Get Notifications On the Go With WordPress for iOS

Did you know you can get notifications about new comments, new followers, likes on your posts, and more with the WordPress for iOS app? It’s a super convenient way to keep up with your blog even when you’re away from your desk. With version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS (available now on the App Store), you get all this in addition to posting, checking stats, and reading your favorite blogs.

Version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS: Notifications, showing on iPad Mini and iPhone 5

Mobile notifications

WordPress for iOS connects directly to your blog and shows you the same notifications you get in your toolbar, but with a twist: You also get push notifications for everything happening on your blog. It’s the quickest way to approve or reply to a comment, since you’ll know about it as soon as it’s posted. With the built-in threads, you can easily see any comments your readers are responding to and keep up with conversations in the community. Checking in on your post is just a tap away!
Example of a Like Push Notification
When you get a new follower, or someone likes or reblogs one of your posts, you’re notified as well. The app even sends you notifications for those special days when you’re receiving a lot of traffic. And should it ever get too noisy, you can mute an entire blog or disable certain types of notifications — likes, for example — in the Settings panel.

Download the WordPress app for your deviceLearn more about WordPress for iOS

Other ways to get notified

Don’t have an iOS device or just prefer your computer? There are other ways to keep up with your blog.

Browser extensions/add-ons

With a browser extension/add-on, you will be notified whenever someone likes your posts, follows your blog, posts a comment, and more. You can use Press This to blog about interesting things you find online, as well as follow blogs you like, no matter what website you’re browsing.

Get the Chrome extensionLearn more

Get the Firefox add-onLearn more on mobile

Did you know that works just as well on your smartphone/tablet as on your computer? Try it now! Go to on your device (don’t forget to add it to the home screen) and browse away. You’ll find all the things you like and use, including a notifications view. Just like with an app or a browser extension/add-on you’ll see all your notifications in one place, including stats highlights and replies to your comments.


If you’re interested in our mobile apps and would like to help test and contribute to them, head on over to Make WordPress Mobile where all the magic happens. Be sure to follow @WordPressiOS on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news about the WordPress for iOS app.

What do you like most about notifications and how do you prefer to read them? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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  1. sweetsarendipity

    Reblogged this on sweetSARendipity and commented:
    I need this in my life once my blog starts to really get going !


  2. anbrooks2013

    Great now I’m going to be obsessed with my phone because of facebook, twitter and now WordPress. I love this blogging to much!


  3. tinkadele

    Already a fan! It’s my favourite way to pass the time when the teaching dries up in class!


  4. yp25

    I LOVE using this app on my iPad! The notification sounds let me know when someone’s commented on my blogs. It’s great!


  5. kevinmdavis2010

    I’m glad I got the iOS app. The notifications feature is great!


  6. Lonnie E. Schubert

    What is iOS?



    Awesome! I’ll be using this for sure.


  8. Nanny_cool

    Use this on iPhone and iPad it really is so easy and you are always up to date on everything.


  9. Rusha Sams

    So glad this app is ready for download! I haven’t had much success with accessing WordPress via Google on my phone. But then again, I’m still learning!!!


  10. timethief

    My husband will be happy about this. Thanks.


  11. DaydreamsinWonderland

    It’s one of my most used apps. :)
    I wasn’t aware of the browser add-ons. That seems really neat.


  12. Ashley Farley

    Thank you WordPress. This is WAY COOL!


  13. JA Shanks

    Started getting them this weekend. Really like it.


  14. Steve Banfield

    Reblogged this on @stevebanfield and commented:
    This is exactly why I moved from Blogger to More mobile innovation happening here, with a bigger support ecosystem.


  15. pbus1

    I think this is wonderful! I use the WordPress app on my iPad all the time to check comments, likes, and to view videos on my blog! I can even keep up with new posts from my favorite bloggers using the reader feature on the app! Absolutely ideal! Thanks so much WordPress! :-)


  16. Kuya Joshua

    Can we get the browser add-on for Safari please?


  17. SuperSwede

    I really enjoy the notifications in the iPhone as well as the iPad app. If just could have some more sharing options now, like Pinterest etc…


  18. Coffee

    This app is really awesome and useful, I’ve had a WordPress app on my iPhone for quite a long time now.


  19. Mike Hardisty

    Already using it on my iPad and it’s brilliant…


  20. ɭᴇх.ᴠʀ⁷

    When will push notifications be introduced to the WordPress app for Android? I so cannot wait for these features!


  21. El

    Awesome! I hope the notifications feature will also be made available to the Android users soon ;) That’d be really cool.


  22. Gabs

    And for Android!?


  23. JustBeCouture

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    If your a consistent blogger, this is what you need!


  24. lenmakesthings

    I would love to be happy about this, but the WordPress app for iOS crashes all the time. The features are still great though, when they work!


  25. drizzlebat

    I agree. An Android version is a must.


  26. doctorwhofan98

    Please allow us to write posts in the mobile apps the visual way! It’s really annoying having to use HTML when writing posts.


  27. Jeffrey Atwood

    Is this for Android? Thanks!


  28. tipsforzip

    Reblogged this on TipsforZip and commented:
    Oh this is the perfect tool for just about any frequent blogger! :) Great way to keep posted.


  29. lanceinhere

    Reblogged this on Blogging To The Top and commented:
    Awesome now I can get notification straight into my iPhone!


  30. snellc

    The iOS app is great, just received and approved a notification.


  31. logandoyle18

    Reblogged this on logandoyle and commented:
    Very useful for any iOS users. Keep track of your notifications on the go!



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