New Themes: Babylog and Delicacy

Happy Thursday everybody! Today I would like to introduce you to the two latest additions to our family of themes. Let’s start first with the most adorable …

Babylog is the perfect theme for chronicling your little one’s first year (and beyond!) The playful, sweet design will take you from first smiles to first steps, and you can even customize the baby graphic to look like your own bundle of joy! Read more in the theme showcase.

Delicacy is a stylish theme perfect for food bloggers. Your image and writing will look great with Delicacy’s subtle textures and clean lines. You can also use the featured content section to help draw attention to your most delicious posts. Read more in the theme showcase.

Babylog was designed by Caroline Moore and Delicacy was designed by Aleksandra Łączek.

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  1. christrocks

    These are fantastic additions, WordPress! I would be all over Babylog if I actually had a use for it, lol 🙂 oh well…


  2. jujubandung

    Babylog looks simple and I love the color..:)


  3. timethief

    Two more great themes for bloggers. Delicacy looks delectable and Babylog is cute. What’s not to love?


  4. wordcoaster

    Wow, keep the themes coming; you guys are constantly creating new ones that fit all the various reasons people blog. 🙂


  5. Melissa Kinnel (@TizMellyMel)

    Delicacy is beautiful. Too bad I don’t have a food blog. Oh well, still delightful!


  6. Kojiki

    Carolines designs are very nice and creative…love them all….Great new themes again!


  7. Emmanuella

    Babylog really is adorable! 😉 It fits my little brother.


  8. guenbt

    I like them, and both are free! I may have to upgrade for customized fonts. I have been changing themes for the past couple of months, I like many things but they are not in 1 theme. Maybe I should get Custom Upgrade. I am thinking about it. Maybe come Christmas season. Thanks WordPress! 😉


  9. Purple eyes

    I love Babylog 😀
    I love the colour.


  10. Bosstiger

    Really nice themes. I prefer the Delicacy theme because it looks like it was based on Twenty Eleven. Keep up the good work 😀


  11. kindkerry

    The Babylog is wonderful, I’ve been in baby mode lately! xoxo 😉


  12. bkspecial006

    How perfect that we just signed up for a blog and found the perfect Theme… that happens to be new to wordpress too. 🙂 Delicacy seemed fitting for our random recipes and ramblings. We hope to have some great fans soon!


  13. desiagustina

    Babylog looks simple and I like that.


  14. krausesarah

    Babyblog seems wonderful. Simple but does what it says on the tin! My outdoor-blog can only aspire to be as interesting as these two!


  15. trangquynh

    Cool themes! I love the layout of Delicacy.


  16. vidalyricsl

    I’m happy to see new themes, but I’m still not satisfied because there are not many ways to modify themes … unless you pay for those options.


    • Michael Fields

      Some themes allow for a bit of customization (Babylog even has a customizable baby!), while others do not. For the most control, our Custom Design Upgrade is definitely the way to go. Like you said, this is a paid upgrade, but it’s flexibility is well worth the investment.


  17. georginesmith

    Babylog is so nice and attractive. I love it.


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