WordPress.com is Proud to Help Power Red Cross Relief Efforts

WordPress is way more than just a blogging platform — it’s a full-featured Content Management System that powers over 17% of the web. We love seeing the myriad ways people use it to get their messages across.

Today, we’re proud to highlight the American Red Cross’s Disaster Online Newsroom, a hub for photos, videos, and vital on-the-ground information that’s central to their relief efforts.

The Disaster Online Newsroom is more than just a press center, it’s a way for the Red Cross to share critical information like shelter and emergency response vehicle locations, ways we can all help or offer financial support, and more. Understandably, the Red Cross Newsroom is now focused on Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, but it’s updated in all crises, U.S.-based and international. As websites go, it’s relatively simple but is packed with information, and offers a great example of how easy it is to create an effective web presence for a relief, non-profit, or community organization on WordPress.com.

We’re thrilled to be able to give organizations like the American Red Cross a home here on WordPress.com. We applaud them for the work they do around the globe, and are proud to play even a small role in their heroic efforts.

Learn more about current Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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  1. Maggie

    I LOVE that non-profits can have a “Donate Now” button that goes to an “https:” site. I’d thought that since WordPress.com sites aren’t allowed ads, they’d automatically squash “donate now” buttons with the system translating them as ads. But I see Red Cross has one. Thought I couldn’t put the site on WordPress (REALLY small rural library’s non-profit – think friends of the library org raising money to keep the library going, but this community BUILT the library to get the county to have a branch here). Searched and searched here, could find nothing on WP for info. Please consider adding a link under Community for Non-profit tips, tricks, hints etc. Others (the big G and MS) make it easy for non-profits to nose around. I would SOOOO much rather create the site here than elsewhere.


  2. amrecro

    Hi Michelle – thank you for highlighting our efforts! We have a question for the WordPress team – can someone contact us?


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  5. John Hayden

    Red Cross Disaster Online Newsroom is great site for up-to-the-minute news. I just posted a link to it on one of my blogs.


  6. bravesmartbold

    Thank you WordPress for creating tools to make the world a better place.


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  8. kmd6252

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    Please give or volunteer to help with Hurricaone Sandy has over 40,000 displaced or homeless right now.


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  13. Jamie

    This brought a huge smile to my face this morning. Those of us still homeless and suffering loss from this storm need information, support, and caring. Thank you for being part of that.


  14. 3rdCultureChildren

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    Please give or volunteer to help with Hurricaone Sandy has over 40,000 displaced or homeless right now. Thanks!


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    Thank you WordPress


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  21. emptyallcages

    VERY cool worpress!!


  22. comedy89

    wordpress is useful. cool


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    We’re not really late, are we?


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