NaBloPoMo is here! Need some inspiration?

It’s November 1st, and National Blog Posting Month–NaBloPoMo–is upon us. Time to put your thinking cap on, fire up the computer, chug some extra coffee, and get a-postin’! Bookmark these resources for days when you need a little something extra, and leave a link to your site in the comments so other NaBloPoMo participants on can find you.

On The Daily Post…

A new writing prompt goes up at The Daily Post every weekday at 11AM EST (we also tweet them out on the @freshly_pressed handle). If you need additional inspiration, head over to Plinky.

Weekly writing and photo challenges give you two more opportunities a week to be part of NaBloPoMo and deepen your participation in the community. Browse past challenges for even more ideas.

Take inspiration from fellow bloggers: you can start by taking a look at our Focus On posts, which highlight blogs and niches you may not be familiar with. Read something new, and see where it takes you.


Speaking of reading something new, Freshly Pressed is a great source of material. We pick posts we believe will stimulate interesting conversation. Take that comment you left on a Freshly Pressed pick and turn it into a post on your own site. With ten new blogs highlighted daily, there’s bound to be a topic that speaks to you.

If Freshly Pressed isn’t floating your boat, spend a few minutes exploring topics in the Reader. Search for some topics you’ve never looked through before–be creative!–or just check out other posts tagged NaBloPoMo.

Elsewhere On the Web…

NaBloPoMo’s home is over at BlogHer, where they’ve got tons of resources, from blogrolls of participants to more daily prompts; you can also grab a badge to showcase your participation.

For more daily inspiration and support, follow the official NaBloPoMo Twitter account. If you’re in the UK, there’s also a NaBloPoMo Facebook page just for you.

Is there a resource you depend on to get through NaBloPoMo? Share!

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  1. Beth Luwandi

    Reblogged this on Rude Awakening! and commented:
    I’m gonna do it! November needs a little sweet spicing up!


  2. minqan

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  3. misseyernovaivo

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  4. phuket43

    Reblogged this on phuket43 and commented:
    NaBloPoMo, well I love acronyms. Seems to be the perfect month to get the blogging going.


  5. denipriadi

    Reblogged this on denipriadi.


  6. clara_w

    Definitely not blogging every day because I’m trying to keep up with Nanowrimo! Good luck to the participants : )


  7. Jeni

    Three for three over at J&W:


  8. trinhtasticventures

    I am a newbie in the blogging world. I stand for honesty and integrity feel free to check out my very first blog people and comment if you want 🙂


  9. linmirianjoyrex

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  10. sarahpolok

    Not sure ill post everyday but as much as possible!! Check it out!!!!


  11. vazimiema

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  12. aaome

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  13. Rebecca

    I’m going to give it a fair go!


  14. River Man

    I wrote my first blog!


  15. River Man

    Reblogged this on Reflections of a River Man.


  16. isguardiola

    So much to blog about and so little time to blog. I try to blog as often as possible, but because am blogging about my community, my topics are limited. Good luck to all you who finds interesting topic to blog about and good luck with your contests.


  17. oruzi

    Reblogged this on oruzi and commented:
    its not mine but check it out. kinda helped me so maybe it can hel you too


  18. neelkanth

    Reblogged this on Avenues.


  19. Spider42

    Going to give this a shot – already doing NaNoWriMo so why not this too and see if I can lose all my marble?!


  20. icittadiniprimaditutto

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  21. reenaram6

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  23. deannastoker

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  24. firman2401

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  25. Michael Jones

    Excited! For all of you fiction writers…


  26. morbitsdb

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  27. kulkells

    Reblogged this on kulkells's Blog and commented:
    Would definitely love to participate in this..!


  28. bobbymillerwriting

    Reblogged this on The Hum of Traffic and commented:
    National Blog Posting Month is upon us! write a post, or check one out new ones I’m posting here!


  29. Kristin

    Boldly Blessed ~~ a WordPress Blog ~~ taking the challenge


  30. Kristin Forgot to paste the link


  31. saudmakar

    Reblogged this on saudmakar.


  32. Tracy Neal

    Reblogged this on Simply, the Word and commented:
    For fellow bloggers, this is a must read treasure!


  33. Tracy Neal

    Thanks so much for this resource! Reblogged on


  34. trickywicket

    Yeah, but what about GloSymCoWee??


  35. hiteshpareek

    On Nov 1, 2012 9:40 PM, “ News” wrote: >who Lyohnjhgagos > michelle w. posted: “It’s November 1st, and National Blog Posting Month–NaBloPoMo–is upon us. Time to put your thinking cap on, fire up the computer, chug some extra coffee, and get a-postin’! Bookmark these resources for days when you need a little something extra, and. Z’? lea” >


  36. clivechip

    A worthy idea to get people blogging. But isn’t there a risk that posting every day just for the sake of doing it is going to bring about a reduction in quality? Discuss!


  37. kristin lee johnson

    I am a child protection social worker, a novelist, a mom, and now I’m a blogger. Thanks for the opportunity


  38. lovern2012

    Reblogged this on lovernblog.


  39. comedy89

    Awesome, need inspiration.


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