.blog Domains Are Now Available to Everyone!

Millions of new, easy to remember .blog domains are available for your blog, for the first time ever.

Today’s the day! Now you can search for the .blog domain of your choice and associate it with your WordPress.com site.

As we announced in May, the launch of .blog, a new top-level domain extension, means there are millions of easy-to-remember addresses now available for your website. Pricing for .blog domains will start at around USD$30 per year, with some premium names offered at higher prices.

Which .blog will you choose?

Whether it’s your brand, your business, or your own name, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. To search for a .blog domain name for your WordPress.com blog or website, go to My Sites > Domains and search for the .blog domain name you’d like.

Why .blog?

There’s always one big question that comes up when users start creating a site on WordPress.com: “What should I call it?”

Finding the right name is hard enough — it’s even more difficult to find one that works for you and is also available. This is why we’re excited about these new .blog domains. It’s intuitive, descriptive, and it creates millions of new naming options for your WordPress.com sites.

Find your .blog domain!

Here’s more from WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg about why he’s excited about .blog:

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a custom domain associated with my WordPress.com site. Can I add a .blog domain?  

You can add as many domains as you want to your blog. One of those domains will be the Primary Domain: all your other domains will redirect to the primary one. Visitors can get to your blog using any of the domains you added, but the address they see in their browser’s address bar will always be the primary domain. Get started at My Sites > Domains.

Is it a requirement to get a .blog domain on WordPress.com?

Not at all. You can keep your WordPress.com site just as it is, or if you choose, add a .com, .me, or other popular domain name at My Sites > Domains. This is just an additional way to customize your WordPress.com blog.

I have a free domain credit with my WordPress.com site – can I use it towards purchasing a .blog domain?

Yes! Get started by going to My Sites > Domains and search for the .blog domain of your choice.

I don’t use WordPress.com — can I get a .blog domain name?

Absolutely. .blog domains are available for all websites and you don’t need to have a WordPress or WordPress.com site to purchase a .blog domain. You can easily sign up for a .blog domain at get.blog, or register a .blog domain through your favorite domain provider.

The .blog domain I’m looking for isn’t available!

Some domains require premium pricing and aren’t available to register on WordPress.com (but feel free to check get.blog for them), or were registered or reserved in earlier timeframes (such as early applications during Landrush). There are still millions of .blog domains available to register and we’re confident you’ll find one you love.

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  1. Amy Lane


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  2. Doug

    Reblogged this on Doug and commented:

    So. SO much love for my colleagues. A lot of hard work went into this. Be free .blog, you’re something special!

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  3. Luca Sartoni

    Reblogged this on Luca Sartoni.

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  4. Mel Choyce

    Reblogged this on Stuff I find on the internet and commented:

    Excited to finally get a .blog! Once the DNS propagates this blog will be melchoyce.blog 🙂

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  5. salteratblog

    I’m sorry I still haven’t gotten a domain name confirmation.

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    • Sara Rosso

      Did you register through get.blog or through the links in this post to WordPress.com? Let me know and we can get you the appropriate help you need.

      Liked by 2 people

      • salteratblog

        I think it’s ready now cos I’ve just made a post “life as a mirror” in the site. Thank you for your response.

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  6. thekinkyworldofvile

    If I register can I advertise?

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  7. Adrienne Brown

    Yay! I just purchased a .blog domain!


  8. Po' Girl Shines

    So we have to pay additional $30. in addition to the premium fee?

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    • Sara Rosso

      Could you clarify which premium fee you’re referring to?

      The premium “application” fee you may have spent during Landrush to register a .blog? Or are you referring to the WordPress.com Premium Plan, which includes hosting, more space and other features (including a custom domain) here on WordPress.com?

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  9. ismailimail

    Is there a support section which identifies the short/long term impact of Google search ranking, after one activates the new URL? I’d also like to know what additional step needs to be taken (as far as search engines are concerned) which may be outside of the WordPress configuration?



    • Sara Rosso

      We don’t currently have any documentation on this, as a WordPress.com site can support several domains at once – just one will be the Primary Domain.

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      • ismailimail

        Hi, you probably misunderstood my initial comment. I am wondering about the impact of Google search ranking upon acquiring the new *.blog domain name. I have a wordpress.com blog for more than 10 years, and a good Google search ranking. Should I worry about rebuilding the ranking if I were to purchase the *.blog domain?

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        • Sara Rosso

          Hi there – I did understand the question, but unfortunately the best source to answer that is Google. We can make the changes seamlessly from the WordPress.com backend and it will do a 301 redirect from your old address to your new one, but the way Google will rank your site is dependent on their algorithms.


  10. donquixotedelamuerte

    Do we have to host our blog on wordpress.com in order to buy a .blog domain? If not, what are the steps?

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    • Sara Rosso

      No, you don’t have to host on WordPress.com to use a .blog domain, or even WordPress at all – something we mention above in the frequently asked questions. Please refer to it above so you can decide which action is best for you.

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  11. jnlwhalen

    How does one get admin access to a .blog domain registered at get.blog to transfer it to another registrar?

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  12. Nick Momrik

    Reblogged this on Nick Momrik and commented:

    Will be switching this site over to use nickmomrik.blog soon. Get your own .blog now!

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    And now I am a .blogger, a dot.blogger. I don’t feel a bit older–or different. Wait. I feel warm and fuzzy. Thanks.

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  14. bakingbeginners

    Sara Rosso
    I have fee WordPress blog, I want to earn through my blog too , so what should I do , should I buy this domain name then will I be able to get earning, or what should I do please guide me , will be grateful ,thanks.


  15. namapribadi2

    Do we have to host our blog on wordpress.com in order to buy a .blog domain? If not, what are the steps? please reply to this commentary before thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sara Rosso

      Hi there – We answered your question in the Frequently asked questions – the answer is you don’t! Please read to find out which option is best for you.

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  16. Jordanus

    I just got my .blog domain through the landrush application. Can I just “Map this domain to use it as your site’s address.” then, or do I have to do something more?


    • Sara Rosso

      Hi Jordanus – if you registered your .blog domain during Landrush (through get.blog) you’ll need to set your name servers to point to WordPress.com first. If you send an email to help@get.blog they should be able to help get that sorted.

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  17. sarahw

    I registered a .blog yesterday (or think I did), but have had no confirmation of this – and I don’t know how to start blogging on it from my wordpress control panel. Help! Please 🙂


  18. Pospi .O. Otuson



  19. dakisha

    Reblogged this on My WP and CH Experience and commented:

    .blog domains are here! And I am happy to have my blog located at davor.blog 🙂


  20. mylawjourneyblog

    awesome and just in time too!

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  21. disletti

    So honestly which is best? .com, .org or .blog? I still can’t put my finger on which to choose. That’s why I haven’t done anything yet. Any words of wisdom? Thank you!!


    • Sara Rosso

      It’s really a matter of preference! One advantage .blog has is it’s new, so there are likely to be many more options in finding a name you like. Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

      • disletti

        Thank you. I appreciate your response. I’m hoping to make a success of my site so I’m trying to gather all my information before making my decision. Have a great thanksgiving 😀

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  23. Sandeep Jethwa

    Are .blog domain free to register?


  24. thebloggingdinosaur

    Do you have to purchase the .blog domains? Ore are they free?


  25. karen

    I think I’d prefer a .com site. Are they available too?


  26. Asim Kumar Paul

    Blog domain is awesome. But I cannot afford it to buy it with my poor pension money. I want to stay in the present form.

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