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Here in North America, it’s late spring and the plants are in a rush — growing visibly each day in a bid to soak up every rain drop and sunbeam before fall forces summer to flee. We feel we should document every moment with a camera — to capture it before that beauty fades for another year. This week, as we read through the stunning posts featured on Freshly Pressed in the Reader, we were awed by photographers capturing still life and not so still life on-the-spot, around the world.

Myanmar: Dhala, Bamboo village

Lithuanian photographer and journalist Berta Tilmantaite transported us to a bamboo-hut village in Myanmar where smiles are plentiful: a young man smiles posing with his red-dress-clad daughter, a young girl grins as she watches a boy in mid-hula hoop, and the shy smile of a young boy in a yellow shirt. We loved this glimpse into life halfway around the globe and the deep feeling of community and humanity the photos portray.

New York streets

London, England-based professional photographer Roger Harris posted about a recent photographic journey through the streets of New York. We loved the diversity Roger captures, from gents playing chess outdoors, to exuberant tourists in I heart New York sweartshirts taking snapshots, to two mother and daughter pairs on the subway, to an elderly man walking hunched over, past the Donut Pub in the rain. Like Berta’s Myanmar series, Roger’s photographs portray the humanity of homo sapiens.

Photo by Roger Harris.

Photo by Roger Harris.

Mudbrick Winter Wedding — Christina & Hamish

Meanwhile, Lauretta and Blair Quax, wedding photographers at Shine Studios in Auckland, New Zealand, tell the story of the first day in a lifelong journey with their photos of Christina & Hamish’s wedding. We loved the emotions that Lauretta and Blair’s photos reflect: the romantic, lavender-swathed fairy tale setting, the shy, reflective bride as she dresses and primps, the juxtaposition of formal jackets hung from a sign that says “beach,” the anticipation in a bevy of champagne glasses standing at the ready to toast the young couple, and softly-lit photos of mingling family and friends celebrating the event. The photos made us want to raise a glass to wish Christina and Hamish a long and happy life together.

Little Church on the Prairie

South African photographer Robin is documenting his travels from Pretoria, South Africa, to British Columbia, Canada in photographs. South of Quesnel, in north nentral British Columbia, Robin photographs an old, abandoned, fire-scarred Catholic church standing in a lush green field, stark against the falling evening. The photos evoke loss, not only in fire, but of the communities that once gathered to bless weddings, baptize babies, and mourn the dead, now absent.

Photo by Robin.

Photo by Robin.

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