New Theme: Fictive

Fictive is about your style, your look, and your story. With plenty of ways to customize, it’s a great option for a travel blog or personal website.

Today I’m happy to present a new free theme for your blogging enjoyment: Fictive.


Fictive is about your style, your look, and your story. With plenty of ways to customize, it’s a great option for a travel blog or personal website.

Make it unique with a custom header image, a Gravatar, and links to your favorite social networks. Use post formats to dress up your posts, add a custom menu and widgets, or let your content take center stage with a simple fixed-position header.

Read more about Fictive on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your blog by going to Appearance → Themes.

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  1. timethief

    I like the theme and the features and will be trying it out this weekend. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. triciatallen

    I like the look of this new theme but I noticed on the left hand side of the image that there were social media symbols but Google+ was not one of them. My blog theme also lacks the Google+ symbol on the home page. Is it possible to add it to the Fictive theme through customization?


  3. marysmirror

    I like it, appears to be a bit like “writr” with a cleaner kind of design. The Menu seems to be a unit with the posts. Its nice, Maybe I´ll try it next month, after getting to know “spun” a little better 😀


  4. machinegunmama

    Awesome thanks! I’ll have to try this on my test blog straight away 🙂


  5. David Bennett

    Nice theme.

    A few observations:

    I like the way the H1, etc. headings are rendered in a nice brick red colour.

    I don’t know what prompted the decision to make the H4 and H5 render as all caps.

    I am not fond of the ‘block quote’ text – the light coffee colour is nice but the font itself is very heavy font. It’s OK for a very short quote but looks overwhelming for a longer quote that stretches over several lines.


  6. Michael Meiser

    I like the minimalist design and layout, but I prefer a serif font for body text.


  7. Niejan

    Finally…a FREE theme for once.

    J/k, I’m very grateful…as always. 🙂


  8. quietfables

    So this is a theme geared towards writing? I’ll have to check it out!



    I really like the simplicity of this- I’m trying it!

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  10. normwerner

    I suppose that I’m just a throw-back of sorts, but I can’t understand why so much attention and effort is paid to creating new themes all the time rather than focusing upon content. It seems to me that the emphasis is on how pretty things look rather than whether what is said there has any weight or meaning. Why not just call all the themes cotton candy of some variation?


  11. ruphel

    Love the responsive menu, up there with Sorbet, great theme, well done 🙂


  12. A Writer Inspired

    So happy that it’s free! I really like this one! For the first time I was able to do a Live Demo and it rendered my content beautifully without any customization. That’s never happened before. The only thing I miss is my full-width page options. The readability though makes it almost worth it. I may be back to this one after April.


  13. Charles Fernando

    The mobile version of this is gorgeous, I updated myself right away.

    But the mobile version have a search button, which I don’t see in this theme in the web. Where is he hiding?


  14. Dev

    Looking good. Like this theme.


  15. andy js

    Nice theme.


  16. renaissanceflowers

    Like it. 🙂


  17. azrasultan

    WordPress, I have long wanted to set up a blog with you. Please tell me how I should go about it. Regards, Azra Sultan


  18. teacherkhmer

    I really like romantic themes.


  19. azdobies

    Hello Caroline. I like your theme. I’m new here, am not sure what we are supposed to do?


  20. Roe

    It looks nice and laid back.


  21. gerrysinnott

    Thanks for the free theme. Just starting out and learning on the fly.


  22. Mujeeb

    Thumbs up, Moore.


  23. elisabeth andrée

    I like the look of this theme. Thank you for designing it!


  24. Debz

    I have changed to this theme but can’t seem to change the colour of text, which is too hard to read with my chosen background colour. Can someone have a look and let me know if that’s the case and if so how do I change it? I’m thinking it’s something I’d have to do with an upgrade, is that right? Thanks in advance.


  25. quietfables

    I really like this theme but I must admit getting the menu thing to work was frustrating. :/ But definitely a great free theme! :3 Might try to figure it out again in the future!


  26. freehacksempire

    I really like this look. Great theme, well done ! The only thing I miss is my full-width page options. So happy that it’s free! I like that.


  27. roseglace

    I’ve tried it out for a few days and, though I like it a lot, I find that links within the body of the text are extremely hard to pick out unless you know that they’re there. Because of that, I’m not sure if I’ll keep using it. Pity.


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