New Theme: Collections

We are extremely proud and excited today to announce the availability of our newest theme on Collections.

Collections - Full View

Collections – Full view of the home page

This past August, The Theme Foundry caused a stir in the WordPress community when it released Collections to the public, a project almost two years in the making. Collections is not your ordinary WordPress theme; painstakingly crafted, it shares distinct groupings of content through a uniquely beautiful design, and features a new JavaScript-powered fast page loading experience.

The exclusive design of Collections is courtesy of Veerle Pieters, a world-reknowned and highly respected graphic and web designer based in Belgium. The Theme Foundry reached out to Veerle back in the Fall of 2011, proposing a project that would spotlight sharing in six distinct types of content. Over the next year or so, the designer and theme house would explore various facets of color, layout, icon design, and texture, iterating again and again until resolving on the design we see today. With visual elements and style established, the build began in earnest in early 2013, with Scott Rollo and Corey McKrill handling front-end development, while Zack Tollman concentrated on the unique micro-application for loading content. The team was also passionate about implementing quality responsive layouts, ensuring a first-rate mobile experience with Collections. Veerle has a fascinating, in-depth look at the design process and various iterations of Collections on her blog.

Collections breaks the mold in many ways for WordPress theming. The entire development process was careful to respect Veerle’s cohesive design and the project’s vision, meaning some common features of typical WordPress themes were eliminated for simplicity and cohesiveness. Custom Headers, Custom Backgrounds, Categories, Tags, Widgets, Custom Fonts, and Custom Colors are not supported by Collections.

Collections Audio single view

Collections – Single view of the Audio format

WordPress Post Formats are the centerpiece of the theme’s content collections, but have been streamlined and re-imagined. Images and Galleries have been combined into a “Photos” collection, while standard posts and Asides are referred to as “Articles”. Each collection also has its own unique design and layout, ensuring every post gets its proper due.

Collections – Mobile view of the Video collection

Collections – Mobile view of the Video collection

Collections is also one of very few WordPress themes to implement new application-like JavaScript technologies for maximizing browsing speed. The theme loads only the data required for the page being viewed, rather than refreshing the entire page; this ensures a fast, smooth experience for those moving through a Collections-based website.

Veerle Pieters and The Theme Foundry have created a WordPress theme that is shaping the next generation of WordPress theme design and development. Allow Collections to give your own content the unique, exclusive presentation and delivery it deserves.

Collections is a premium upgrade for your blog. Get more information on the Theme Showcase, or preview it on your site from Appearance → Themes.

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  1. willc88

    I’m in the mood for a change – might give this a whirl!!


  2. Mel Choyce

    Awesome! Collections is, without a doubt, one of the best themes released this year. Stoked to see it available on!


  3. Sean Breslin

    Looks so pretty!


  4. catherinecuisine

    Wow! it is beautiful, and it is really unique, I like it… I like when a theme is visually simple, without too many distractions…. bravo to the creator 🙂


  5. vicioussyd

    Looks good! Now I need to find content deserving of that theme…



    Very funky & attractive design! Can the black background colour be changed to another colour as with other themes?


  7. freephonewallpapersformobile

    Its not bad but might keep using the sunspot theme for now as i just started it recently. i like the black and the simplicity.


  8. joachimwahle

    Great theme – thinking about to use it … !


  9. alikhadafi2

    look good ! i like to themes


  10. illicitwebdesign


    It is always great to read of a new WordPress theme and collections. Looking forward to using them!

    Thanks Again.


  11. skipper

    I stared. No kidding. This is just absolutely beautiful. The colors, the design, everything. A little miffed that’s premium (but that figures) because I won’t be going for premium for a little while. But this one’s the first on the list when I do. The first line of the post’s got that new dad kinda feel haha :’) !


  12. dhitzunako

    From all the themes that is published here so far, this is the most unique. Worth as a premium theme.


  13. tiwarisonam1594

    Great theme looking colourful


  14. Shirley

    What a beautiful theme! And I also really enjoyed reading this article, Kirk. Really well-written and informative, but also had sort of a excitement to it. Thanks!


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