails because they eat up my garden, yet I can love them, with their delicate spiral shells. I like the idea of using a contradictory figure, like the snail. It just hit me: I love them in the abstract, but not in the real!!! At any rate, I went to Gumps after Christmas just to get the snail ornament at half price. I got the last one, was very excited about it, and when I got home, I saw that the face part (what is the word for that?) had broken off. I missed it in my excitement of the moment. Then I realized, well, it is up to me to finish the snail.


  82. Vicki Chavis

    I’ll definitely be following some of these bloggers, I love the challenge!

    I’ll be working on my daily Haiku blog that celebrates one thing every day. What I love about Haiku is how a message suddenly hits me, whether I’m watching a beetle find a creative way to get unstuck or I’m in a biplane for the first time, feeling like Amelia Earhart


  83. lillithsnapped

    Last year I began a photographic project 365. I didn’t get through every day, and I still have many days on my computer that I need to upload. It is totally worth it to explore doing this. I host mine here: It’s a great community where you can interact with others while you are challenging yourself.

    These artists you’ve chosen all rock and I will enjoy seeing what they are doing now and in the future.


  84. Katherine Gordy Levine

    Project 366–for me will be Project 260. A post every week day. That is one of my Feel Better Now tips. Taking breaks. Having to do something every day can be exhausting. My Project 260 goal? Paths anyone can follow to Feel Better Now.

    That is what Emotional Fitness Training is all about, managing life’s unavoidable negative emotions. Not easy for me to stay focused on one theme, but think it will be useful and for others. Looking forward to reading others and posting mine.

    Assiming this is replacing Post-a-Day, if not will use Post-a-Day 2012 as my Project 260 which means I will try to fit topics into the Feel Better Now mold.

    Staying strong by caring and sharing, Do the same.


  85. DrEMiller

    You presented some great ideas. As a former teacher and someone who is trying (once again) to quit smoking, I’m thinking of continuing my “Fixing Education” blog and alternating with a new blog on the process of quitting smoking and staying smoke-free. Need ideas for a title for quitting smoking. So far, I’ve come up with “Kicking It” and “Diary of a Crazy Not-Smoker,” but neither seem to be quite right. Please help with ideas. Thank you!!


  86. thesenseseeker

    Love the idea but feel 365 (or 366!) may just create pressure, dilute valuable commntary and further clutter up WordPress! I love the idea of Project 52 though…. My blog Mumslists is themed (as the title suggests) but I am inspired to Blog a new list at least once a week 🙂


  87. Lois Roelofs

    A worthwhile idea. I think I’ll take a “post a week” challenge to concentrate on a new blog I started, caringlessonsnow, a spinoff from my primary “Caring Lessons” book blog. It seems life today is fast-paced with way too much violence and mudslinging. I’d like to slow down enough to observe, do, and learn caring behaviors that could make living in 2012 a bit more pleasant for both ourselves and others.


  88. fireygoddess

    awesome motivation as I’m launching another 365 about vinyl albums. I’m looking for names. Please make suggestions in my comments on my 365 creative blog about MAKING SOMETHING EVERY DAY. it’s had a great following and i’m continuing with it in 2012. Please comment on my blog to let me know what you’d like to see in a 365 music BOG about my awesome vinyl collection
    and.. Make Something Every Day


  89. Deb Prewitt

    I have been thinking about doing a 365/366 blog post a day. I have lots of ideas, just trying to figure out which ones actually have enough meat on them for an entire year.


  90. jakeeisan0wl

    Doing a 365+1 photo project! (:


  91. Beth

    This idea is great – the one constant in my life is music. Something musical goes on in my life every day, so this is definitely something I could blog about! Now the big question is: How to do so interestingly!


  92. austinforcefield

    With a new camera in hand I look forward to posting for the whole year … but of what ..I like taking pictures of everything this will be hard to focus on.
    the same subject matter for a whole year ……..any though????


  93. crushedveneer

    What a wonderful idea!
    The blogs listed are beautiful and inspiring as they make me want to participate in the 365 day project. But sadly, I can’t really think of anything I’ll be able to write about every single day of the year and as much as I would LOVE to take pictures each day, the fact that I don’t own a camera kills it.

    Oh well. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something tomorrow. :\


  94. srholmes

    This is great! I would like to give a gift to someone every day. Not a purchased gift, maybe sometimes not even a physical gift. Find the things I own which I no longer need and give them to someone who does need them, or will at least use them. Then at the end of the year, see what’s left. If I didn’t have anything physical to give that day, I could just help someone out. Carry something for someone, give a busker some change. Just an idea.


  95. KT

    Wow! This is such a motivation. I really liked the idea of Richard Radstone but I might be a little challenged because I don’t go out often and when I do it’s almost always in the same place (office, mall, church, park, among others). I guess if I ever start this project then I would be motivated to go out some more.

    I also like the 36ixty5 idea. I think this would be the best option for me because I like photographing random stuff. We will see…

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I will probably come up with some ideas in my blog so I can share it to everyone.

    Have an awesome new year y’all!!!


  96. Sarah

    I love the idea of Creative Panic. I’m not that confident of my drawings though. /lol I did finish a 365 – year 2010-2011 It was pretty hard but I did manage at the end. Photos are here if you want to have a look Try checking the archives 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  97. Kate Swaffer

    I’ve been blogging daily almost since I signed up (134 since 2 September 2011), and therefore the Kick Off 2012 with Project 365 is for me! I dare the bloggers out there who say a daily blogger hasn’t got enough to say to read some of my blogs, and tell me what my conversations are not only relevant, but reasonably well written considering they don’t always get the stringent editing of a journal or newspaper. For your own sake, start writing, or painting, or creating, or talking about your lives as everyone has something valid and important to say.


  98. suzanneserene

    Wow. What a challenge. Since I am working on keeping a more positive outlook and taking every thought captive, I am toying with the idea of turning a negative thought into something positive. The trick will be to keep it light and not too personal, but it could work. Thinking….thinking….


  99. adhyalhosen

    Thank you for the inspiration. It got me thinking.. I would be great if I can have ‘Coffee with …” for my blog.
    Thank you again!


  100. insurancekansas

    Great idea on approaching one person and asking to take a pic but I barely have time to type this 🙂


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