Two Cities, Two Launches: A Pair of Sites Built on Enterprise

Some say there’s no greater rivalry than the one between the City by the Bay, San Francisco, and the one-and-only Big Apple, New York City. And considering both cities’ contributions to the industry of tech and big ideas, they’re right!

Two cities, two launches

Recently, both San Francisco and New York City launched initiatives to highlight their technology and startup communities — projects we’re proud to support. While both cities have their own thriving communities, they share one thing: their websites, Where the World Changes and We Are Made in NYare built on Enterprise.

Where the World Changes 

Where the World Changes

We Are Made in NY

We Are Made in NY

What is Enterprise?

Both Where the World Changes and We Are Made in NY are powered by Enterprise: a platform offering all of the features of that you love, all of our paid upgrades (such as Custom Design and premium themes), plus the best of our features for VIP sites — including 100+ vetted plugins that help you improve SEO, add social media tools, and manage ads.

Have your posts gone viral? Did your site get picked up by a big media outlet? Enterprise will scale with you as you and your traffic grow over time. For $500/month, you can power your site on a platform that combines the simplicity, flexibility, and security of — and all of the features and unlimited bandwidth enjoyed by sites — with powerful customization options and upgrades.

More highlights

  • Unlimited storage space: Need to upload a lot of media, from photographs to videos? Upload away.
  • VIP plugin directory: Want to run plugins on Well, you can with Enterprise — you have access to the VIP plugin directory.
  • JavaScript customization: In addition to being able to customize your theme’s fonts and colors and modify or override its CSS with the Custom Design upgrade, you can modify and write your own JavaScript with our Custom JavaScript Editor.
  • White-glove support: Need help? You have access to a support team of world-class developers, via email or live chat, whenever you have questions.
  • Google Analytics: Use the Google Analytics plugin to track your site stats and visitors.

Launch a robust, high-traffic website in minutes with Enterprise. If you’re interested in a one-month free trial, or would like to chat with someone if you have questions, visit Enterprise.

Other sites built on Enterprise

In addition to the cities of San Francisco and New York, other organizations and bloggers have sites powered by Enterprise:

  • ESPN Digital and Print Content is the go-to place for ESPN products for sports fans.
  • Soleil Moon Frye’s Moonfryea site of parenting stories, tips, and advice, is a space to celebrate the power of being a parent.
  • The 4-Hour Chef is bestselling author Tim Ferriss’ site for his guide to mastering cooking and life — a “cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks.”
  • The Crosby Press is a digital lifestyle magazine by JackThreads, a members-only shopping community for men.

To get started, head over to Enterprise, or read our Enterprise FAQ to see if it’s right for you.

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  1. Ippo

    When I found my own city, I’ll definitely choose you guys! 😉


  2. Diego Cabrerizo

    Enterprise is really interesting, but it’s affordable just for big companies or cities like the examples there… Well, for me and my small scientific blog, im fine with the standard version… 😛


  3. lilly1949

    Wow! I am glad to be a part of a great community.


  4. inkedvocabulary

    I can see a fee of $500.00 a month as a bit steep now… in time, I might be able to justify it. Shame to pass it by though for the promise it could offer before I run my start-up on a shoestring. I loved the article, it does show hope for the medium we are using here… not just left to the technocrats of out time.


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