You Can Now Schedule Your Social Media Posts from

Take a look at the new Advanced Social Media feature for Premium and Business plan users.

Keeping up with social media can feel like a full-time job these days — and for many it is. Posting your content on Twitter and Facebook during specific hours, and keeping things evenly spaced out, means that you need to tend to your profiles pretty often.

We wanted to make it easier for users to create great content on their websites — and share it across different social media networks.

The new Advanced Social Media feature for Business and Premium plan users (and for Jetpack Professional and Premium users) lets you schedule specific times that your content will be automatically shared on places like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also preview your social updates before sending them, so you know exactly how it will look when it goes out.

With Advanced Social Media, you can:

  • Resurface older “evergreen” posts to share them to your newer followers.
  • Plan your social media posts in bulk to save time.
  • Craft messages specifically to fit the profile or network where you are posting.
  • Preview upcoming tweets, Facebook posts, or LinkedIn updates.
  • See the previous shares of the post.

You can access all of these features by selecting the “Share” button under a post in your posts list.

Share Tab Open

When you select “Share” you can share a post immediatelyΒ or select the calendar to pick a future time:

Share Calendar Open

To make sure you get the best result, use the “Preview” button:

This is just one of the many social media features we’ve built into to help you share your best work with others. We hope you enjoy, and happy tweeting!

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  1. Nifemi

    Wow! This is great 😍


  2. Swann

    I gather this feature is available only for published posts, but can it be extended to drafts too?

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  3. Gianna

    Now, I don’t use social media for my blog at all, but I think that this would definitely be useful for those who use social media to promote their blog.

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  4. Dorina Danila

    Good to know. Thank you! πŸ™‚


  5. Matthew Wetmore

    I haven’t used this yet but think this is awesome. I’m going to start using it for my weekly feature posts I’m implementing soon to begin a more regular posting regimen.


  6. Arline



  7. BookJelly

    This is a superb addition

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  8. L'opposition qui s'oppose

    It is very good, thanks! From Paris!!!


  9. Karthek Iyer

    If this works as well as Hootsuite then life will get extremely simplified for digital media writers

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  10. thoughtsnlifeblog

    So cool thanks for sharing


  11. StaceyHolley

    Hey! I am a new blogger and was just thinking about this. Thanks for reading my mind. Very helpful.

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  12. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I thought we already have a feature in our editor where you can schedule all your social media before you publish your post. It goes to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, wherever you choose for the post to go. So is this something new or something old?


    • artpi

      The feature you are describing shares your post once it gets published and only once.

      The addition described here lets you share an old post and schedule sebsequent shares and schedule multiple promotions of your post.

      Additionally, we added social media previews to let you tweak your social media message so you can get it perfect.

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  13. BelaFabrica

    This is very helpful..

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  14. Home's Cool!

    This is just WOW. Thanks!


  15. Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    This is really a very good and will be very helpful.

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  16. calmstorm

    Wow…i have being desiring this!


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