New Themes: Photographer, Superhero, and Sidekick

We’re bringing you some action-packed fun on this Threeme Day!


Photographer’s home page template

First up, we’re bringing you a gorgeous new premium theme from our friends at Organic ThemesPhotographer features a beautifully minimal design with a focus on photography. It’s a professional portfolio and photo blogging solution for serious photographers and artists. The theme features the ability to create endless slideshows and portfolios, and is sure to satisfy the website needs of all shutterbugs.

Photographer is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.


Superhero with Featured Content slider

Our next theme today is Superhero, designed by yours truly. Superhero is a clean and minimal blog theme with bright pops of color and some great hidden power. If you take off its glasses, Superhero can wow your users with a truly heroic full-screen featured content area. Mix in some subtle CSS3 transitions, a fixed header, and full-bleed post featured images, and you’ll have yourself an epic blog in no time.

Read more about Superhero on the Theme Showcase or start using it on your own blog in Appearance → Themes. If you love the look of Superhero, but have a self-hosted WordPress blog, have no fear, Superhero is… already available for download! Check it out in the theme directory.


Sidekick with panoramic featured images

Every Superhero needs a Sidekick. Our next theme, Sidekick, is essentially Superhero without the utility belt. Stripping out the sidebar widget area, featured content slider, and fixed header gives Sidekick a spartan appearance, but like all great sidekicks, this theme brings something special to the team. Sidekick uniquely displays panoramic featured post images in a responsive, full-bleed manner.

Read more about Sidekick on the Theme Showcase or start using it on your own blog in Appearance → Themes.

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  1. Tristan Gerrard

    Awesome theme, we love organicthemes!


  2. amirahsurlemur

    The Photographer theme looks really cool!


  3. PiedType

    I get so excited over new themes. It’s like an unexpected Christmas, or Fashion Week, or E3.


  4. heidimartell

    Simply beautiful….



    Wow! I’m really starting to think it’s time for a redesign with these great themes.
    It’s hard to decide. They are sweet!


  6. Teepee12

    Oh my, aren’t these gorgeous. I’m going to have to go play with them!! Woo hoo!!


  7. Weaver

    I wish I was a premium member, then I could do so much…


  8. absentelemental

    Does this mean a Supervillian theme is on its way?


  9. omegamothertheresa

    Awesome themes! I really like the simple look!


  10. John Hayden

    I see great possibilities for Superhero, especially using custom type fonts. My one criticism is the small size of the blog title and the TINY size of the subtitle and the menu. With the faint color, the subtitle and menu are nearly unreadable.


  11. melissaeandrews

    I loved these. Just updated my blog to use Superhero! Thank you 🙂


  12. Iva

    Great, the last one would be my first choice!


  13. Eyagee

    Ooooh, too many nice choices…can’t keep changing my theme every month guys!


  14. catezapp

    I love superhero and sidekick, however I would need to change the background, if I wanted to use these, on my blog-how to change that? thank you


  15. [Gm]

    Sidekick is great… if only I can disable the infinite scroll feature and put widget in the bottom. That would be perfect.
    Hope you get this, guys :-). Thanks!


    • Zandy Ring

      Hi there,
      You can disable infinite scroll in your Reading Settings – it’s the checkbox for “to infinity and beyond”!
      However, Sidekick has no widgets, by design. You may want to check out Superhero more closely if you like to have widgets (although no footer widget area on this theme, either).


  16. lady Lianna Ellusive

    Great job!! Sidekick and Superhero are wonderfull!!! What a pity – I can’t activate both at same time:-)


  17. Smash

    Great new themes! I like Superhero a lot.


  18. Anthony Watts

    Superhero seems top heavy. The content is way narrower than the top, lots of wasted space. Is there a way to make it full width?


    • Zandy Ring

      Hi Anthony,
      If you would like to remove the sidebar from a page, assign it the Full Width template under Page Attributes. This will make your content stretch across the entire content area, instead of just the post area.


  19. Matilda

    I like the way superhero looks in this post, but when I go to use it the header is just a super tiny picture to the left. How can i get it as big as its shown here?


  20. reocochran

    I liked this a lot and hope to see more heroes and sidekicks.


  21. Raise Expectations

    Superhero and Sidekick look great! Can’t wait for what comes next!


  22. Lionel Drummond

    Really like these; wished I’d seen them sooner!


  23. Blogger

    Great job! I like the new themes! 🙂


  24. nikajones225

    Wow these are beautiful, love the pictures and the concept 🙂


  25. summerfield84

    I like these theme .
    I have used Superhero in my Japanese blog and Sidekick in my English blog .


  26. Linda Farah Dee

    Awesome 🙂


  27. emekatalks

    awesome! omara mma! (igbo language 🙂 )


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