New theme: Harmonic

Modern and sophisticated, Harmonic is a beautiful free theme that showcases your photography.

Today, we have a brand new free theme for you to enjoy!


Harmonic is a unique theme that really lets your content sing. Maybe you’re a band looking to make your home on Perhaps you’re a photographer looking to showcase your work. You may be a blogger who just wants a theme that looks a bit distinctive. Harmonic has you covered.

With Harmonic you can build your own front-page layout. Choose from a title screen, showing your latest posts, page content, widgets or even a photo showcase using the Portfolio Custom Post Type. If sharing your writing is your aim, Harmonic has you covered with a simple, elegant, two-column blog layout. This theme also adapts to fit any device, making sure readers get a great experience, no matter which device they use when they visit you.

Harmonic is designed by yours truly and I really hope you enjoy using it as much as I did creating it for you. This theme is designed to stand out and I’m excited to see the sites you create.

Learn more about the free Harmonic theme at the Theme Showcase, or preview it by going to Appearance → Themes.

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  1. deepbellylaugh

    This one is so underrated! Thanks for a great design – the screenshot gave me the impression of a simple single column layout but it is really versatile and has so many options. I highly recommend anyone interested check it out on the theme showcase . Love your work!

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  2. Lara - Chan

    Ooooh this looks pretty

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  3. reflectionsintheword

    Great theme! This is the most creative free WP theme in a looooong time. Overall, it is original, well executed, flexible and beautiful. Well done!

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  4. SomniVision

    This is a lovely theme I plan to use as it is great for artists too! Also, thank you so much for addressing my issues over in the support forums 🙂

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  5. neopandanaran

    so Nice…. elegent

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  6. keikomushi

    Gorgeous design, Tammie! And its also responsive. ❤ I'd love to see what other designs that you come up with in future.

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  7. dyule2014

    New Theme Harmonic this looks very interesting Thank you

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  8. prasetyo676


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  9. swaggerless

    Nice looking theme. Anyone try it out yet?

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  10. Metal Blade

    I like the theme very much, but it does not show widgets when viewed through a mobile device, which I think is a disadvantage.

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  11. Zilla D.

    Great theme! I already activated it a few days ago

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  12. thrijungli


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  13. dickhaus

    On the theme page it says I can download it for my self-hosted site, but I cannot figure out how to do that. Nothing happens when I click the link.

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    • Tammie Lister

      Sorry you are having difficulty, this should be working now as I just tested it. If you could please try again and let us know if you continue to have issues.

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      • dickhaus

        Thanks! It does work now! Though I was impatient last night and figured out how to get it from the SVN repository, haha. I’m a dork.

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  14. thesciencegeek

    Looks very interesting. I think it will be very good for showcasing blogs which are largely picture-based.

    The Science Geek

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  15. starlyte

    This is a really beautiful theme, very inspiring and versatile, as far as the theme utilization goes. It’s so lovely it would be suitable for nearly any “thoughtful” subject.

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  16. XtremelySocial

    This theme looks really cool. I’d like to try it out on my self-hosted site, but the download link for that version isn’t working. The URL just points to the theme page on I also tried searching the theme directory and its not listed there. Where can I download it from?

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  17. XtremelySocial

    Also the “yours truly” link over to Twitter is malformed. It looks like there is an extra double-quote at the end.

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  18. Tanveer

    I was really frustrated to decide a simple but elegant theme for my upcoming blog with focus on content and the picture at the same time. You made it for me really, how far i can customize it. Can you help me or suggest me some forum to seek help for customization as per my requirement.

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  19. hudsonculture

    Is there any way to change the size of the site logo on the scrolling homepage and center it? Love the theme, thanks!!

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  20. hudsonculture

    For what its worth, I can make almost exactly what I want by hiding the Title and News Sections and placing an image in the Page section above the background I want, but then I lose two sections, and basically only have the portfolio section left to work with on the homepage.

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  21. dbp49

    Looks really interesting. As I’m pretty new around here, this is the first “New” theme to really catch my eye, and I just may have to give it a try. Thanks in advance for all the hard work that I am sure you put into this.

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  22. cathyscholl

    I see on the Sticky Post page there is a post that has a tiled mosaic gallery. Is there a way to create tiled mosaic galleries in a wider format?

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  23. dbp49

    Well, I’m trying it out, and though I like it better than what I was using, I don’t think I’m making very good use of all that you included here. It really is a great theme, and I’ll keep at it until I get it. Thanks a lot.

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  24. A. Sisodiya

    I tried to apply this them but it has difficulties in responsiveness…

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  25. martinusdeny


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  26. tenzin wangden

    I activated this theme for my blog but it doesn’t looks like what it appear in screenshot

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    I’ve been switching themes like my boxers these days (every month or so. lol) ..
    Seriously, I’m in a rut with my layout since I’m kinda all over the place with artistic content.
    A “mujical vidualist who sometimes just paints” or sometimes I get a whim to get some of the semiotic theory out of my system, so I crit.

    But this is looking like a great theme. I’m digin in. Thank You!!! xo

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  28. Andrew, The WriteBeast

    Just tossed it on. Very pleased. Excellent work!

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  29. Me

    I use this theme for my blog. I just noticed that once I’ve reached the end of page 2, it won’t let me go through the very end and click “Older Post.” It keeps jumping up a few lines.

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  30. Tara Bull

    Hi Tammy great theme btw, however is there a way of adjusting or changing the scrolling front page / slide / section layout or position for example:

    Can I place my widget area, or change the position in the slides of my widget area under my project or portfolio section on the front page?

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  31. jhumurislam

    Very Nice Theme…. 😉

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