New Themes: Blog Simple and Skylark

In the mood to simply showcase your words or your work? The two newest themes in our collection allow you to do just that!

Blog Simple

First, let’s say hello to Blog Simple, an inventive premium theme for bloggers designed by Mike Kus. Its vibrant, two-tone color scheme and bold typography will definitely set your blog apart from the crowd. When you outfit your blog with this theme, your words will shine, front and center.

Learn more about how you can simply make a statement with Blog Simple on the Theme Showcase.


Next, let’s welcome Skylark, a free portfolio theme originally designed by Blank Themes. Bright, clean, and sophisticated, Skylark is a great starting point for individuals and businesses with work to share. Whether you want to show off your latest photography, web designs, videos, or simply establish an online presence for your business, Skylark helps you accomplish it in style.

Skylark is loaded with features. Read more about how you can use them to create your own professional website on the Theme Showcase.

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  1. A. Maryam

    I love simplicity, if I have it I need to just change the color. Thank you for these beautiful themes.


  2. timethief

    Hi Michelle,
    Skylark is jam packed with excellent features that render it very flexible when it comes to customizing it. I’m excited and can’t wait to try it out on my test blog. I appreciate the work you Theme Team people do to provde such a large selection of truly beautiful themes. Thank you all.


  3. Vivian J. Paige

    Nice themes. Still waiting to see more themes that include the author’s information box for multiple-author blogs.


  4. bestrockmusical

    Nice touch, just simple and clean. I like it. Thanks for your good work. ^^


  5. rommel

    I’m trying it out now. I’ll leave it for now. It reminds me of the one I bought, On Demand… less features but more simpler.


  6. messyme

    WordPress is just the best thing that happened to the blog world. I don’t get to post as much as I would like to but I love the enteraction that people have here and the friendliness. Just great.


  7. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool new themes, but I’ll stick to my current one 🙂


  8. 7theaven

    Still hoping for a expanded and free version of portfolio 🙂


  9. LloydPlace

    We like the new themes. Skylark is a cool blue that gives off a calming effect, while Blog Simple is a nice pastel color that is soft and inviting. Both are good choices.


  10. siabyul

    I always get excited when there’s new for new themes! Thank you for adding 2 new ones 🙂
    I think blog simple is really cute although it’s not my style and skylark looks interesting. Going to try it out.


  11. enduranceotobrise

    Thanks for the great work. It is indeed very thoughtful.


  12. laptop8attery

    Cool themes! I like the idea of the first one, simplicity is the hardest to achieve sometimes, yet the color seems too classic? The second one is clear, clean and bright and I like it better because of its design and style. Keep looking forward to more wonderful themes to be issued. 🙂


  13. Angie Hottentots-Laurel

    I love the Skylark theme. It almost makes me want to bring back my photography blog. I really like how the work is presented in that theme.


  14. pressynations

    Such beautiful themes.


  15. funnygiftideas

    I like it! First one is awesome:)


  16. rohitrathod

    Skylark is just awesome.


  17. chaoticwhitespace

    Love Blog Simple. Wish it were free!


  18. sathiyanarayanan1947

    The themes are very fine.


  19. roisingrace

    Absolutely love the Blog Simple theme – when I upgrade my account I’ll be sure to try that one out!


  20. garotadefe

    These themes are so beautiful, I love them. Congratulations for your work.


  21. Eneza

    Skylark is very interesting indeed….. but it’s not free I believe…..


  22. teenagersandfacebookexposed

    Lovely theme, very creative!


  23. pandatoshare

    I must try these on another one of my blogs. 😀 Thank you very much.


  24. ferryanas

    I like Blog Simple and Skylark.


  25. Raani York

    Great themes.


  26. Farizal Akbar

    What great themes! 🙂


  27. MsTBennett

    I’m loving Skylark, but is it possible to change the blue in the theme options? I’ll have to look more into it 🙂 Thanks!!!


  28. Winston Muller

    Really nice coloring on Blog Simple.


  29. motorbike2work

    Wicked themes – as a newbie to blogging i’m stuck for choice!


  30. JHMinecraft

    These themes look good, especially the simple blog 🙂


  31. annettenasser

    you light up my blogging style, light, simple blog,, 🙂


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